Opening and handling a small business can be one of the most fulfilling ventures in your lifetime, as you get to run operations personally. Therefore, you should set your best foot forward by providing your clients with exceptional customer experiences that maintain a healthy and robust business relationship. Among the many factors that go into developing a proper business, the structure maintains consistent communication with your clients to ensure that you are always updated with the company’s events.

To avoid all the mishaps and pressure commonly experienced in running an upcoming business, we recommend seeking a call-answering company. At Best Call Center, you can access professional call answering services from some of the best live operators to handle all phone communication with your clients. Moreover, our personnel receives high-quality training that is suited to give your customers an unforgettable calling experience. Our services are also available countrywide, meaning that you can reap the benefits of liaising with us to develop your business and maintain healthy and lasting relationships with your clients, thanks to the efficient and reliable call answering services we provide.

Why You Need To Consider Using Call Answering Services For Your Small Business

In the commercial sector, first impressions and business image are significant factors for taking your business to the next level. While you may try your best to stay afloat and track all messages and missed calls made by different clients, you quickly learn that it can be quite challenging to manage communication efficiently without answering service. In most cases, your services will be inaccessible to your clients when you are out of the office or after hours.

Additionally, your limited staff may become overwhelmed with juggling between business operations as well as delivering the required customer service. Though minor, such setbacks may cost you substantial financial losses, especially when you miss important calls from prospective business partners. Furthermore, suppose your business provides essential services like medical attention. In that case, your patients may suffer from adverse consequences from delayed communication with you or any other trained medical staff in your establishment. Consequently, you are likely to lose credibility and future partnerships in your patient’s eyes, which may be detrimental to your business.

Call answering services, therefore, help you provide an open channel of communication with your clients and create a firm assurance of your services’ reliability to all customers. Moreover, with the different services we provide, you get a chance to bring in new clients to your business by answering questions and getting back to the messages sent promptly. With the help of an efficient call answering system, you are sure to uphold quick responses to clients in distress and seek specific information on what you do. Our call answering services cater to any small business type, from law firms, retail stores, and recruitment agencies. After getting in touch with us, we will rely on the information you provide to establish a carefully crafted call answering system to suit your specific needs.

Services You Can Expect From Us

Based on your instructions, we offer different services that are adapted to meet your expectations accordingly. Our primary goal is to ensure that your business runs efficiently, but focusing on building a reputable call answering system that leaves your customers and partners satisfied with the service. To do this, we incorporate different phone answering services that make your office work more comfortable to follow up on, on top of engaging any clients who call. Therefore, we are open to discussing several services that must be present for your unique business type to help out any caller. Our services include:

Maintaining an Active Phone Line for Twenty-Four Hours

In our ever-evolving world, people have adapted their business to accommodate activities and interactions with clients all round the clock. Therefore, your small business can set itself apart and provide additional services on the phone to any clients in need at any time. In doing so, your business will provide a unique platform for your clients. It will also maximize your sales and service provision to effectuate additional transactions for your business. In return, you will notice significant growth from choosing to run your communication services for twenty-four hours, as opposed to similar business types that avail themselves on a strict working hour schedule.

Additionally, you will receive the twenty-four-hour phone answering service at a reasonable cost that does not include hiring additional staff to stay through the night or arranging for different shifts for each employee to take up. The alleviation of such technicalities allows you to enjoy straightforward services that place your business in a better position to grow.

Collecting Essential Information From New Callers

Every growing business owner expects occasional calls from new clients who would like to try out your product or service. It is crucial to pick such calls on time, as they are the gateway to obtaining a more extensive client base. Also, when a new caller requests additional information, it is often hoping that he/she can proceed to request your services or products. As a result, we ensure that we capture the client’s essential details to improve his/her experience with your business operation.

For example, when we ask for the caller’s name and use it to refer to the person for the rest of the call, it adds a personal touch to the communication that yields a positive impact. The caller’s number and address are added to the list of captured details, if necessary to equip you with the information you need to contact the caller later.

Moreover, our receptionists are keen on picking up on the caller’s particular interest and noting it down along with other essential details, to provide you with specific information that helps you plan on your next business move that involves meeting the client’s requests.

Preventing Missed Phone Calls

One of the most disadvantageous occurrences in any small business is missing a call, mainly because it could be from someone looking to obtain services or partnership from you. The missed call may also be a lost opportunity to make an excellent first impression, as inefficient communication systems generally put off most clients. Subsequently, the caller may opt not to pick your call even when you get back to him/her later, leading to a missed opportunity to engage with the person and understand what he/she was looking for. Additionally, most callers choose not to leave a voice message after their call goes unpicked because of the uncertainty that anyone will listen to and respond to. For others, it boils down to having an awkward experience when recording the voice message.

Regardless of what causes a missed call in your office or firm, our call answering service operators ensure that all clients meet an active line, meaning that no person’s phone call goes unattended. Since small businesses typically have a low call volume after start-up, you can expect efficient services, as our live operators will not fail to pick a call. Thanks to the call answering service, you will not have to face dissatisfied clients whose calls were unintentionally unpicked by your office team.

Call Transfers to Your Line

Call answering services include a bit of teamwork, whereby our primary role is to ensure that you never miss calls from your clients. As our live operations team picks phone calls for you, they will transfer the client to an assigned employee or directly to the business owner within seconds, to keep the line running. Therefore, once we welcome the client and ask for his/her specific request, you will receive a prompt notification of an incoming call to handle your business operations personally. For example, call answering services in a small law firm can merge all your employee’s contact details and transfer your client’s call to an available associate, even when the leading law attorney is unreachable. Such operation ensures that the caller is not left hanging or unattended to, primarily when the issue to be discussed can only be handled by specific staff members.

The call transfer service allows you to comfortably go about your activities, with the assurance that you will receive any urgent calls that only you and other staff members in your business can handle.

Bilingual Call Receiving Services

A flexible phone operator who can communicate in English and Spanish is always an advantage to your business because it broadens the scope of accessibility to clients who speak different languages. Often, most small businesses miss out on growing and including new customers or partners because of the existing language barrier. For example, if your employees struggle to communicate in Spanish, it could be a disadvantage to someone trying to get assistance from your business firm. In the case of a small medical clinic, a patient may call in an emergency and try to explain his/her current state in another language. With the existing language barrier, such a patient will miss receiving guidance from personnel in your clinic.

We propose to eradicate such hindrances by giving you the option of call answering services from a bilingual live receptionist, who can efficiently cater to different clients’ needs. You may only need one operator to handle your calls for most small businesses, including those made by clients who speak Spanish only. Therefore, you can maintain normal call answering operations with a single live receptionist, while receiving the benefit of bilingual services from the same operator at the same time. We usually charge an additional fee for such a service, to ensure that we cater to your needs by scheduling different shifts for our available bilingual call answering operators. Your live receptionist may also have to translate the client’s message or request if you do not understand Spanish and allow you to follow up with what was said.

Scripted Call Receiving Services

As a small business operator, you may require professional business tactics to draw more traffic to your business without using tacky and overused phrases to pitch new clients. Most businesses lose potential customers by overwhelming them with information at the first call or pressuring them to commit to trying out their services or products. Additionally, when a client senses that the person on the other end of the line sounds rather unenthusiastic, he/she may quickly lose interest in finding out more about your business and seek services elsewhere. All these scenarios lead to detrimental results to your business reputation that often has a ripple effect on your business’ growth rate.

Leaving it to us to provide an authentic and persuasive dialogue with callers ensures that you do not lose them to other competitors in your niche, based on poor communication. We can develop exceptional scripts for our live receptionists to follow when addressing your clients in phone calls with your help. The move ensures that the receptionists obtain all necessary information from the caller without imposing. Alternatively, we have ready-made scripts that our operators typically follow to help a new start-up business significantly. You can also choose to provide us with specifications that let us mention a new product or service your business offers, without trying to pitch it to your clients. The receptionist will do this casually as he/she transfers the caller to you or other employees in your office. This way, your callers will be aware of new and exciting services they can obtain from you, even though they do not have to try them immediately.

A laid out script is also useful in ensuring that the operator does not forget to mention important points when communicating with your client, especially if you require a set appointment date by the end of each call.

Setting Appointments After Each Call

Your instructions may also require our personnel to set appointments with clients who do not get to speak with you directly, to provide a better meeting opportunity soon. A failure to apply an effective appointment-setting structure may lead to numerous cancellations at the last minute, mainly because you need adequate time to prepare a meeting with a client. Moreover, you may have used your diary to set up meetings in the past and ended up forgetting about them, leading to two or more different appointments. Such a hiccup in your business may start you off the wrong foot with your clients and partners who are instrumental in your development.

Thus, we provide an automated cloud system that allows our receptionists to set an appointment with your clients and transfer the information directly to your device for your confirmation. Alternatively, you can upload all your available dates on the system to guide the live receptionist in choosing an ideal time to set a meeting appointment with the client on the phone. Including services to create appointments at your approval will allow you to experience better client interaction, as you can easily indulge in networking and business advertising.

Charges for Call Answering Services

Leaving all your phone answering services to us saves you a lot of stress and pressure, mainly because of the affordable rates we offer our customers. Additionally, we are open to different charging structures, depending on your monthly expenditures and your business calls volume. We also understand the need to further develop your business by engaging more clients every day, which is why we are open to bargains that let you engage with your clientele more at a cheaper charge rate.

Moreover, our rates are all-inclusive. This means that you can worry less about any hidden costs or unregulated billing cycles that generate an additional invoice at the end of the year. We believe in providing a fair and transparent charging system that lets you track all call answering services’ monthly expenses.

The Benefits of a Call Answering Service to Small Businesses

A business that has just begun taking shape in the competitive commercial field requires it to run smoothly and efficiently to gain good reviews from clients to help it improve. With the help of a call answering service, you can access several benefits that allow for your operations’ exponential growth, thanks to exceptional customer service. Some of the advantages of a call answering service include:

You Save on Time and Money

When your business office or firm runs without call answering services, you will inevitably spend more money and time recovering from your clients’ missed calls and messages. One of the main options for business operators in such a position is hiring more employees to cover night shifts in case of any client call. Moreover, you may have to hire an employee to handle that task exclusively, resulting in additional expenses to cover salaries and medical insurance schemes. In other cases, you may result in installing expensive phone circuits in your office to perform phone transfer and message taking functions. While such solutions are applicable, they remove the personal touch that distinguishes successful business operations from others. Consequently, you may end up counting losses from such a strategy, compared to including a call answering service in your business structure.

The services you receive from our call answering system ensure that you maximize cutting costs without hiring and firing employees. You are assured of continuous functions for twenty-four hours. Moreover, you can save on the time used to return calls or trace previous missed calls using the information provided by our live receptionists to reach your clients on time. Your employees will also benefit from the call receiving service. They can continue with their tasks with minimal distractions from left messages, and only attend direct client calls forwarded by our live operators.

You Receive Personalized Services for Your Business

Our flexible approach to offering services lets you determine the specifications to provide our live receptionists, giving you customized service. For example, if you would like to align your brand with each inbound call made by a client, you can use a script to ensure that the caller gets intel on what your business focuses on. Moreover, you will be in control of the messages and information that our receptionists offer to your callers, to avoid deviating from the kind of content you would prefer the callers to receive.

According to your specifications, we are also happy to include or remove business working hours for special holidays or weekends. Therefore, we can provide all year call receiving services, or adapt to your working calendar, mainly if you prefer taking some days off work. In that case, we can still pick your business calls and transfer them to another appointed employee who can handle the matter on your behalf, until you resume work.

You Get to Focus on Other Important Aspects of Your Business

Operating a small business is no easy task, as you have to do most of the business operations by yourself, or with limited help from your employees. Thus, you may face extreme pressure to meet specific goals while handling new inquiries from clients, leading to the quick collapse of one of your working capacities. You will often lag on returning calls or taking down messages from your callers because of the workload you face.

However, you can avoid all the chaos by choosing to operate with the help of our call answering services. We aim to reduce the pressure off your back by handling calls and addressing frequently asked questions to clients directly, to prevent too many call distractions. Since we work under specific instructions, you can worry less about how we handle your clients as you focus on different business strategies to help you develop your craft.

You Will Enjoy Peace of Mind After Working Hours

Business owners and employees in the medical and legal field often face the worries of missing important calls from their clients, especially in emergency cases. Using a phone answering service alleviates these worries, as you are assured of continuous client interaction even when you are away. Additionally, you can include instructions to transfer priority calls from the office to your line, to keep you connected with your clients whenever the need arises.

Find a Small Business Call Answering Service Provider Near Me

When operating a small business, it is crucial to ensure that all hands are on deck in conducting operations, including customer services. With the help of call answering services from the Best Call Center, you can access professional and reliable services to meet all your needs in maintaining excellent client-based communication. Give us a call today at 800-385-4656.