As an electrician, you are likely to spend most of your time out of office. You might be occupied with on-site client operations or commercial contracts, leaving little time for phone calls. No matter how busy you are, it would be best if you never risk missing a call from an existing or prospective client. With Best Call Center electrician answering services, you can be sure that all your phone calls will be professionally answered. We provide reliable live call services in the entire United States.  We will make sure that you do not miss any phone calls. A missed phone call often translates to a missed opportunity. You can concentrate on your contracts while we handle all phone calls from clients.

A Live Call Service

A typical day for an electrical contractor entails moving from one job site to the other. With the constant movement, you will have little to no time for handling phone calls. Perhaps you have hired a receptionist who works eight hours a day and tries to handle as many phone calls as possible. However, the receptionist might not be able to handle all the phone calls, especially after work hours. Therefore, some of the phone calls from your esteemed clients and contractors might go to voicemail.

The majority of clients admit that they hate leaving messages on automated machines. Therefore, after being directed to voicemail, most of your customers are likely to hang up instead of leaving a message.  Therefore, relying on automated call services could hurt your business.

Clients always need to speak to a live person who can respond to their needs around the clock. A live call agent also offers the necessary customer service to customers by ensuring that every client receives personalized service.

When choosing the right call center for your business, ensure that you go for a company with experience dealing with leading electrical contractors and master electricians. You need a company that offers 24/7 services, 365 days a year. This way, you can rest assured that none of your calls will go unanswered. Regardless of whether a client calls in the middle of the night or early in the morning, there should always be someone waiting to handle their needs.

The competent and professional virtual receptionists behind our electrician answering service will handle all your calls and schedule the necessary appointments. We will also help in dispatching your staff, depending on the needs and requests of your customers. In case there is a customer complaint, you can be sure that all complaints will be handled professionally without aggravating your clients further.

A professional virtual receptionist can give basic estimates of your services based on your service and fees list.  If prospective clients have any questions regarding your services and credentials, we will handle all the FAQs professionally.  Irrespective of the circumstances or the nature of your electrician business, we will do our best to address all issues and concerns that your clients might have.  You can count on us for the best all-in-one call answering solution for electrical contractors.

Benefits of Professional Call Answering Services

By choosing our live call answering service, you will have several professional call operators working for your business. The operators will handle all inquiries from your clients and also schedule the necessary appointments. Some of the benefits that you will get from choosing our services include:

Increased Income

Outsourcing lives answering services will help to save your business money.  You do not have to hire additional employees to handle your numerous calls. Instead, the operators are employed by another company on your behalf. You do not have to shoulder the costs associated with employee benefits, sick days, and wages. Instead, you will pay for the call answering services. Outsourcing call answering services will offer an unmatched return on investment.

Ample Time

By having live operators handle your phone calls, you can focus on other important aspects of your electrician business. For instance, you can focus on finishing up on electrical installations and repairs without constant interruptions. You will not have to worry about maintaining contacts with your clients. The live operators will not just answer the calls but also give clients the necessary information regarding your business.

The live operators could schedule appointments and answer basic questions from clients while you focus on delivering the best services. Outsourcing call services also means that your other staff will not feel overwhelmed. Your staff will not have to put their tasks on hold to focus on phone calls. Therefore, you will notice an improvement in staff productivity. 

Unmatched Convenience

A live call service offers unmatched convenience for both you and your customers. Your clients can call your business at any time of day or night. Electrical emergencies often occur when you least expect. Your clients need to be confident that they can contact you at any time. We make the process of getting our professional call answering service seamless and straightforward. You do not require complicated software and computer systems to get the live call answering service for your electrician business. The live call service is easy to integrate into your existing electrician business.


With our live call services, you are assured of the highest level of professionalism. Your clients will not even realize that they are talking to a live call operator. Instead, we will give your clients the impression that they are talking to real staff from your business. Our live service operators are professionals in their field, as answering phone calls is their area of specialization. You can be sure that your customer will get the best response and a language that they understand.


When you choose to work with our live call service, you will be in control. You can choose a small number of operators or a large number depending on your business's unique needs. If you want to cut down on costs, you can choose a smaller team of operators and work with a larger number during peak hours.

Exceptional Customer Service

For any business, including electrician business, customer service is everything.  You can provide your customers with the service they deserve without digging deep into your bank account. Choosing to work with professional, reliable, and affordable live call services will put your business ahead. Unlike automated voicemail services, live call services allow you to build strong relationships with your clients.

What to Expect

Perhaps you have never used a live call service before, and you are wondering whether it is a good idea for your electrician business. Irrespective of the size of your electrician business, it is important to build strong customer relationships and streamline your workflows. What should be your expectations from a live call service?

  1. Proper Handling of Emergency Calls

You can rely on live call services when you require coverage during emergencies. Professional phone answering agents can help you communicate with a large number of clients and consistently contract clients. It might not be viable to have your in-house staff workers working 24/7. This is where professional call answering agents come in. The agents will answer phone calls within the first few rings. The operators will then screen the calls and dispatch them to the relevant staff. Overall, a professional call service helps to streamline workflow and reduce hassles.

Your clients always expect you to be available, especially during an emergency. It is much easier to keep your existing customers than to acquire new customers. Therefore, it is important to maintain good relationships with your customers, especially during emergencies.  Professional call service ensures that you are always available when your clients need you the most.

  1. Timely Responses

Electricians often have contract-based accounts that require regular services. The contract-based clients require a prompt response in case of emergency response issues or power outages. With such clients, you need to ensure that your lines are always open even in the late hours of the night. A professional call answering services enables you to ensure that these important calls do not go unanswered. You would not want to risk losing business from your large account for failing to answer the phone. Professional call answering services have impeccable accuracy in handling client communications. They will handle all your calls the way you want them.

  1. Effective Call Handling

When you are busy completing electrical projects, handling phone calls might feel like a burden to you. However, it is important to note that if you intend to remain and progress in business, you can’t afford to ignore phone calls.  A phone call could translate into a new business for your company. Instead of letting the calls go unanswered, you should have a professional handle the phone calls. The live operators will answer the basic questions about your business and resolve any queries that your clients might pose. By having someone handle the phone calls for you, you will experience less work burden and record an improvement in productivity. 

  1. Expansion in Customer Base

Working with a professional call answering service will lead to an expansion in your customer base. Many times, prospective clients will call your business to enquire about the services you offer. Answering their calls on time helps to open new avenues for business. Our agents can provide information to your prospective clients and schedule appointments for your salespersons with the potential clients. 

A Worthy Investment

If your electrician business does not receive many phone calls after the work hours, would a live call service be ideal for your business? Yes, every electrical contractor could benefit from a live call service irrespective of his/her size of business operations.

Live call services are customizable. You will only pay for the time that a virtual receptionist spends with your client. You do not have to worry about incurring a cost equivalent to the salary of a full-time receptionist.  You can use outsourced call services whenever you desire. For instance, if you plan to go on vacation or rest during the weekend, a call service would come in handy. You could also choose to use a live call service during the peak seasons of your business and drop the services during the low seasons.

You will have an opportunity to enjoy around-the-clock call support, overflow call coverage, and after-hours call answering services. A virtual receptionist is as good as an actual receptionist. The duties of a virtual receptionist are not limited to answering calls. A virtual receptionist will screen and transfer calls, improve customer experience, and help your business enhance its marketing efforts. By choosing live call services, you will not only be outsourcing a serving but also bringing to your business, people who are determined to help you succeed. 

Customized Electrician Call Center Services

With live answering service, your clients will get more than the typical call center experience.  Unlike conventional call centers where customers have to wait on the line for the next available agent, a live call service never keeps the client waiting. Gone are the days when clients had to listen to elevator music while waiting for an available call agent. With a bilingual team in place, your client's needs will be addressed without language barriers.

Our team understands that phone calls play a crucial role in your business development. Therefore, we always pick calls on time and with the utmost professionalism. Just because you are outsourcing your phone calls does not mean that you have no control over them. You can fill a script outlining all the important details that you would like the live call operators to highlight when dealing with customers.

In the script, you can fill the exact questions that you would like the call operator to ask your clients. You can also fill in the answers to the frequently asked questions that your clients are likely to pose. You can always review the calls afterward to determine whether they are in line with your specifications. Professional live call centers keep an online call log allowing business owners to refer to any calls. 

By entrusting your calls to a transparent and reliable call center, you will have ample time to focus on other things that matter most to your business. You do not have to take up all the responsibilities in your electrician business. You could boost your productivity by handling fewer tasks and allowing professionals to handle your phone calls. 

By the time the live call operators start taking calls for your business, they will be experts in the services you offer and your electrician business's policies. Best Call Center is much more than an electrician answering service. Our call agents are all-rounded and experienced to handle your client’s inquiries. 

Why the Best Call Center is Unique

Several factors make us the best call business for your electrician business:

  • We always pick calls on time. We will never keep your customers waiting even if they call odd hours
  • We offer 24/7 coverage. Even when your business is closed, we are always available to handle your calls
  • We deliver messages to your clients on time, and we ensure that the messages contain all the necessary information
  • We allow our clients to evaluate and monitor our performance by giving them access to management and monitoring tools in our system
  • We have a team of well-trained and friendly agents who understand the specific needs of electricians
  • Our services are easy to access whenever you need them. You will only need to plug a cord to access the live call services.
  • Your customers will not know that they are speaking to an agent-with our high level of professionalism. Your customers will think that they are talking to one of your staff.
  • You are free to choose the times and the days when you need our services- you can choose to use our services full-time, part-time, or after work hours.
  • We will help you get new leads and access a larger market share that you thought did not exist.
  • You will enjoy our emergency dispatching services- we will dispatch your on-call staff to handle clients' emergencies.
  • We use the latest and state-of-the-art systems and software to ensure that our services integrate properly into your existing system.
  • We will uphold a professional image for your company by making you look great and ensuring that we build clients' confidence in your business.
  • We will help you grow your profits- you can count on an increase in revenue when all your calls are answered in a timely and professional manner. You will not have to miss on business because a phone call was handled unprofessionally.
  • We offer flexible services. If your schedule has changed, you inform us to reschedule the live call services according to your specifications.

We cover the whole of the U.S. and ensure that electricians can maintain a good relationship with their customers by maintaining continuous communication. Live call service is the right solution for you, no matter how big or small your business is.

Professional Virtual Receptionist

Our professional virtual receptionist will assist you in the day-to-day running of your business. A virtual receptionist will offer additional services on top of the live call services. Some of the specific functions offered by virtual receptionists are:

  • Appointment confirmations and callbacks
  • Canceling appointments
  • Sending emails to your clients
  • Scheduling and dispatching electrical technicians
  • Sending reminder calls
  • Replying to your messages
  • Managing your customer database
  • Providing customized and detailed reports that suit your terms
  • Managing your web-based service requests
  • Pulling permits
  • Tracking purchases and expenses
  • Tracking and monitoring follow up appointments

The virtual receptionist services from Best Call Center will help your business to expand without requiring you to incur the costs of hiring a full-time receptionist. You will only pay for the time that the virtual receptionist will be assisting your clients. 

The virtual receptionist will handle your electrician business's vital functions and give your staff time to concentrate on other tasks. Through a virtual receptionist, you will be able to put all your business locations under one roof. From one virtual headquarter, a virtual receptionist can handle the needs of your multiple business locations. Centralized operations and communications give your business the uniformity it requires to run properly. You will not have to worry about your clients calling the wrong location. You can choose to use one telephone number for all your business locations. Doing so makes it more convenient for your customers to contact you.

We have vast experienced virtual receptionists whom you can trust. Best Call Center has many years of experience in offering call answering services and virtual receptionist services. We have the necessary expertise to help your company grow. Professional call services are available without a long-term contract. You can use these whenever you need them. 

Do Not Handover Your Business to Competitors

Many electricians could be offering similar services to those offered by your business. The only differentiating factor could be your customer service. You should avoid letting your competitors take the lead by failing to handle clients' calls on a timely basis.  Losing the ability to communicate with your clients at all times could cripple your business.  It would be best if you did everything to avoid directing your clients to your competitors.

With professional call services, you will not miss communication with your customers, even amidst power outages or other challenges.  You will be able to track every call to know what a client wanted and whether the call operators met the clients' needs.

At Best Call Center, we develop a personalized relationship with our customers.  We will make you our partner and watch as your business grows through our professional call answering services. We will give your business a competitive advantage through a 24-7 live support.

Find Professional Live Answering Services Near Me

Electricians have many responsibilities and often have to attend to different tasks in a day. It might be hard for an electrician to handle all the phone communications with existing and prospective clients. If you are wondering how to balance your busy life as an electrician and immense phone calls, Best Call Center can assist. We are the leading providers of professional live call answering services in the U.S. Contact us at 800-385-4656 and speak to one of our experienced call operators.