Growing your company is important as a business owner, irrespective of the service or product you provide. Every customer requires assistance at times, and you should always be available to provide it to them whenever they need it. But, as we all know, managing a business takes time and effort, and as an entrepreneur, you might not have enough time to respond to every call. This is why you need a Wichita answering service to make sure all your customers’ calls are answered and their issues are addressed on time.

Best Call Center provides an excellent customer service program to help emerging and existing businesses in the Wichita region of Kansas. Our live operators are available to receive all inbound calls and respond to emails 24/7, assuring you that your clients will receive outstanding service even when you're out of the office.

An Outline of an Answering Service

A proficient call center can positively represent your company to clients and prospects, assisting you in improving your brand's image and clientele satisfaction. A trained virtual receptionist develops important close connections with each caller, making sure that your company sticks out from the rest.

A professional answering service can do more than just incoming and outgoing calls; they can also send emails, make appointments, and handle other customer support issues, which could help to increase business traffic and increase revenue.

Every time a call remains unanswered, you lose business. Not to mention that a continually ringing telephone can reduce productivity. Having a virtual answering service guarantees that your company is accessible to your customers and potential prospects 24/7.

Core Features of a Wichita Answering Service

In many businesses, Best Call Center has become the bedrock of outsourced answering services. Virtual receptionists are committed to providing excellent call answering services to your customers and act as ambassadors for your company. These are some of the key elements an answering service provides:

After-hour Services

Most firms process calls during normal office hours. However, for the sake of the company's success, you should keep an eye on things beyond business hours. In an emergency, an existing or new customer may call your firm.

A phone answering service makes your company available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, increasing your profit potential. You should rest assured that all incoming calls, messages, and non-emergency conversations will be handled by professionals.

Industry-specific Solutions

Professional answering service providers have live virtual operators who have previous expertise working with directors, real estate companies, HVAC contractors, funeral homes, and legal experts.

Telemarketing Services

Outgoing calls to prospects can be made by virtual call operators for direct sales or appointment settings. Call answering service providers have well-educated crews that can handle any size job.

Customer Service Team

An answering service provides email client assistance and extended phone services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The call agents also modify how your reception staff resolves service issues to guarantee that your clients have a professional and unique experience.

Order Taking

Live virtual assistants offer inbound assistance for online orders, as well as to update info on your client's shopping cart system through the live-voice feature. This enables you to boost your revenue without having to spend lots of money.

Bilingual Answering Services

The United States is home to a variety of language-speaking communities. For instance, Spanish is the country's second-most populous language. For this reason, immigrants, like Americans, will require the assistance of a call center.

Fortunately, at Best Call Center, their customer service representatives are fluent in Spanish and can provide translation services to guarantee that clients of all backgrounds communicate effectively. Also, you can be sure that every piece of information is captured accurately.

Scheduling Appointments

It's important to make it simple for your customers to schedule appointments. Not having a streamlined appointment system can cause you to lose prospective clients. To prevent any cancellations or inconveniences, your schedule will be displayed with an answering service provider on board.


The security of your customers' data is critical to your company's success. It not only improves your brand's image but also increases client trust and confidence. For this reason, you can be confident that your business data is secure since call answering service providers use security software like HIPAA, among others.

The Advantages of Hiring a Wichita Answering Service

An effective answering service is crucial to the foundation of any successful small business. What, on the other hand, makes an answering service beneficial to a company's success? The following is a list of advantages to using an answering service:

24/7 Live Support

Missing a phone call or two is not uncommon for office secretaries. It can be difficult to juggle receptionist tasks with other office attendant duties, including answering incoming phone calls. Even with many receptionists, missed calls can sometimes be inevitable.

Again, in-house customer service representatives may only operate for a certain number of hours each day, and some customers call after normal business hours or on weekends. As a result, some calls will go unanswered. Partnering with an answering service saves you from missing incoming calls and keeps your company running after normal business hours, on weekends, and holidays.

No Additional Equipment is Required

In contrast to traditional live call services, an answering service doesn't require any extra equipment for an automated menu. As a result, you can get rid of your answering machine while maintaining your current phone lines. Depending on the image you want to portray via your firm, you can use either an international or a different local number. This, in turn, can help you save money for your firm.

Create a Positive Impression

Whether you're a new startup or a renowned corporation, a call center will assist you to develop and nurture strong customer relationships as well as create a positive image for your company. How you respond to calls impacts your relationship with business clientele and might influence your firm.

Virtual assistants are expertly trained to handle incoming calls. Call centers customize greetings and messages based on your preferences to create brand awareness. Collaborating with an answering service means that they are your brand's ambassadors and can create a reputable image for your firm.

Work Anywhere, At Any Time

When you're in transit, at work, meeting new and existing clients, driving, or outside of the state or country attending to business matters, an answering service can help you keep up with your business operations. Also, when a customer visits your online store or website and contacts your business, the call center experts will take their call and serve them efficiently.

That being the case, you may feel at ease even when you're not in your office because you know the call center is taking care of your clients' needs. It also implies that when your company engages with its customers, you boost your earnings.

Quick Response

Clients can contact your business for emergency issues, and keeping them waiting in line or putting them on hold for extended periods can result in the loss of potential sales. If a client's call is delayed, he or she is likely to contact a different business. Don't allow such an incident to taint your reputation. Partner with an answering service now to help your business grow.

Focus on Your Company's Development

When you or your personnel team spend a lot of time answering and dispatching calls, it indicates you're handling something else. Note that a telephone call is one of the main distractions in your company. When you answer the call, or a staff member does so, you'll divert your focus away from the task at hand and even perform poorly since you're distracted.

A call answering service will keep your clients pleased while you focus on the key aspects of your company. Prioritize the tasks that only your personnel can do, and the call answering agents will handle all of your firm's duties.

Affordable Pricing

A call answering service provides a comprehensive selection of pack solutions at cheap prices, allowing them to satisfy the needs of various sectors, including those with special requirements. Many entrepreneurs looking for a low-cost answering service in the region are pleased to hear that call answering experts not only provide low-cost services but also help them save money and grow their businesses.

To be successful, your company should offer exceptional customer service. Thus, without an efficient and effective customer support strategy, client satisfaction would be impossible, and you would lose your business. Alternatively, successfully supporting your clients when they are most in need will help your business in terms of customer retention. As a result, you will be able to deliver efficient and professional service alternatives to your prospective and current clients, allowing you to achieve business success.

Make the Most of Your Marketing

When your company invests in advertisements, you want to be sure that the leads are capitalized on. With an answering service, professionals will manage all the inbound calls your firm generates. To add to that, an answering service will qualify your leads so that you may concentrate on the most promising ones.

An answering service can also enhance your company's revenue by generating leads. A competent call center with an integrated CRM system allows your business to get leads when, where, and how you choose. If your sales team is huge, the call answering operators can direct leads to different team members based on the parameters you provide.

Reliable Professionals

Call operators work and even reside in Wichita, throughout the region, and even in other states across the country. When your business is disrupted by blackouts or other uncontrollable factors, the call handlers are always accessible and ready.

Focus on Your Client Services

Professional call centers provide your clients with excellent services. For example, after normal office hours, call agents process customers' orders and assist them with planning and booking appointments. The professionals also establish a strong communication line to guarantee that all incoming calls are handled professionally.

This boosts your company's gains by attracting more clients. A call answering service provider also responds to clients' concerns quickly and professionally. As a result of such devotion and commitment by answering service operators to serve your clients, it maintains positive customer relations for your business.

Tips to Help You Choose a Good Answering Service

If you've decided to hire a call answering operator for your business, the only thing left to do is to find an answering service that will assist you in taking your business to new heights. But, with so many providers offering the same services, how can you identify the best answering service? Here are some pointers to assist you in choosing a call answering provider that would benefit your brand:

Compare Prices of Different Answering Service Providers

Don't just go with the first call answering provider you come across. Inquire more about the pricing rates of 3 to 4 different call centers and compare their fees. You might be surprised to learn that their charges per minute differ significantly.


Before hiring, make sure to check the availability of the company. What are their emergency procedures, backup plans, and redundancy plans? Remember that their availability equals your availability, so you should be aware of the precautions they have in place.

Examine Their Client Feedback

Checking reviews from previous and current customers is the best approach to determining the standard of service provided by a call center. Based on the testimonials from other businesses, you'll be able to tell if a call center is a good fit for you.

Recruitment and Selection of Personnel

It is essential to inquire about the number of personnel available in the call center as well as the number of call agents processing your calls. Are they, for example, trained to respond to calls that relate to your business? Where do they get their training? This information helps in making sound decisions for the sake of your business.


The professionalism displayed by the virtual operators plays a crucial role when picking a call center. Keep in mind that these individuals will serve as representatives for your company, therefore you should verify that they possess excellent phone etiquette. You can audition those who will be answering your clients' calls to see whether they're a good fit.

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Best Call Center is committed to making your company's customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, across all support channels. We offer professional phone answering services in Wichita, Kansas. No matter what industry you're in, our local operators can help you expand your business by providing excellent customer support around the clock. Call us at 800-385-4656 right away.