The day to day operations in a construction company involves a lot of work, including meeting different clients, suppliers, and construction planning personnel. With all the activities involved in your office, it is easy to miss important calls from your clients and partners, owing to spontaneous events that require you to exit the office space. Additionally, a construction company may face the pressure of only a few employees, especially for new business owners.  Consequently, you will end up squeezing too much of your employees' energy and time because they handle inbound calls, greet clients in your office, and other urgent tasks like accounting and appointment planning on your behalf. While the limited workforce may serve your construction company for a while, it is easy to sum up losses suffered from inconsistent communication with customers seeking information and services from your company.

You can prevent your business from undergoing all these hardships by easing up the pressure on your employees, using call answering services. At the Best Call Center, we have worked over the years to perfect our Customer Relationship Management services. With the help of our skilled live answering receptionists, your construction company can benefit from the impeccable performance offered that involves addressing your calling clients and partners professionally and respectfully. Our countrywide services will give you all the confidence you need to improve your business based on the reliable systems we incorporate in our operations to ensure that you never miss out on opportunities.

Call Answering Services You Can Expect From Us

At the Best Call Center, we offer a great support system for your construction business by taking over your customer communication requirements.  We believe in operating under high customer care standards that leave all your clients satisfied and impressed by the services they receive on the phone. Moreover, we understand the need to align with your brand, which is why we appreciate your input before we begin structuring call answering services formulated explicitly for your business. In engaging with you, we can identify your specifications and expectations to ensure that we align with your vision to uphold a positive relationship with your clients. Some of the services we offer to help with realizing your business goals faster and more efficient are:

  1. Call Answering Services Round the Clock

Securing your business by providing twenty-four-hour call answering services places you in a better position overall because it allows you to respond to your clients despite calls after working hours. When compared to another construction company that operates under strict working hour schedules, your company will present a more indulgent and accommodating image to all interested partners and clients, thanks to your twenty four hour availability.  When an interested customer contacts your office hoping to receive advice or additional information on the kind of services you offer, he/she may find it unsatisfying that nobody was available to attend to him/her. Consequently, such clients opt to partner with other companies in competition with you, meaning that you will incur some losses.

In other cases, your client may need immediate construction repair services that arise from emergencies like floods and earthquakes, especially if your company offers services to clients in different states. Thus, the difference in local time and current circumstances does not have to be a hindering factor in ensuring that you promptly reach your customers to provide the necessary help. However, while you may understand the need to include extra shifts for your workers to handle inbound calls after working hours, you are likely to incur additional costs to purchase and connect sophisticated phones and employees taking on different shifts. Even if you do not employ new workers to cater to office calls after-hours, you will need to think of providing overtime and bonuses for the few available workers to cover extra hours at work. Eventually, all these expenditures take up a significant amount of any profit you amass in your construction business, such that you will notice minimum growth.

Our twenty-four hour call answering services are available to close these gaps and promote efficient systems that provide you a more accessible option for handling calls after hours. Our dedicated team of live receptionists is always on standby to receive any requests made, regardless of the time, to promote a well rounded calling period for your company. With the service, you can avoid making additional payments and purchases in your workplace and improve your construction business. 

You will also enjoy the convenience of having a restful evening or weekend knowing that your callers are well taken care of at any time, thanks to the live answering agents assigned for your business. With the information you provide, we can also create custom working systems that allow calls to go through specific days. For example, if you prefer to have Sundays as an off day for you and all your employees, you can leave us a standard message to use when responding to any callers on such days.

Overall, a twenty-four-hour answering service will provide your business with the best exposure because of the positive impact on your callers, and the strong relationships built based on trust that they can reach you at any time.

  1. Scripted Answering Services

Sometimes, it may be embarrassing for a client to receive information unrelated to what he/she sought, mainly because the person handling the call is unaware of different vocabulary and speaking points in handling conversations related to the construction business. When the employee responsible for picking client calls in your office receives a call from a knowledgeable client who needs specific details on construction plans available for use, he/she may find it difficult and challenging to carry through with the conversation if unfamiliar with the subject matter. The situation becomes worse when neither you nor your employees are available to receive a forwarded call, as the client on the line gets the impression that your company is not well equipped to be in the construction business.

Subsequently, it is vital for whoever handles your call to be well aware of the standard information expected by callers asking for details concerning construction services, as well as any other related issues. We include mastering the use of scripted content when training our live receptionists to understand the importance of following the set guidelines. Moreover, we ensure that they follow the script in the most natural way possible, to avoid sounding monotonous and detached from the details they receive from your clients. In doing so, your callers will have an easier time receiving accurate information from us, just as you would have delivered it yourself. The scripts provide a feeling of uniformity, meaning that a caller will not notice that our live receptionists are not part of your office employees. As a result, the seamless operation allows for a flow of excellent customer care services.

The importance of following a script when handling a call is apparent because of the numerous benefits you receive.  Firstly, the text will encompass all your instructions. Hence, we will include everything you would like a first-time caller to learn about your construction business, including your rates and the different construction services you offer. Additionally, the scripted call answering service ensures that our live receptionists stick to the matter at hand, to avoid giving misguided information to your callers. Thus, we think scripted call answering is a better way to secure a permanent exhibition of professionalism in your construction company. 

  1. Direct Responses to Inbound Calls

Missed calls often end up being missed opportunities for growth. You may never get the chance to reach a caller whose call went unanswered again, and even if you do, the chances are that he/she will have moved onto to seek services from another construction company. Any business owner understands how crucial first impressions are, especially in communicating with your clients efficiently because it shows your dedication to ensuring they are satisfied. Therefore, you may feel the pressure to pick all inbound calls, even when you are at a construction site undertaking several operations.

If you are a small construction business owner, the pressure may be more for you than the limited employee capacity in your office to help you handle callers. Therefore, you will inevitably miss several calls per day, even though it is beyond your control to prevent such occurrences.

Missing inbound calls also means that your callers may have to leave messages in a voicemail that is an unpopular resort for a large percentage of any callers. In return, the automated system will spark a lot of disinterest for any client who had initial hopes of partnering with your company for a construction project. Hence, having a live receptionist ready to pick any inbound calls is an essential factor to consider, to help you save face in all business interactions conducted on the phone.

Our live call answering agents work with a well-regulated system that alerts them of inbound calls to ensure that your callers do not face any inconveniences from missed calls. Depending on your call volume, we will assign the number of live receptionists needed to take on any inbound calls that run simultaneously. Another critical factor to consider is that we work on your terms, meaning that we do not have to take over all your phone call interactions, especially if you already have front desk receptionists who manage calls. In such a case, we provide backup services to handle any additional requests that your employees may not control, especially if they are already on the line with another client. Our services ensure that you never miss calls in a high call volume business environment, which also increases your company’s productivity because you can attend to more clients at once.

  1. Bilingual Answering Services

Having a comprehensive client coverage in mind is necessary to ensure that your construction business meets set development targets in time. When you limit your accessibility to clients who communicate in English only, you miss out on projects that could bring in large profits for your company. Moreover, in the developed world, running a company with an underlying language barrier limitation will not only set you back significantly but also present an unpopular image to any prospective clients or partnerships you may have otherwise benefited from.

With an established communication system that provides call answering services in Spanish and English, you will open up new opportunities for growth in no time, based on the clientele base you manage to reach. You will also build a friendly and accommodating brand for your construction company because you will have overcome a barrier that keeps many customers and partners off the grid.

It is also important to note the positive experiences that your clients will report from receiving bilingual services, especially if Spanish is their first language. For the business's best running, you need to put your clients first and ensure that they are comfortable reaching out using their preferred language.

Our bilingual live receptionists provide these services under comprehensive instructions that allow them to interact comfortably with your callers by asking which style they prefer to use as the call progresses. Also, you do not have to worry about including additional staff members to handle clients who use Spanish exclusively because a bilingual live receptionist is fluent in both languages. Our partners find it very convenient to rely on one call answering agent to handle all calls for the same price based on our rates.

Eventually, you will notice an improvement in the number of clients you receive per month, thanks to the inclusion of bilingual call answering services. Your clients' positive reviews also attract new partners and customers to your company, thanks to the integration of services to address all prospective customers.

  1. Dispatching Calls

Even on your busiest days in construction sites, you will need to get in touch with some of your callers to handle essential matters that require your specific attention. For example, you may need to make several approvals on the phone despite having to also attend to activities on the ground. Additionally, we may have a caller on the line looking to get the quotation on specific services or lodge a complaint on billing receipts to the accounting officer in your construction company. With such callers on the line, we need to conduct a call dispatch to the employee in charge of handling specific matters so that your clients may receive exclusive and well-formulated details on construction.

Call dispatches also work to benefit you when a client contacts your office after hours or off days. Thanks to operations that allow us to forward calls to your phone or the employee on request, you get to enjoy your time off work as we work to transfer and route top priority callers to your end. Thus, we will require specific information like new personal numbers where we can dispatch the calls to, as well as each employee's position of responsibility in the company.  With specific details, our live receptionists will save on calling time by making a quick reference to the necessary documents when helping your clients. In return, you get good value for the money you spend on our call answering services because the call dispatches are accurate and beneficial for your clients who will want to invest and partner with you for longer.

Call dispatch services have also come in handy when immediate responses from the team at a construction site are required. For example, we can forward a call from a supplier directly to your transportation team to inform them of a pick up they need to do before heading to the working site. Such conveniences provide convenience for your employees who do not have to make double trips because of the main office's slow communication.

  1. Cloud Computing Systems to Set Appointments

Running a construction company requires meeting with different groups of people, including prospective clients, suppliers, landscapers, and even architects.  Therefore, you need to stay ahead of each commitment date to enforce a good work ethic that allows you to show up to meetings on time.

A lack of reliable appointment-setting structures in your workplace could deter any possible chances you may have to meet new partners, clients, or investors for your company. Missing appointments may also be taken as irresponsible by your business prospects, especially if they do not understand certain circumstances that may lead to missing such meetings.

When you have a sound appointment setting system in place, you allow yourself to make adequate preparations for the agendas in question. You will also know what to bring to the meeting, especially if the party you are meeting with needs to go through construction plans like inventory. A cloud-based system is what your construction company needs to help you and your working staff when making preparations for any upcoming events.

Clients or partners will often call to set appointments, meaning that our live receptionist will be responsible for handling such matters before passing the information. Therefore, we find it necessary to include a cloud-based system that stores data accurately as a reference point for your meetings and other scheduled activities.  After speaking to a caller, we will input the requested dates mentioned by the client and send them to you using the platform of your choice. You could decide to opt for email alerts, SMS messages, or even brief calls from our live agents as soon as we set an appointment on a call.

Moreover, the cloud system is always available for your reference on top of the alerts we send. The synchronized design works to ensure that you are aware of all your plans at reasonable periods beforehand to prepare and represent your company in the best way possible.

Advantages of Partnering With Us

Choosing to receive call answering services from the Best Call Center will improve your business operations and change your entire workspace by giving you more freedom to get on with your work as we attend to your clients. Some of the advantages of including our services in your construction company are:

  • You get to focus on your on-site job without call interruptions
  • Your clients enjoy bilingual services without straining to conform to one language.
  • Your ratings will increase, attracting more clients to your business
  • You and your employees can relax after working hours, thanks to twenty-four-hour answering services.
  • We uphold your professional image and brand when handling calls

Rates Available for Our Call Answering Services

Partnering with us provides a unique opportunity to maximize your profits while maintaining healthy relationships with your clients for more development in your company. 

Our billing systems are transparent and available for your review to ensure that you follow your monthly expenditures. We provide comprehensive reports at your request that indicate all calls handled by our live receptionists during a specific period. The reports will also let you see the caller IDs involved in the conversations, the duration spent on the phone, and the number of times each caller contacted your company. This way, you will be confident about our relationship with you, to help us continue providing services for your construction company.

Contact a Call Answering Service Provider Near Me

Thinking about ways to improve your business is always a wise decision because it challenges you to enhance existing modes of operation. Among the most considerable improvements, you decide to work on, improving communication with your clients and partners is highly beneficial. With nationwide services from the Best Call Center, you will receive professional call answering services that allow you to focus on daily activities outside your office with no problems. We serve your clients by providing quality call answering sessions that avail all necessary information concerning your construction company. To get started with us, call us at 800-385-4656.