There is a considerable amount of work in many dental offices. So, it's common for phone calls to go unanswered. Each unanswered phone call represents a lost patient, lost relationship, or lost income. While working as a dentist or oral surgeon, missed calls could be the difference between achieving your goals or constantly failing to meet your goals. It might be hard to find dental staff with the right combination of desirable dental experience and customer service skills. Best Call Center has a solution for you. We provide a wide range of administrative support services for dentists and oral surgeons that complement their in-house staff for maximum customer support. 

The Nature of Dental and Oral Surgery Businesses that Makes it Necessary to Use Call Answering Services

Dentists and oral surgeons play a major role in society. At some point in your life, you might need to visit a dentist. Dentists offer a wide range of services to enhance oral health, namely: 

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Removal of dental cavities
  • Dental fillings
  • Root canal treatment
  • Teeth whitening
  • Tooth extraction

The services offered by oral surgeons go beyond teeth removal. Oral surgeons possess advanced dental expertise that allows them to provide advanced dental services. Some of the typical services offered by oral surgeons are:

  • Surgical removal of impacted teeth
  • Performing dental implant surgery
  • Performing corrective jaw surgery to handle TMJ disorders
  • Correcting congenital jaw disorders
  • Repairing facial injuries and facial trauma resulting from dislocated of fractured jaws
  • Corrective surgery to treat sleep apnea
  • Oral pathology

An oral surgeon comes in handy for any surgical procedure in and around the mouth or jaw. Some oral surgeries help correct jaw positioning. Oral surgery could also help in the removal of a tumor from the mouth.  

Dentists and oral surgeons are often busy treating various dental conditions. At times, they have to handle dental emergencies like the extraction of fractured teeth. With their busy schedules, dentists and oral surgeons might not have time to answer the phone. It would be impossible to respond to phone calls and offer dental services at the same time. This is why dentists and oral surgeons outsource call answering services. 

Even if you are busy offering dental services, you should not ignore your patients. Your patients need to feel secure by knowing that they can always call your dental office, especially during an emergency. A live call answering agent can handle your phone calls during the day, after work, or during holidays. You will have time to attend to clients in your dental clinic without disappointing your new or existing clients who happen to call your branch. 

How Dental Answering Services Work

Using our call support services is easy and straightforward. You have to inform us that you need assistance in answering phone calls. You might choose to use the live call services daily or when the dental practice is closed. You could go for short-term call answering services during staff breaks, meetings, or vacations. Our services are flexible; therefore,  you can use them in the short-term or long-term.

Your patients might call your dental clinic during after office hours or when no one is available to answer. Instead of having to leave voicemail messages, your clients will speak to a friendly recipient. The professional live call agents will answer all questions regarding your dental practice, schedule appointments, or adjust appointments.

When new patients call during off-work hours, you will be able to create a new relationship with the patient instead of losing the business to a call answering machine. You will also be able to retain your existing patients. Whenever your patients call your dental clinic, they will always feel that their needs and concerns have been addressed. This will help build patients' confidence in your dental practice and help create lasting relationships. 

Services Available

With professional live call answering services from Best Call Center, patients will have no idea that they are speaking to a live call agent. Whenever your patients call, they will always hear a friendly and professional voice. When you choose our services, your patients will not have to leave a voicemail message. We will always be ready to receive their calls and handle their queries in the best way possible. Our leading services are: 

Scheduling Appointments

As a dentist or oral surgeon, organizing your calendar will have a great impact on your business. Appointment scheduling is part of our live call answering package. Proper scheduling ensures that you make great use of your time and keep your patients happy. With reliable appointment scheduling services, patients can call your practice and book appointments over the phone. Patients can also book appointments on your social media platforms or website. 

You will have 24-hour access to your dental clinic's appointment calendar. Therefore, you can always check the calendar from your computer or mobile device to plan your day.

Both your new and returning patients will not have to wait until opening hours to make appointments. It will be easy for your patients to call at any time of day or night, and even during weekends to book an appointment. It would help if you always make it easy for patients to choose the most convenient time for them to call your business.

The best thing about our appointment scheduling services is their affordability. You will not incur an extra cost because the appointment scheduling services are part of the live call service. We understand that appointment scheduling is fundamental for any dental practice. Our professional virtual receptionists can schedule appointments over the phone, and patients will think they are talking to someone in realtime. 

Proper management of your calendar will go a long way in growing your business. Having empty time on your calendar translates to a loss of revenue for your dental practice. On the other hand, you would not want to have all patients visit your clinic on the same day. Having too many patients at your dental clinic at a given time could be overwhelming and hurt your business. We will distribute appointments accordingly to ensure that, on any given day, you have an optimum number of patients.  

We do not limit our services to appointment scheduling. We also book follow-up appointments and handle reminder calls. With live answering services, you enjoy many benefits at an affordable cost. The cost of outsourcing dental call answering services is much lower than the cost of hiring actual staff.

24/7 Dental Answering Service

We will help you take care of your patients around the clock with our professional and friendly call answering services. Having a 24-hour answering service is like being open for business even during work hours. Irrespective of when a patient calls your dental clinic, we make sure that friendly and professional voices answer the call. 

When patients are looking for a dentist or oral surgeon, they often search the internet. A patient may search the internet at any time and decide to call your clinic. Having a live agent answer the phone instead of an automated answering machine helps build the patient's trust. A patient is more likely to choose a dental clinic with a live call service than an automated answering machine. People tend to shop at odd hours. It can be expensive to hire a 24/7 receptionist or to staff your call center. 

There are several reasons why 24-hour call answering services are important. Some patients might be busy or have commitments that prevent them from calling your dental clinic during work hours. The patients might also be in different time zones from you. Odd hours in your timezone might be normal business hours in your patients' time zones. Patients are always willing to travel for long distances in search of reliable medical services. Therefore, if you are a reputable dentist or oral surgeon, you might have patients from different locations. 

In the current world, many people expect 24-hour services. Many patients, especially the younger ones, may not be willing to leave a voicemail. If they call your dental clinic and are not available, they are likely to call your competitor. The customers will not wait for you to call them back when you report to the clinic in the morning. By the time you report to your dental clinic in the morning, your competitor will have snatched the client. 

At Best Call Center, we are never closed. If you have employees in charge of handling your dental clinic's calls clustered in one building, a power outage might disrupt your operations. This is not the case with our dental answering services. You can enjoy maximum uptime, even amidst power interruptions. We cover the entire U.S, and our live call service operators work from different locations. Therefore, if one location is experiencing a power outage, we always have a backup plan. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing that our 24-hour dental answering services will not fail if a bad storm or other power interruptions. 

Customer Support Services

Our experienced virtual receptionists have the right customer service skills. Customer support has a major impact on the long-term success of your dental care business. You will increase customer retention by ensuring that patients can reach your business whenever they desire. We ensure that your patients obtain all the information they need when they call your business. We will assign your business a professional and friendly virtual receptionist to handle patients' queries. The virtual receptionist will offer all the benefits of an inhouse receptionist but at a fraction of the cost. 

Our agents will work with you to determine the kind of customer support services necessary for your business. We take ample time to determine the ideal customer support services for your business. Your dental clinic could have a combination of customer support needs, including appointment scheduling, receiving messages, and call routing, among others. 

We have flexible plans that fit the unique needs of our clients. Typically, a client pays for a pool of minutes. You can always adjust your plan to suit your changing business needs. For instance, you could scale down during off-peak hours and scale up when your dental clinic is busy. When you are ready to embrace a live call service, we will publish toll-free numbers for your customers. Our live call agents will start receiving your patient's calls immediately.  

You should not give your patients to your competitors due to poor customer services. When new or existing patients call your firm, and no one picks the phone, they will not likely leave a voicemail message. If patients consistently fail to receive the necessary assistance whenever they call your dental clinic, they might stop calling and seek other clinics. 

You can always assess the level of our customer support services. We will give you an online portal that allows you to manage your Best Call Center account. You can always monitor our operations from any location as long as you have access to the internet. You could even be on vacation and still be able to monitor how we handle your dental patients. You will have access to the call data to enable you. 

Bilingual Call Answering Services

Some of your patients might not speak or understand English. Therefore, it helps to have bilingual live call answering services. Even if some of your dental patients speak Spanish, our able bi-lingual virtual receptionists will be ready to receive their calls. You will be able to connect seamlessly with patients who wish to communicate in Spanish. 

According to research conducted by Pew Research Center, there are more than 37 million Spanish speakers in the United States. If you neglect the Spanish language customer service, you could miss out on many dental patients. With the right virtual receptionist, it will be easy to handle both your English and Spanish speaking clients. 

Even if some Spanish-speaking patients also speak English, having a bi-lingual call answering service shows them that you value them. Your Spanish patients will feel more comfortable seeking dental services if you have bi-lingual call services. Your bi-lingual patients will end up referring their Spanish-speaking friends and family members to your clinic. 

We are careful and strict when recruiting out bilingual virtual receptionists. We always ensure that every bilingual virtual receptionist has an in-depth understanding of Spanish. Therefore, you can be sure that we are not going to confuse your Spanish-speaking patients. Do not let language be a barrier for your dental care business because our expert virtual receptionists have your back.

After Hours Virtual Phone Answering Services

Most dental clinics employ experienced staff to handle patients' calls during normal business hours. What happens when your receptionists go home after work?  Do you leave your patients to voicemail until the following morning? In the current world where patients have so many dentists and oral surgeons to choose from, patients expect superior customer support. 

Even if you live in the same time zone with your patients, they can always browse the internet at night, obtain your clinic's number and call. With our call answering services, you do not have to worry about handling clients' inquiries after work hours. When your staff goes home after work, the Best Call Center will fill the void. We will handle your patients' phone calls and offer magnificent customer support until your workers resume the following morning. 

Our after-work live call agents will handle your clients just the same way your staff does. The after-hours phone answering services are an extension of your work hours call answering services. With our after-hours live call answering services, we will work while you sleep. We will provide exceptional customer support overnight, on holidays, and on weekends.

When your business is closed, we will always be there for your customers. Even when you aren’t in a position to answer your phone, your patients will never have to leave a voicemail message. If you do not require a live call answering service during the day, you might consider seeking after-hours call answering services. 

Handling Urgent Calls

You can count on us for urgent call handling for your dental clinic. Urgent calls require prompt responses. You would not want to fail your patients when they require your services. We have custom call handling protocols for every business. You will be in control of what happens whenever we receive an emergency phone call. For instance, you could instruct us to transfer emergency phone calls to you or specific staff. 

Call Routing & Transfer

Every phone call is unique. For instance, you would like to handle phone calls from certain clients or organizations personally. You can give us instructions regarding how we should handle phone calls from particular callers. Best Call Center has an excellent call transfer capability. We will promptly connect and forward specific phone calls to you or your staff, depending on your specifications. 

We are always willing to listen and tailor our call answering services to meet your unique needs and specifications. Therefore, you should feel free to inform us about phone calls requiring special attention and advise us on how to route the phone calls. You can always change the call routing and transfer protocols whenever you desire. 

Trained Virtual Receptionist

Our professional virtual receptionists are real human beings who receive phone calls and assist your patients in the same way a live-in receptionist would. Our virtual receptionist will offer empathetic and professional customer support over the internet. We will route a call to our virtual receptionist when your patients call your dental office. 

Our virtual receptionist will see your account information and answer the call using your business name and a preset welcome clause. Your callers might leave a message with the virtual receptionist. The virtual receptionist could also transfer the caller to the relevant on-duty staff. You do not have to spend months looking for the right in-house receptionist for your dental care business. An experienced virtual receptionist can offer similar or even better services than an in-job receptionist. Some of the benefits offered by virtual receptionists include: 

  • Cost-effective
  • Scalable
  • No voicemail calls
  • 24/7 live receptionist telephone services
  • Urgent call handling
  • Prompt call forwarding
  • Message taking and delivery
  • Reliable call routing and transfers
  • Proper call screening

Why Choose the Best Call Center 

When you start a dental practice, success is not always guaranteed. With so many competitors in the dental field, it might be hard for a dentist or oral surgeon to build a successful practice. Dental office answering services can help you overcome the challenges of running a dental clinic. 

Best Call Center offers a dental call answering service that is attached to the patients' needs. Every patient has unique needs that he/she expects to have fulfilled after calling a dental office. Patients need to speak to experts who can handle all their questions instead of speaking to an answering machine. Never limit clients to your business hours while someone can handle your clients' calls around-the-clock.

Some of the unique characteristics that make the Best Call Center the ideal call service provider for your dental office are:

  • A team of well-trained virtual receptionists who will meet the specific needs of your dental practice
  • The fastest pick-up times
  • Professional call screening
  • Emergency response specialists
  • Affordable services
  • Flexible service plans to choose from

We have a great team of motivated and result-driven employees. We have experienced and compassionate staff in our customer support department who would never disappoint your clients. Many dental establishments in the U.S. have benefited from our live receptionist and call answering services. Your business could also benefit from our exceptional live call answering services. 

Find Call Answering Service Near Me

Do you feel overwhelmed with phone calls at your dental clinic? Perhaps you find it hard to balance between treating patients and handling phone calls. Best Call Center can help you focus on treatment by handling your phone calls. We provide live call answering services nationwide. Contact us at 800-385-4656 and speak to one of our live call operators.