When most people call an attorney's office, they do not just call to say hello. The majority of people will only call their attorneys when they are in dire need of help. When your clients and prospective clients call your office, the last they would like to hear is a beep from your answering machine. You should ensure that whenever your clients call your Estate, Trust, and Elder law office, they speak to a real person and not an answering machine. Best Call Center offers reliable and professional call answering services for attorneys. We offer call answering services for the entire U.S; you can count us irrespective of where your law firm is located.

The Role of Estate, Trust, and Elder Law Attorneys

If you are an Estate, Trust, or Elder law attorney, you hold an essential position in your clients' lives. Your clients will rely on you to help them determine the exact distribution of their estate. Attorneys also have to provide counsel for people who need to establish a trust for future beneficiaries. The work of elder law attorneys also entails drafting estate planning documents and wills for their customers.

Elder law attorneys are responsible for handling a wide range of legal issues for older persons and, in some cases, disabled persons. Elder law attorneys are often busy handling issues revolving around retirement, guardianship, social security, long-term care planning, and health care issues.

Many elderly people need a reliable attorney who can help to safeguard their wealth when they are alive. They also need an attorney to count on distributing their assets according to their wishes when they pass on. People know that a good attorney can help prevent heirs from contesting their wills when they are gone. Attorneys must ensure that after the death of their clients, they will streamline distributing assets to the rightful beneficiaries without delays.

Estate, trust, and elder law are complicated; attorneys constantly face complex issues mainly regarding succession. If you work as an attorney in these fields, you will be busy with your clients most of the time. You might not have ample time to attend to all your phone calls. Your clients are mainly elderly people or disabled persons; you can't afford to disappoint them by not picking their phone calls.

How can you balance your busy attorney's schedule and still manage to pick all your phone calls? Even if you have some in house staff who can receive the phone, they still have other work duties to attend to. Expecting your in house staff to handle your phone calls and still perform their duties could be overwhelming. Overworking your staff could lead to a lack of motivation and enthusiasm.

Some clients will call during after work hours when you have already closed your office. Many customers might not be willing to leave a voicemail message. Therefore, when they call your office, and there is no one to answer the phone, they might move to the next attorneys. If your clients' phone calls go unanswered, most of them might interpret it as a lack of appreciation. With so many attorneys in the Estate, Trust, and Elder Law, you need to stand out. You have to make your clients feel appreciated and important; there is no better way to do this than to ensure that you answer all your clients' phone calls.

Professional Call Answering Service

Attorneys do it all; advising clients, litigation, mediation, negotiating agreements, gathering evidence, and staying up-to-date with new legal sector developments. At any given time, an attorney is always busy attending to different tasks. Most attorneys understand that with their demanding profession, they can't handle all their business responsibilities. As an attorney, you can maximize your time using an attorney call answering service.

There are several reasons why professional call services for estate, trust, and elder law attorneys are important:

  • Most phone calls from the estate, trust, and elder law attorneys' offices might be sensitive and urgent.
  • Most elderly persons tend to be impatient and might not be willing to wait if the phone exceeds three rings without an answer.
  • Most clients calling an attorney's office are often emotional or grieving the loss of a loved one; they require compassion.
  • The clients are often in need of a shoulder to lean on and a helping hand; they would be disappointed to be directed to an automated answering machine.
  • When you fail to pick phone calls, most seniors hang up the phone and call other attorneys instead.

The team at Best Call Center has the right training; we are sensitive about your clients' unique needs. Our virtual receptionists are warm and welcoming; they will provide the necessary compassion and care to your clients. We offer an answering service that you can trust. You will always be happy to know that your clients are receiving the best service. You can tell that we are good at what we do based on our clients’ positive reviews across the U.S.

With a professional call answering service, you can outsource the work of answering phone calls, booking appointments, and customer follow-up as you focus on other tasks. You’ll have professional live call operators receive phone calls on your behalf, engage clients in on-going communication, and manage all your clients' questions. You won’t experience the frustrations of navigating your clients' relationship; the professional call agents will communicate with clients and portray a professional image of your law firm. You can't afford to handle every client inquiry that comes your way. For instance, a client might call you when you are in a meeting, in court, or when negotiating a deal for another client.

Some clients will persistently call your office, especially if they are scared about their cases’ outcomes. Even if a client calls repeatedly, you still have to answer the phone call; a missed phone call could translate to lost business. You should let the Best Call Center manage all your client communications. Every customer expects a personalized and responsive service; all our call answering agents are well-trained and have exceptional customer service. At times, we know that clients might feel agitated and sound harsh on the phone; we are always willing to listen to clients and address their concerns.

Most of your clients assume that you will always be available to pick their calls at any time of day or night. A client could lose trust in an attorney because of a missed call or if his or her call goes to an answering machine.  Due to the prevalent use of the internet, clients might google your law firm's contacts in the wee hours of the night and call.

If you want to operate a successful attorney business, you have to put your clients first. With Best Call Center's professional call answering service, your clients will always know that they are important. You will manage to relax after work or during the weekend as we handle all the phone calls. Your in-house staff will not have to carry the company's phone home; they will have some time to relax and recharge for the following day.

Services Provided by Best Call Center

At Best Call Center, we are good at what we do; we serve many attorneys across the U.S, and they are happy with our professional call answering service. We know that your law business means a lot to you; therefore, we always do our best to uphold professionalism. When we answer phone calls for your law firm, your clients will not realize they are speaking to a call answering agent; they will assume that they are talking to your staff.  We provide a vast range of services; our leading services are:

  • 24-hour answering service
  • Bilingual Answering Services
  • After Hours Answering Service
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Virtual receptionists
  • Message Taking
  • Calls Transfers and Routing
  • Full Legal Intake
  • Lead Capturing

24-Hour Answering Service

If you walk into your office in the morning and find that you have voicemail messages on your phone, you probably need a 24-hour answering service. The voicemail messages are an indication that your customers still call your law firm even after the closing hours. Business does not stop for anyone; therefore, even if you need time to rest, rejuvenate, and be with your family, you need to handle after-work phone calls. At Best Call Center, we are there for our customers 24/7, 365 days a year. It does not matter whether it is late in the night or early in the morning; our lines are always open.

Clients will call your business at any time; some clients might be in a different time zone than yours. Therefore, late hours for you could be daytime hours for them. Even when you are sleeping, we will be handling all phone calls from your customers. We will not let customers leave your business and go to a competitor for missing to answer their calls.

The 24/7 call answering service will also come in handy during normal business hours. If you or your employees are not constantly answering calls during working hours, you can get a lot of work done. Your workers will enjoy the convenience that comes with outsourcing call answering services.

At Best Call Center, we treat your business as a partner. Therefore, we will handle your clients with the same care and professionalism. Your clients will never realize that they are talking to a call answering agent. If needed, our live call agents can provide the necessary technical support to your customers.

Bilingual Answering Service

The Spanish-speaking population in the United States continues to grow. Therefore, while choosing a professional attorney call answering service, you shouldn’t overlook your Spanish-speaking clientele. At Best Call Center, we pride ourselves on offering bilingual call answering services. You can have peace of mind knowing that we will take care of your English-speaking and Spanish-speaking populations. With a bilingual call answering service, your clients will have a chance to choose a language that they are most comfortable with.

Your Spanish-speaking clients will not feel left out. Instead, they will feel valued and appreciated. Our bilingual virtual receptionists can assist you with a wide range of services, including appointment scheduling and handling clients' questions and complaints.

To get you started on the bilingual call answering service, we will develop two scripts for your business; one script will be in English and Spanish. We will work with you to understand how you would like our agents to convey your customers’ messages. Our virtual receptionists will choose the right script depending on the unique needs of the caller.

After Hours Answering Services

After hour answering services will serve as an extension of your business hours. You will manage to provide continuous customer service and sales leads. We will answer all phone calls around the clock; your clients will manage to access your business even after opening hours. You can still be available for your clients beyond the working hours without having to overwork your staff. At Best Call Center to handle your phone calls when you leave the office. You won’t have to worry about missing a phone call ever again. You’ll have an impeccable reputation of offering excellent customer support even during after-work hours.

By knowing that they can call your law firm at any time as they wish, your clients will have immense confidence in your business. Your clients will not have to wait for the normal office hours to call your business.

Some customers may not reach you during normal business hours because they might be busy with work. These clients might only be available after office hours. You will stand out from the competition by ensuring that you always have a person handle all your clients' inquiries.

Appointment Scheduling

You can focus on your in-house clients and tasks as we take care of your calendar. We will schedule your operations accordingly to make sure that you are not idle or overwhelmed. Professional appointment scheduling ensures that at any given time, you have the right number of clients to handle. You and your employees can focus on clients walking through the door as we schedule client appointments over the phone.

If you are attending to a client and suddenly your phone rings, you’ll have two options. You might compromise on customer service by pausing your conversation with the in house client to answer the phone. You might also choose to ignore the phone call and continue attending to the in house client. Ignoring a phone call could cost your law firm; you might miss an important deal. At the same time, you need to ensure that your in-house clients are happy to always return to you and probably refer more clients to you.

A professional appointment scheduling service will allow you to focus on other tasks without feeling overwhelmed. Allow our virtual receptionists to receive your inbound phone calls and convert them into customers. You can count on us to manage calendars for different employees. We can also receive phone calls and transfer them to the relevant employees.

We do not limit our appointment scheduling services to the normal business operation hours. Your clients will have an opportunity to schedule appointments at a time that is most convenient for them. Therefore, you don’t have to miss a client's appointment because your office is closed for the day.

Message Dispatch Services

At Best Call Center, we are always ready to receive your clients' messages, both urgent and routine. We will always ensure that we send messages and notifications to the right staff. If your client has an emergency, we will be there to listen to them and inform you about their requests. All our live call agents are reliable and professional. They are always ready to receive phone calls promptly.

We have vast experience in supporting attorneys in the United States. We take time to design dispatch notification procedures with our clients. We will ensure that all messages are in line with the operation of your business. The highlight of our message dispatch service is clarity.

Our professional receptionists will screen all incoming messages and categorize them depending on their priority. We will transfer urgent calls and messages to you or your staff right away.

Customer Support and Call Center Solutions

We have many years of experience; thus, you can depend on our staff to provide your customers with the best care and support. Nothing has an impact on your company than your customer service. The way you interact with your customers goes a long way in determining the success of your organization. Your clients are always eager to connect with your law firm and get the help they need irrespective of the time of night or day. Offering the best customer support to your clients ensures that they keep coming back to your company.

The team of experienced call operators at Best Call Center will handle your clients' needs around the clock. You will not have to sacrifice your employees’ time to do other tasks in your law firm. Your in-house employees will not spend their time in the office troubleshooting callers’ needs. Instead, they will spend their time on more serious projects.

The best thing about outsourcing customer support and call center solutions is the affordability. The cost of outsourcing a virtual receptionist is lower than that of hiring an in-house receptionist. A virtual receptionist will not require you to set aside some office space or workstation. A virtual receptionist does not require certain employee benefits like paid leave days and sick leave. Therefore, you would make a great financial saving by working with a virtual receptionist.

Calls Transfers and Routing

Best Call Center virtual receptionists provide professional call routing and patching services. We always ensure that your customers can speak to the relevant person in your organization. We will work with your law firm to create customized call routing and transfer services. Our virtual receptionists are friendly; they will answer every call and screen through your clients' requests.

By having a professional call answering and routing service, you’ll have peace of mind to focus on other tasks. Why overburden yourself yet a highly trained virtual assistant can help you handle your phone calls?

What to Expect from the Best Call Center

There are numerous call services for attorneys in the U.S. What makes Best Call Center stand out from other companies? The unique advantages that you will reap after choosing our call answering service are:

  • Courteous and professional virtual receptionists
  • Fast call answering; we answer phone calls within the first three rings
  • Improved Lead counts
  • Better client experiences
  • Better image and first impression
  • Enhanced Flexibility

Even if there are many call services in the U.S, not all companies are the same. When selecting the best call answering service, it is important to choose a company with proven experience in the legal sector. You can rely on us for all your legal communications and more. We have proven experience in the legal field; you can always count on us. 

You’ll have access to an online portal where you can log in and review the responses offered to your clients. We provide flexible call services; you could choose to use our call services on a full-time basis. You could also choose to use our services only during work hours or holidays.

We are always willing to listen to our clients and adjust our services to suit their specifications. We will work with you to develop a customized script that our virtual receptionists can follow when handling your business phone calls.

Find an Attorney Answering Service

Running an estate, trust, or elder law firm can be overwhelming, especially if you need to handle all the incoming calls. Clients will keep calling your firm; your in-house employees might feel overwhelmed if they have to perform their in-house duties and still answer phone calls. You can have it much easier by working with call answering services. Best Call Center offers exceptional call answering services for attorneys in the entire U.S. Contact us at 800-385-4656 and talk to one of our attorneys.