The Best Call Center makes it possible for consumers to call you any time of the day. Whether they need technical support or are faced with an emergency situation, they want to be provided with the customer support they need, when they need it. The Best Call center has got you covered. Our virtual receptionists are always there for your callers when you can’t be.

The services we offer are meant to ensure that you don’t miss any business opportunities whatsoever. If your current or potential clients can’t reach you because you are busy on another phone call, chances are that you will lose business. With our answering service and highly qualified receptionists, that shouldn’t worry you because we will help you retain your current clients and broaden your client base. We are committed to offering quality services, eliminating hang-ups while enhancing professionalism.

Are you wondering how The Best Call Center live answering service works? Well, signing up with us is a really simple and prompt process. We’ve designed our system in a manner that allows you to be up and running with our high-end live answering service within a few minutes.

So, you only pay for what you actually use. What’s more, you can use your minutes on services such as live answering, message taking, web chat, email response, appointment scheduling, and more. You decide. Charges are based on time spent working with your callers. Based on the number of calls you receive per day and how long you spend on the phone with a caller, it becomes easy to estimate how many minutes you will need per month. We believe that customer satisfaction is the only way to retain clients and that’s why we don’t require long-term commitments and contracts. Our business is US-based, and our entire receptionist team is fluent English and Spanish speakers which means we offer bilingual services at no additional cost.

You don’t have to wait days to have your account activated. Signing up is really simple. If you get us all the correct information, we can set up and activate your account within minutes. The signing up process begins with you choosing your own local or toll-free number. You can also have additional phone numbers if you like but there is a monthly fee for that. After you’ve selected your number, you’re ready to submit your order.

You will then immediately receive an activation link that takes you to our online set up wizard. It is at this point that you will confirm the instructions on how you’d like us to answer and handle your calls. Once you’ve completed the online setup wizard, your account is active and you will be up and running. Your phone number can be published but you also have the option of forwarding your existing phone number to the new number.

Once you sign up with The Best Call Center, you can tailor every element of your account to suit your unique needs. Our representative will only work with your specifications on the manner in which you want your calls handled. Every single call that The Best Call Center answers are handled according to your script. This means that you predetermine how you want our live operators to answer your calls and also how they will be routed if need be. During customization, we exert the same impressions as you do in your office to make sure your business is accurately and professionally represented.

It is completely up to you on how we answer we answer your calls. But there is some planning and coordination that goes into making sure that we are both on the same page. You will speak with an intake specialist and discuss with him/her your business, what your needs are, and what you’re looking to get out of a live answering service. This helps us to best serve your callers and seamlessly become an extension of your business.

Some of the questions the Intake Specialist might ask you are:

  • During what hours do you want us to handle your calls?
  • What type of calls will be answering for? (orders, appointments, emergencies, etc.)
  • If a caller wants to speak directly to you, how would you like us to respond?
  • Are calls being transferred or do you want us to just send messages via text/email?
  • Would you like us to act like the receptionist or should we tell callers that we are the answering service?
  • How do you want calls handled during normal business hours as opposed to when you’re closed?
  • Should we screen callers based on if they are an existing or new customer?
  • What information do you want to be captured?
  • What kind of message disposition would you prefer?

In addition, we’d also like to hear about your business and what you expect the service to deliver so as to make sure that you get services that are best suited for your business. Customers use our services for varied reasons including, lead capture, after hours answering services, confirmation, and scheduling of appointments, virtual receptionists for small offices, overflow calls for larger ones, improving customer service, and more. We will typically be an extension of your company, speaking to your callers and ensuring that they receive the support they need.

When you are not there to pick your calls, we will be there to provide exceptional customer service to make sure that you don’t miss a business opportunity.  Our team is comprised of experienced, friendly, professional virtual receptionists who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of your client’s calls. In addition to 24/7 call handling, there are several other features that your business will get. Our agents can also schedule appointments, send reminders, patch calls, send texts and emails, respond to texts, provide bilingual support, handle gift certificate orders and numerous other duties. You also get access to a new and improved dashboard that gives you access to more features like downloading reports, updating your call handling, viewing your billing, and listening to calls.

Once you and your customer representative agree on the best way to answer your calls, our live operators will be ready to get started. Your greeting will be customized to provide a positive and superior experience for your callers every time they call. For instance, if you are Juliejune Plumbing Company, our live operator will answer, “Good evening, Thank you for calling Juliejune Plumbing Company, how may I help you?” We greet your callers how you want us to. If the individual calling is a prospective client, our team will let you speak to them right away. If caller happens to be an existing customer, our agents will take the callers information and send to you so you can call them back as soon as you can.  

The manner in which you send us your phone calls can vary based on factors such as your schedule, the kind of help you have in your office, and basically, your preferences.

  • Time of day. This type of call forwarding allows you to set call forwarding so it automatically turns on and off at the specified hours of the day. 
  • Rollover. With rollover forwarding, our live operators answer your calls when you are on another phone call, when busy, or just about any time when you can’t. We will pick the phone in 3-4 rings.
  • Total screen and transfer. This allows you to forward all your phone calls directly to us so we are able to capture the caller’s information on the first ring.
  • Full time. Full-time call forwarding means that we answer all of your calls with no transfers, and get comprehensive messages from each caller.

With call patching, you determine when The Best Call Center will transfer calls to you, how you will receive all your messages, as well as the questions our crew will ask your callers. Our receptionist handles your call, puts the person calling on hold, then tries to reach you or a member of your team on a different line. If you or someone else answers the call and is available, our agent will patch the lines together, drop off the line and then you will be connected. The operator is no longer part of the phone call and you will be talking with your client as you answered the phone yourself. Also, the billing stops once our agent hangs up.

We understand the importance of getting in touch with every possible caller, but sometimes you may not want to answer especially if you don’t recognize a number. Before we patch a call to you, we qualify the new caller and if your protocol indicates that it’s someone you’d like to speak with, we get you connected. If not, we take the callers message and deliver it into your inbox. This is useful when you’re maybe at home enjoying your personal time, or just when you don’t feel like taking the call. Having The Best Call Center patch your calls to you ensures that you never miss the new customer.

In the event that you are unavailable or the call does not qualify for patching, our virtual receptionists can take a detailed message and send it to you through text or email. We strive to ensure that our customers always have pertinent information and that’s why our message taking process is detailed and systematic. You can request different kinds of information to be conveyed to you via your messages. For instance, some of our clients choose to have their messages include the caller’s name and phone number, the issue discussed, and a message the caller would like to leave. Conversely, there are those who prefer having a new client intake done for a new caller and have the information conveyed via email or text.

Setup is as easy as can be and our team will walk you through the entire process. Most of the setups we do are accomplished in less than one hour of your setup call. Once you’ve personalized your account and we’re on the same page, The Best Call Center can now start taking your calls. We will strictly and meticulously follow your instructions when handling your calls. Whether you want all the messages conveyed to you at a later time or want us to forward your phone calls to specific members or your team, we’re committed to ensuring that everything runs professionally and smoothly.

  • We will provide you with a unique number and when your line rings, our software will bring up the details of your account to our agent’s screen.
  • You can forward your current phone numbers to us. You also have the option of picking a specific time of day when you want us to take over.
  • All your calls are routed to our operators and they’re waiting to provide exceptional customer support just as you would.
  • We provide the kind of answering service that turns callers into loyal customers that you will retain.

We have so much confidence in our receptionists that they handle our calls too. If you want to experience The Best Call Center difference, give us a call and our agents will answer your call and transfer it to our team. We will be happy to give you more information about our service and answer all your questions. There’s no doubt that you are the best person to answer your calls, but The Best Call Center is the next best thing when you can’t get to every phone call.

Complete our intake form to sign up online or get in touch with an intake specialist at 800-385-4656  to help you get started. Let your customers know that their calls matter, day or night.