The real estate business is competitive. There are numerous real estate agents and companies in the U.S. If you want to make it in the real estate industry, you or your company must stand out from others. If your real estate company is going to flourish, you have to take advantage of every possible chance to boost your customer services.

For most people, buying a home is a defining moment that involves making a great financial commitment. Therefore, your customers will expect the best from you. When creating and closing a real estate deal, most conversations are held over the phone. You might not always be available to receive prospects’ phone calls. This is where a real estate answering service comes in. The Best Call Center can handle all your calls nationwide, 24/7, regardless of the time of day. With our boutique call answering services, rest assured no customer phone call will go unanswered.

Answering Service for Real Estate Agents and Companies

Real estate agents spend most of the time in the field, showcasing properties to buyers and potential buyers. If you run a real estate company or work as a real estate agent, you are likely to spend much time in the field looking for properties or selling properties. It is hard to monitor your phone when you are so busy; the chances are that most of your phone calls might go unanswered.

For most real estate customers, the decision-making process begins with a phone call. If a prospective customer calls your company and you are not available to jump on the call, they might not be willing to do business with you. The customer is likely to move to your competitor. Most people, especially young people, do not like leaving voicemail messages.

How a customer is welcomed to your company after making a phone call makes the difference between doing business with your real estate agency and moving to an alternative realtor. The majority of people hang up the phone because they can’t speak to a live person. Therefore, a voicemail service can’t work well for your business. You will require a live customer support agent to squeeze the best out of your real estate business. We've got your business covered; you just need to contact Best Call Service to begin your exceptional customer support journey.

When prospective homebuyers are choosing a real estate company, personal attention is the factor they value most. Before a customer decides to buy a home or other real estate property through you, the customer must be sure that you are the best. It should be evident that you understand how an ideal real estate property appears. It should also be evident that you have a vast understanding of the target: search, listing prices, and other crucial buying or selling information.

If you transfer your clients to an automated voicemail machine, you will not have a chance to prove to clients that you understand the real estate business. You will not have an opportunity to show them that you are the best. By the time you listen to your voicemail messages, your prospective customers will already be with your competitors. With the Best Call Center, you will not miss sales due to poor customer support.

All our experts have extensive training and experience; they surpass the industry standards. Our call-answering agents will make your current and prospective customers feel important and valued. Our agents will respond to all phone calls and handle customers' inquiries courteously and professionally. Your customers will not even realize that they are talking to the phone answering agent. Your customers will think that they are talking to your actual employees. 

Customer Support Services Offered at The Best Call Center

At the Best Call Center, we offer a wide range of services for our clients. All our call services are created with your organization in mind. We understand that it is hard to run a real estate company; our unmatched customer support will give your business an edge over your competitors. We are always committed to giving our clients nothing less than the best services. We offer all the support that your company requires to move up the ladder of success. Some of the services offered by the Best Call Center are:

24/7 Answering Service

We provide professional round-the-clock call answering services for real estate businesses across the United States. Our agents possess specialized knowledge in the real estate sector. We understand that one of the most important elements of business success is offering exceptional customer service. You are not likely to score high in customer service if your callers can't speak to a real person whenever they call your business. Some customers might persist for a while; however, constant failure to answer the phone or sending customers to voicemail will push your clients to the competition.

It is important to ensure that your phone lines are open at all times, even at night, holidays, or weekends. With 24-hour phone answering service, you can give your clients the necessary attention at any time of day or night. Having 24-hour phone answering services is an extension of your business hours. You will give your customers the freedom to call your business at any time. Even if a customer calls your business late at night, he/she will speak to a friendly live agent. Customers will have confidence in your business because they can always contact you at any time. 

A 24-hour phone answering service will save your business time and money by allowing your business to run after-hours. You will be able to continue doing business during the night, holidays, and weekends. Phone answering services are much more affordable than hiring in-house staff. We will take all your customers’ emergency calls and dispatch them to your agents as required. You will have an opportunity to unplug and relax after work without worrying about customers’ phone calls.

After choosing our services, you will not worry about being overwhelmed with phone calls ever again. You can move all your phone traffic to us, and you will achieve the best results. When you allow us to handle your phone calls during the day, you and your employees will have an opportunity to focus on other business tasks to take your business to the next level. Your employees will be able to work more efficiently without constant interruptions.

Appointment Scheduling

At the Best Call Center, we will keep your calendar full of our appointment scheduling services. We also provide a reminder call service to help if your customers have forgotten about the scheduled appointments. If you are looking for an appointment service available 24/7, let the Best Call Center fill that space.

Imagine how frustrating it would be if you called a company and your call went straight to voicemail. You would feel frustrated if you learned that you could only schedule an appointment during business hours.  You should not allow your customers to experience the same thing; you should allow your customers to book appointments whenever possible. This is where the Best Call Center's appointment scheduling and reminder call service comes in.

Our operators will work day and night to ensure that we fill all the slots in your calendar. You do not have to worry even if you operate different calendars; we've got your back. When you have a full calendar, you are likely to record an increase in sales. To begin appointment scheduling, you will only inform us about your needs and specifications. How would you like us to schedule your appointments? We will simplify your outsourcing experience; you only need to tell us where and when and handle the rest.

If you need some time between appointments to clean up or wind down, you only need to inform our operators about it. You can inform us about the maximum number of appointments you can handle on any given day. You also choose the earliest appointment. For instance, you can choose to have several appointments on the same day or the next day.

We have an online portal that will allow you to see all your appointments in real-time. Therefore, you will know the exact timing of the appointments and will not miss the appointments with your real estate clients. 

Bilingual Answering Service

At the Best Call Center, you can enjoy a bilingual answering service for your business. The United States has numerous Spanish-speaking residents. We understand the importance of offering professional customer service to the Spanish-speaking community. Our qualified agents are fluent in both Spanish and English. We ensure that your business can provide a convenient service to a wider range of clients.

Our Spanish-speaking agents do not limit their services to answering phones. The agents can assist your customers by handling all their inquiries and informing them about your business. We will make it easy for English and Spanish customers to make appointments and discuss real estate issues over the phone.

Our friendly and professional agents will receive all your business calls using custom greetings and your business name. Our agents will also share all your company updates with our customers and any other details outlined in your instructions. Your in-house staff will be free to focus on dealing with your customers in person.

The benefits of our bilingual phone answering services go far beyond the access to your Spanish-speaking customers. We have state-of-the-art technology that will help us communicate with your customers without hitches. We rely on custom scripting to ensure that we obtain specific information regarding your business and main selling points.

All our phone-answering agents have undergone vigorous training to ensure that they are better placed to support your customers. Therefore, you can be sure that your customers will receive the necessary assistance despite their needs. In today’s competitive market, a bilingual phone answering service is a must-have for any business.  Discover why many realtors in the U.S. consider us the best bilingual phone answering service. 

Professional Virtual Receptionists

With the Best Call Center's virtual receptionists, we can unburden your staff by taking care of all the phone calls. Do not let the countless phone calls hinder your staff's productivity. We can take care of all your phone calls and give your staff a chance to take care of the business. Professional presentation is everything for your real estate business. You could be jeopardizing your business image if your stuff is missing calls or sending your clients to voicemail. Many customers will try new real estate companies to seek the ideal customer service that your business fails to offer.

Our live virtual receptionist will answer all your company's phone calls within three rings or even less. We will treat each customer with the respect that he or she deserves. Having a virtual receptionist is important because your business will enjoy all the benefits of a live-in receptionist. However, you will have a great advantage because a virtual receptionist is much more affordable than a live-in receptionist. With a virtual receptionist, you do not need to set up a working space with a virtual receptionYou in-house receptionist.

Some of the benefits that come with a virtual receptionist are:

  • Around-the-clock availability
  • Custom Scripting
  • Bilingual service

Some customers will contact your real estate business during business hours. However, some customers might contact your company at odd hours, mainly at night or on weekends. Unlike an in-house receptionist who will go home after business hours, a virtual receptionist will be available. The receptionist will have you covered irrespective of the time when a customer calls your business. Our virtual receptionist will handle every call that comes in with the utmost care and professionalism.

Image is everything when it comes to customer acquisition and retention. Our virtual receptionist will give every customer an efficient and customized service. We will work hand-in-hand with you to come up with a customized script for our virtual receptionists to use when handling your phone calls. The script will enable our virtual receptionist to give your callers a personalized service and to assist your customers in just the way you or your in-house receptionist would assist them.

With the increasingly diverse population, all our virtual receptionists at the Best Call Center are Bilingual. Therefore, you can be sure that your English and Spanish clients will receive the best service. Our bilingual virtual receptionists are always willing to receive callers and respond to their needs.

Emergency Call Answering Service

We provide low-cost emergency call answering service across the United States. We price all our calls per minute. Therefore, you pay less for more value. The value you'll receive surpasses what you pay, and we are willing to customize our services to meet your exact requirements. Our live call agents will always be there to provide support to your clients and offer the necessary services at any time of day or night.

All our call agents have the necessary experience to handle all types of emergencies that might arise. We will deliver all high-priority messages in real-time through immediate texts to your phone call and email. You could also monitor our activities by logging into our online portal to access our customers’ communications. You can count on us to handle messages that must be received and answered as soon as possible.

We have spread our operations throughout the United States. In the face of disasters like hurricanes and storms that could interrupt the power lines and shut your phone system, we will still be operational. We can always rely on our live agents from areas not facing the storm or other natural disasters.

Call Patching

The alternative name for call patching is call transfer or forwarding. Most customers need this feature, and we at the Best Call Center understand this. You can instruct us to forward all your calls or some of your calls. You will not have to pay extra because we integrate the call answering service into our phone-answering package. You will have the authority to choose the calls that you want you or your employees to receive.

You might be wondering about how to call patching works. Our live call operators will receive the calls on your behalf, out the call on hold, and reach out to you to speak to the caller. When we patch the call over to you, you will connect with the customer the same way you would if you answered it yourself.

Sales and Order Processing

Normally, phone calls and sales go hand-in-hand. Failing to answer a phone call could translate to the loss of opportunity to sell a house or any other property. With our 24-hour answering services, missing a sale will be a thing of the past. You can always count on us to engage your clients even when your sales representatives close for the day. Our operators will note all your sales leads and ensure that you will never miss a sale again.

Our operators will engage with your customers day and night. With the prevalent use of the internet, customers might call your business at any time. For instance, customers may contact your business at night when they come across your contacts on the internet. You should ensure that whenever your customers call, there is always someone to handle their calls and meet their needs.

You can count on us to increase your sales through:

  • Lead qualification
  • Customer retention
  • Customer complaint handling
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Inside sales services
  • Customer live call support

Choosing the Best Call Center for Your Business

Choosing the right live call answering service for your business offers a wide range of advantages. At the Best Call Center, we take pride in what we do! Once you choose our services, we will keep you competitive in the marketplace. Some of the benefits that you enjoy for choosing us are:

  • Increased productivity- Your phone might ring when you are on the verge of closing a deal with a customer. You might be in the field showing houses to prospective buyers. You would not like to interrupt a sales negotiation to answer a phone call. The good news is that we can help; we will handle all your calls with professionalism. We will create more time for you and your employees to engage in other important tasks that will improve your business. Less stress to your employees will lead to an increase in productivity.
  • Enhanced Customer Service- Nothing feels more impersonal than to call a business only to be directed to voicemail. By choosing the Best Call Center, your customers will never experience a cold reception. Every time your customers call your business, they will hear a warm and welcoming voice on the receiver's other side.
  • Reduced Expenses- To ensure that your business maintains maximum productivity, you have to learn to do more with less. It may not be economically feasible to hire an in-house virtual receptionist. Choosing our virtual receptionist will enable you to access similar services to those offered by an in-house receptionist but at a lower cost.

Other specific benefits of using our live call answering services are:

  • 24-hour coverage on nights, holidays, and weekends
  • Bilingual support
  • Lead Capture
  • Call patching to you and your staff
  • Professional appointment scheduling
  • Instant delivery of messages via SMS, voice mail, and email

We have flexible call answering packages. Therefore, you can choose the Best Call Center if you need answering services at all times or only during specific times. You can be sure that we have the best plan to fit your needs. You can explore our full range of services and choose the ones that suit your business the most. We have a transparent pricing poly, and we won't surprise you with unexpected charges. You will always enjoy good value for your money whenever you use our call answering services.

Find the Best Call Service Near Me

You can stand out from other real estate companies and have a competitive edge by offering excellent customer service. One way of enhancing your customer service is by ensuring that you never fail to answer your customers’ phone calls. Your competitors could be using live phone answering services, and you should not be left behind. Take advantage of the immense benefits of a live call answering service to your real estate business. The Best Call Center provides professional call answering services in the United States. Contact us at 800-385-4656 and speak to one of our live agents.