When working as a commercial property manager, you are responsible for providing your tenants or occupants all information about the unit, including during emergencies. Overall, you may be in charge of managing an entire apartment complex, a business park, or even a single house for rent. Therefore, your phone line is bound to be busy throughout the day, primarily because various tenants will need your help. While you need to respond to each tenant accordingly, sometimes it may become overwhelming to pick all calls and get your office work done at the same time, primarily if your property management firm operates with limited staff. Moreover, it may become even more difficult when you have no way of determining whether a caller needs an emergency response for a safety distress call, or is checking on matters that can be handled eventually.

With no way of determining which caller to prioritize, you may miss important calls or messages, leading to strained relationships with your tenants. However, you can avoid all the mishaps with the help of the Best Call Center. We offer nationwide call answering services to our clients, giving you the best phone answering live receptionists to address your clients and tenants professionally. Our goal is to support your business by ensuring that you never miss a call, even as we ease the workload for you and other employees. With our years of experience in providing call answering services, you can trust us to deliver excellent commercial property management operations.

Services from the Best Call Center

With the numerous demands you have to meet as a property manager; you cannot afford to present an unreliable image to any tenants under your care. It could yield some adverse effects, including the occupants' relocation. Therefore, the services we provide will enhance your working efficiency to help you meet all your tenants' needs promptly for the best property management operations. Moreover, our services will provide excellent support that allows you to focus on other matters as we handle standard calls. Our well trained live receptionists will work around the clock to ensure that your business needs are met. Some of the services we offer are:

  1. Bilingual Call Answering Services

Typically, your unit occupants may come from different areas of the country, especially if your commercial property is in a busy city that often attracts new citizens or business owners. Thus, you will need to consider including bilingual phone answering services to ensure that all your caller's needs are met.

For example, it would be highly inconvenient for a Spanish speaking caller to lack the necessary information or guidance on a query he/she had because of language barriers. Not only does the situation create difficulties for the caller and the receptionist on the other end, but it also displays your property management establishment in the wrong light. The caller may feel unincluded in your daily business plans. As a result, such a caller may eventually opt to move to another building, or raise a complaint to the property owners.

Services from the Best Call Center will provide your management firm with the best bilingual live receptionists to ensure that your Spanish speaking clients feel well accommodated and cared for regardless of their native language.

 Moreover, since our bilingual live receptionists are also fluent in English, one or two bilingual agents will save on costs significantly because you will not have to include two separate agents to receive calls in English and Spanish separately. It is important to remember that we will provide bilingual live receptionists at a small additional fee to allow them to cater to each of your clients appropriately. This way, your property management business can do with only one live bilingual answering agent, depending on your call volume.

  1. Reliable Direct Phone Call Responses

 Having an open line that allows all your clients to reach you on time is necessary, especially because working with tenants may require you to respond to emergencies. Consequently, missing calls may lead to severe results for you and the tenants who called because you may be the only source of helpful information to save the caller from further risks.

 For example, a caller may need an urgent response to find out how to disarm the security system in the case of false alarms before the authorities get to the building. If you are not around to guide such a caller, he/she may end up having to explain the circumstances that led to the false alarm to police officers. In doing so, the caller may feel embarrassed and disappointed in your unreliable call answering services. In most cases, the tenant may feel like if the call was answered promptly, it could have prevented such a fiasco from happening.

In other cases, the caller may require minor details concerning the unit or the building operations, including when to take the trash out for collection. While such calls are not urgent, the caller needs assurance that his/her questions will be answered promptly, without having to wait or leave a message on voicemail.

With our help, your clients never have to go unattended to ensure again each inbound call is answered on time. Our live receptionists are always on standby, ready to receive calls and address the caller's matters accordingly. The service will be of help, especially if you run a large building or residential establishment, whereby you expect a lot of calls from tenants and unit occupants. Since two or more clients may call at the same time, our call answering services will ensure that an agent is available to receive the next inbound call, mainly in high call volume situations.

Thanks to our call answering services, you can worry less about employing additional staff to handle each inbound call, especially if you are just starting. In return, you will save on other salary expenditures and use the money to expand your commercial property management operations.

  1. Twenty-Four Hour Answering Services

When your work involves managing a commercial property, you need to consider your client's welfare even after working hours. In most cases, tenants may even call more after business closing hours because they are probably also coming from work to occupy their homes. Hence, they may require specific information or help with any house applications, leading to numerous calls to your management office.

Alternatively, a tenant may face emergencies like locking himself/herself out of the housing unit with no spare keys, especially after coming from a long night out. In such instances, the person's first option may be to call you seeking help with his/her current predicament. If you are unavailable at the time of call, the person may despair and feel uncatered, regardless of calling. Usually, it is the property manager's responsibility to ensure that a tenant calling at any time receives help with whatever he/she is calling about, even if it means assigning your staff extra shifts to address after hour calls.

As a diligent property manager, you may opt to add work shifts for your employees to handle late-night and off-day calls. However, the option will lead to additional costs that need to be addressed. For example, you will have to pay your workers for the extra shift hours as compensation for their work.

 Additionally, you are responsible for your workers' safety as they remain in the office after hours to handle inbound calls. Thus, even extended working shifts are an option for you, they become very costly and burdensome for you, primarily if you are starting up on the property management business.

Alternatively, you may choose to take up the task yourself and forward all office calls to your line for any inbound calls made after working hours. The option may serve your clients well, but it will significantly interfere with your own life by drawing your attention from your family or causing distractions at night.

Incorporating our call answering services ensures that your office calls run for twenty-four hours without imposing additional working hours to you or your employees. With our live call answering agents always on standby, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your client's needs are well taken care of at any time. We have well-organized shifts that ensure a live receptionist is ready to pick your calls at any time, giving your caller access to any information he/she seeks at the calling time.

A significant advantage of our twenty-four-hour call answering service is that your clients will appreciate your reliable systems, leading to the expansion of your business to new customers. The callers will also enjoy interacting with a live answering agent despite making calls at random times. It shows that your property management business is diligent about providing the best customer service to all its tenants.

  1. Scripted Answering Services

Sticking to a script is one of the most efficient ways to obtain information from a client without digressing to other topics that are not necessarily relevant to the matter. For example, answering a tenant's call without a script may lead to answering numerous questions that may have been avoided to save on-call time, which eventually creates call traffic. In such circumstances, the long calling minutes could prevent other clients from accessing information because of the busy lines, leading to loss of business.

Scripted calls are also important because they help screen each caller's situation to provide the relevant information in each case. In doing so, the live answering receptionist will know what to tell the caller, without sounding flustered or unsure of the details given to the caller. Thanks to the call screening, you and your employees will only receive urgent calls that often include an exclusive interaction between you and the tenant. Answering calls in a scripted way will promote efficiency and reduce work pressure when you are outside the office or after working hours.

Moreover, we are happy to work closely with you to obtain all the necessary information we need to include in the scripts to guide the client in providing relevant information. For example, the text we work on with you may be designed to let the tenant rate the overall stay and property management experience he/she has in the building or house unit by the end of the call.

Therefore, we will include a subtle way of acquiring such information without imposing on the caller or demanding direct answers. One of the best ways to inquire about the quality of your service provision in property management is to ask if the caller has any complaints to make. With this, among many other scripted formats, you can access all the details you need to improve your business operations.

Lastly, our live receptionists undergo professional training to help them follow the scripted content while maintaining a lively atmosphere during calls. The avoidance of monotonous speech will prevent the caller from suspecting the live receptionist using scripts, even if the clients call several times over a given period. With such skills, our live receptionists will obtain the client's information and help them address minor issues while maintaining a structured and professional call answering system.

  1. Cloud Appointment Setting Systems

Apart from catering to your tenants, you will also make several other interactions with additional service providers to help maintain the commercial property you manage. Additionally, the property owner may also need to make occasional appointments with you to discuss the progress in gaining new tenants and renewing contracts with service providers like painters, repair contractors, and landscapers. Subsequently, you need to develop a brilliant appointment setting system that prevents you from missing important meetings or showing up late to such engagements.

While reliance on your secretary or your phone planner may be helpful for a while setting reminders for appointments, some mishaps may occur. For example, your phone may be off at the time set for your timer to ring. Alternatively, your secretary may genuinely forget to set the appointment on your computer account or any other agreed platform. Eventually, you may miss important meetings with your boss or business partners, leading to a poor relationship as operations continue.

Sometimes, missing appointments may not be your fault, because clients, partners or any other person seeking to meet you in a scheduled event may only suggest a meeting date without making proper confirmations. Consequently, your assistant or secretary may rule out such dates if he/she does not receive a confirmation on time, meaning that you will not receive any information regarding the suggested appointment until the caller asks whether you intend to attend the meeting.

Using a cloud-based system to set all your appointments will remove all these problems and liabilities for missing scheduled meetings with essential business partners and other clients. Once our live call answering receptionist speaks to a caller seeking to set a meeting date, he/she will immediately upload the data to the cloud system after the call. You will then receive a notification of the suggested meeting time for your approval through a communication mode of your choice. For example, you may choose to receive such prompts through an email, a text message, or a phone call to your line, depending on the option that provides the best availability for immediate responses.

On top of setting cloud-based appointments, you will also receive prompt reminders of each meeting to help you prepare for the appointment without the last-minute rushing. Since the appointment setting system is automated, it will save all data required for making confirmations on past meetings or creating schedules for meetings in the distant future. This way, you can enhance your business image by always showing up on time to your meetings and providing necessary information from past appointments to help link the discussions.

  1. Message Taking Services

A caller on the line may not always need information or help from you as a property manager. In some cases, he/she may request to leave a message instead, especially if the person is informing you of any progress in carrying out several activities like moving in or clearing an apartment unit after moving out.

Moreover, you may also receive personal calls on your business line, prompting the caller to leave a message for you to get back to him/her urgently. If the person handling such requests is not keen to take down accurate notes from the callers on the line, you may miss important information that requires you to respond on time.

Missing messages taken down may also compromise your business expansion, mainly because prospective partners may choose to leave a message inquiring about the possibility of working together. Thus, it is equally crucial for the person taking down notes from callers to ensure that he/she brings them to your attention on time, especially when the message requires a response by a particular time.

Understandably, an employee in your office may delay sending such notes and messages from callers to your desk because of overwhelming work schedules requiring his/her attention. For example, the employee may be responsible for sending out monthly invoices to all owners you manage the property for, setting appointments, and receiving all inbound calls. With all the duties to perform, the person may delay sending the necessary information to you, creating a slower response time to your callers.

Our answering services can offer significant help in such situations, thanks to our call live answering agent's dedication to accurately and efficiently taking down messages. Once the live agent concludes the phone call, he/she will promptly forward the captured information to you to ensure that you meet your caller's requests on time. The efficiency we provide will also give you access to new leads to help you contact potential business partners. They will be influential in growing your commercial property management business. 

It is crucial to remember that some messages left by callers are gratitude statements for your services in the past. Often, tenants who have moved out or have received your help recently may choose to send such messages to express their satisfaction with your management services. While the messages are not urgent, it is always good to respond to such clients, strengthening the business relationship. Thus, our virtual call answering receptionists will bring such messages to your attention and ensure you get a chance to receive positive feedback for your work. In return, you will feel motivated to put more effort into your daily operations.

Benefits of Partnering with the Best Call Center

Choosing our call answering services as your office support structure in phone call answering comes with great benefits for your business from all our available services. We create the best working environment for you by ensuring you receive all the help you need to run your commercial property management business. Some of the advantages of choosing us as your call answering service provider include:

Balance Between Your Personal and Work-Life

Our twenty-four call answering service has helped a lot of our partners maintain the right life balance by allowing them to relax after working hours as we handle all inbound calls. In doing so, you get to enjoy your time by yourself or with your family without having to worry about work distractions, especially at night. Moreover, you will feel rejuvenated each time you show up for work thanks to the efficiency that keeps your office running even when you are unavailable on work leave.

Prioritize on Urgent Calls

Our live answering receptionists are also available to screen calls and prioritize on emergencies, as we handle the manageable calls on your behalf. With the screening system, you will avoid picking calls frequently, meaning that you will have adequate time to focus on tasks at hand.

Notice Significant Business Growth

Reliability is among the top characteristics that prospective partners look for when deciding whether to use your management services. The twenty-four-hour call answering services we provide will push your management company to receive more partners from working with, leading to the expansion of your business.

Affordable Rates for Premium Services

The affordable service rate allows you to explore all our service options to enhance your overall business operations for better customer care services.

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Commercial property management requires you to work efficiently round the clock as you strive to meet all your tenant's and business partners' needs. While you may work hard to be successful, the overwhelming workload that often comes with property management requires answering services for the best work performance. At the Best Call Center, you will receive unique and professional answering services to reach all your callers for improved work systems. With our nationwide coverage, we are ready to step in and help you manage your business by providing the best customer service experience. Call us today at 800-385-4656.