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Ditch the Voicemail.
Business Open, Always.

Reduce your reception and intake team while reducing your costs drastically. Our fully bilingual staff are always there to give your customers the personal attention.

Full Time Staff.
Part Time Cost.

Pick up every call, take on every lead, and focus on law. Don't let callers simply hang up on you, because each and every call can be your next customer.

No More Hangups.
Answer All Calls.

Never send another client to voicemail while your competitors answer. Implementing a 24/7/365 live call answering service means you're business is never closed.

Attorney Call Statistics


of business is conducted over the phone


of callers will hang up without leaving a voicemail if the call isn't answered


of customers prefer a phone conversation to an email


of clients will end a business relationship due to poor phone etiquette


Spending half my day in courtrooms made it very difficult to answer all of my incoming calls and meet new clients to retain. Signing up with the BCC really changed everything, my office was always available no matter the time and I was able to free the constant worry of missed calls while I was in court or in meetings. 

Joshua B.

We operate a national mass tort website and as you can imagine our phone lines need to be always at the ready because you never know when the next big call comes in. Our reception team needs to be alert, detailed, and professional when handling calls and going through our custom call scripts. This team has been exceptional in every way and the bilingual team is only an added bonus to the work they do for us.

Kerry S.

What a game changer! We spent a lot on marketing/advertising and didn't realize what we were missing out on by not being available evenings. As soon as we signed up we saw a massive uptick in new clients signups within the first month. We never knew what we were missing but we'll never miss them again!  

Tom B.

Attorney Answering Service

Individuals who call a lawyer’s office need help and in almost all cases, they need it right away. And when they call your office, the last thing they want to hear is a disembodied voice reciting a list of annoying options. They need a real person who can understand their concerns and address them in an efficient and professional manner. As a busy legal professional, are you available to provide this immediate response at any given time? This is where The Best Call Center’s lawyers’ answering service comes in.

The Best Call Center currently provides live answering service to a large number of law firms with great success. Each and every firm that we partner with is able to enjoy a plethora of benefits that come with our service. We act as an extension of your law office by providing top-notch answering services for attorneys with confidentiality and professionalism. With the confidentiality and time-sensitivity involved in your business, the outstanding agents at The Best Call Center are ready to serve your clients at all hours, on any day. After all, clients who are able to speak to a live, empathetic person on a 24/7 basis are much more likely to trust your service because they feel that they are being cared for.

The success and growth of your law firms highly depend on your ability to stay in constant communication with your clients and this means that you should be there when they need you. Attentiveness to each client is crucial in maintaining the quality and integrity of a successful law firm. Having a team of highly-trained, professional live answering representatives allows you to have 24/7 coverage so as to avoid cases of missed calls. Not only do you need the individual who answers your phone to be professional and polite, but you also want him or her to be highly competent. The Best Call Center is here to help when legal matters call your office. We believe in creating excellent connections between your clients and your firm.

A legal live answering service must combine empathy and efficiency to handle the unique challenges of this field. Don’t let your clients hear the computer-generated voice when they call your office. Our live operators give you the friendly, professional voice needed to address the concerns of your current and potential clients. With The Best Call Center, you are always well represented and your law firm can expect to receive nothing short of 5-star service. Our elite team of agents is extensively trained to answer calls professionally according to your specific protocol.

We spend more time than the industry average on training our staff and this enriches each agent representative with superior skills that translate to you in the form of exceptional customer service that you won’t find at any other call center around. Our agents understand the sensitive nature of legal matters and will handle the needs of your clients with care and etiquette. Our detailed legal industry coursework entails legal intake and practice explanations, key industry lingos, and scenario practice.

Our Clients


At The Best Call Center, we are committed to offering law firms unparalleled value. Some of our legal answering services include:

Attorneys We Serve

The Best Call Center serves every area of the law, including Large Partnerships, Solo Practitioners, and law firms in between. We serve attorneys practicing in criminal defense, traffic, family, personal injury, bankruptcy, employment/labor/ corporate, real estate, immigration, and civil rights.