Immigration law offices are some of the busiest business premises in the legal field because of the full range of services that clients seek from immigration lawyers. Across the country, many noncitizens struggle with immigration matters every other day, especially after a conviction or a concluded investigation that warrants deportation. Therefore, your law office should have call answering systems to provide efficiency and customer service to your clients. However, it is often challenging to manage all inbound calls, return missed calls, and still make time to reach out to potential clients because of the overwhelming workload you already face in handling legal matters.

One of the best remedies to ensure that you get to run your daily legal operations while attending to all your clients’ needs round the clock is by obtaining call answering services to help you access better customer care and communication services. With the services we provide at the Best Call Center, you will have an easier time running your immigration law firm by focusing on tasking cases without neglecting your clients. Additionally, our live call answering receptionists undergo training to ensure that they provide exceptional services tailored exclusively to fit your immigration law requirements. With our nationwide coverage, we have transformed many law firm offices into more vibrant, welcoming, and highly professional brands, thanks to our skilled live receptionists.

Call Answering Services Available For Immigration Law Offices

Communication is among the most important aspects to work on in any business model, as it offers the first impression for most clients. Therefore, you want your client to feel valued by answering the phone, speaking to the person, and even prioritizing his/her call. From greetings to providing additional information to any client looking to receive legal advice directly from you, we ensure that our live call answering agents observe high levels of phone etiquette and stick to the subject matter according to your specifications. Our services also aim to make work easier for your office by helping clients on the line to schedule meetings or future calling dates. The following are the services we provide your law office to promote better customer care service and communication:

  1. Bilingual Call Answering Services to Cater to All Your Clients’ Requests

Doubtless, your law office should expect calls from clients who speak foreign languages, mainly because the matters you handle relate to these clients obtaining legal citizenship in the United States. Therefore, it is for you to seriously consider the inclusivity aspect of your law office to avoid shutting out potential clients who are not conversant with speaking English. Most attorneys miss out on taking up important legal issues because of the existing language barrier that prevents free interaction with your clients. Moreover, the client, on the other line, may get the impression that you are exclusive of all persons from different countries, cultures, or languages because of the lack of bilingual services to allow him/her to use his/her native language.

With our call answering services, you will benefit from the bilingual live answering agents who are native Spanish speakers or have fully mastered the language to attend to a client. Since Spanish is the second most used language in the United States, we have put a lot of work into training our answering employees for you to receive exceptional bilingual services. We ensure that each live receptionist assigned to provide bilingual services can uphold a coherent flow when speaking Spanish while maintaining good command when using English in other calls. This way, you will save on costs by investing in a call answering agent who can pri[voice services in both languages, instead of hiring a translator or two different employees to manage English and Spanish speaking clients.

Moreover, our call answering agents can translate the messages and inquiries raised by the client who calls, in case you are not conversant with Spanish. In doing so, the live receptionist will take down important information shared by the client on the line, translate it into English, and forward it to your device. Your clients will appreciate the inclusion of bilingual services. It will also help you reach a more extensive client base who can access legal immigration services without language barrier hardships. 

  1. Handling Calls Using Scripted Guidelines

The legal profession has numerous technicalities that determine how you tackle a client’s case. Among these technicalities is the need for attorney-client privilege, whereby a high level of confidentiality should be maintained to prevent any interference with the client seeking legal advice or representation in court. Moreover, we acknowledge the importance of capturing each call’s minor details to ensure that you plan ahead of a meeting with a client based on the gathered information after the first call. A failure to uphold protocol when answering your clients’ calls may cause you to lose your client to another law office because of the inattention to detail. On top of this, the client’s confidentiality may be compromised by including inappropriate subject matters.

When you get in touch with us, we are happy to provide template scripts for your approval to use in all call answering sessions that we will undertake on your behalf. Alternatively, you can submit your scripted specifications depending on your mode of interaction with your clients, to ensure that we maintain your existing law office brand. For example, if you are used to greeting your clients by including a phrase that mentions your immigration law office’s name, we will take up the same wording you have used over the years.

Scripts are essential when answering your clients’ calls because they help the live receptionist handling the client to obtain critical information like his/her name, address, and other contact information before delving into other matters. Moreover, a script will help the live answering agent to avoid touching on restricted issues by engaging the client in irrelevant questions. An excellent remedy offered by scripted call answering is that we get to ask questions in an organized way that helps the live receptionist obtain all necessary information without interfering with confidential issues.

We have also found that offering scripted call answering services is highly beneficial when dealing with distressed clients who may rage or create outbursts on call, mostly because of emergencies. Therefore, by following the script, our live receptionists can calm the caller down and avoid retaliating to outbursts and comments made by the client out of anger. The services provided will be professional, and the live answering agent will have handled the calling client with respect.

  1. Answering Services After Office Hours

One of the unique factors about handling legal matters is that a client may call for advice or other legal services, especially when running out. For example, immigration officers may raid your client’s home, seeking to evict him/her as deportation begins. Additionally, arrests occur at any time, including after working hours. As a result, it is crucial for you as an immigration attorney to have an open line to attend to any client in distress, regardless of the calling time. Limiting your call answering availability to working hours only will inevitably shut out client-facing adverse circumstances during that period.

Consequently, the client will have to seek legal immigration services elsewhere, and you will have lost a valuable individual in the process. In other situations, you may fail to take on a serious matter on a client you have already begun working with, landing you in serious legal trouble for any investigations carried out without your knowledge. Therefore, it is important to remain diligent in your operations by ensuring that your clients can reach you after working hours to avoid such mishaps.

We offer call answering services for twenty-four hours every day, depending on your working schedule. With our all-inclusive services, your clients will never miss a chance to receive immediate help in immigration matters, which may be the difference between facing convictions or even deportation. Our call answering agents will work under your instructions by transferring calls to your phone line based on the situation at hand to help you handle emergencies expeditiously. On top of this, you can customize your instructions to ensure that a lawyer working in a specific department in your office is notified of a client’s request after hours, especially if it requires immediate attention.

Apart from handling emergencies, having a call answering service that provides live answering agents also creates an impression of reliability for your clients. They are confident that they will receive legal aid at any point of day or night. While most law offices overlook such details, clients often remember the exceptional services they received from your firm, and are likely to form lasting relationships with your immigration law offices above any other.

To keep our live receptionists proactive throughout the call answering period, we will organize scheduled shifts for different agents to attend to your clients. You don’t have to worry about making arrangements to have an employee remain in the office for extra shifts, or pay overtime for additional call answering services after hours because our packages are all-inclusive. Therefore, your clients will be met by lively and friendly voices no matter what time they call your office seeking redress on legal issues.

  1. Prompt Responses To All Inbound Calls

Dealing with missed calls can be frustrating, mainly because you are not guaranteed to reach the client who called upon returning the call. Moreover, the client may complain about the unreliability and inconsistent communication in your office, leading to low ratings and reviews that are always bad for business. Other times, you may be on your way to court for a hearing and miss an urgent call from your client who plans to cancel attendance. Numerous different situations may arise from missed calls, often ending in detrimental consequences for your law office or law firm. Therefore, it is necessary to include a call answering service that ensures no call goes unattended, mainly to prevent you from missing out on addressing emergencies or building partnerships with new clients.

Our active live receptionists are always ready to pick all inbound classes to ensure that your clients receive the attention and care they deserve as the call is transferred, or as the receptionists answer a frequently answered question by following scripts or instructions provided. Thanks to the service, you can multitask and even hold meetings with all your office employees without the worry of missing important calls. We will handle each caller and transfer emergency or top priority callers to your end. Moreover, you get to focus on your court presentation with minimal distractions that arise from checking your phone regularly.

Picking all inbound calls is an advantage for your immigration law office, as it also limits the calling rates expenditure used up in calling back clients. Thus, you save on costs by paying a single monthly fee for our call answering services, depending on your office call volume. If your law office handles many clients, you can also request additional live answering receptionists to ensure that all callers have their needs addressed, to avoid neglecting unprioritized clients.

  1. Scheduling Appointments and Court Appearance Dates

Handling legal matters for different clients may cause you to forget about essential set dates for appointments and court hearing sessions, leading to numerous cancellations because of unpreparedness. Consequently, your work ethic may be severely undermined by your clients if you do not honor appointments and meetings, mainly because they may not understand the overwhelming nature of handling immigration cases. Moreover, a lack of proper planning will have you taking up more situations than you can handle, mainly if your law offices have limited employee output. Consequently, your employees may be overwhelmed by the piling cases and files that all need attention and proper appointment planning to avoid overlaps. The main reason why most law offices face such difficulties is that most clients opt to schedule a meeting with the phone operator at hand, who may be unaware of your daily schedule. As a result, you may have two or more overlapping sessions bound to create challenging circumstances.

With our live receptionists’ help, we can create efficient appointment planning systems to meet your needs, thanks to our cloud-based system that stores all this information. Moreover, you may disclose all dates available to plan meetings with your clients and all pre-set court dates, to ensure that our answering agents make use of accurate information when scheduling appointments on your behalf. Moreover, our call answering services will avail your clients all available dates in an organized way, mainly because you will have few agents handling your business schedules. Since our agents will be working under your instructions, you are sure of efficient plans that do not overlap. Our call answering agents will make constant references to the information you provide.

Your clients will also benefit from the straightforward meeting schedules they create with our call answering agents, mainly because it is easier for them to create the appointments with readily available information from your specifications. On the other hand, you will receive prompt notifications reminding you of upcoming meetings to ensure that you prepare adequately for the appointment. Our call answering agents will also provide notes or messages from your client to help you understand their expectations and any requests they have made regarding handling immigration matters with you on the set date.

  1. Making Call Transfers and Forwards to Your Law Office Employees

In highly sensitive legal matters, your client may request to speak to you exclusively, even after our call answering agents have picked the inbound call. In this case, it would be highly inconvenient if you were unreachable, mainly because the client may require specific information that only you can provide. Typically, most calls will require transfers and forwarding from our live receptionists because of the technicalities involved in handling immigration cases. Our call answering agents are therefore trained to distinguish between matters they can handle, and those that need your attention, to forward or transfer the client to the appropriate person assigned to handle such issues.

We work on these call forwarding and transfers by referring to your employees’ contact information and their areas of expertise. For example, suppose a client calls to receive a quote for the legal services you have provided him/her in the past. In that case, we will transfer the call to the employee responsible for creating and circulating invoices in your office to ensure that the client receives all the information required. Moreover, we also provide call forwarding services to immediately reach all top priority clients, especially when you are handling case developments. Thus, you may choose to have our live receptionist greet the client and then inform him/her that the call is being forwarded to your personal or office line. You may also request to receive the call forward directly by providing us with a top priority client list. In this case, the live receptionist will refer to the list to ensure that all mentioned clients receive direct forwards to your line.

Your immigration law office will benefit from the transfer and forwarding services, especially when you are about to close or are out of office. With your exclusive specifications, our live agents will be aware of precisely who to transfer or forward the call to, without keeping the client waiting for too long.

Benefits of Incorporating Call Answering Services to Your Immigration Law Office

From the services we offer, you will garner several benefits set to improve your customer care services and your daily interactions with your clients. The following are some of the benefits of including call answering services in your office:

We Uphold Your Professional Image

It is fundamental human nature to have episodes where we sound disinterested or inattentive when handling a call. While it may not be intentional, your client may get such an impression from an employee who answers the line on a busy, tiring day. With our call answering services, however, we guarantee consistent professional and highly enthusiastic responses. Our live receptionists are happy to take on each call with skilled professional tones despite the call time. Additionally, since we have several shifts for our call answering agents, you are assured of fresh and bright call answering services at any time.

You Uphold Healthy Relationships With Your Clients and Reach New Clients Faster

When your client calls, he/she expects responsive action that alleviates the predicament that he/she may face when making a call. Thus, your law office should uphold reliable call answering services that ensure that your clients are satisfied and guaranteed to receive help. With our full-day call answering services, your clients will maintain excellent relationships with your law office, as you will be able to help them with any arising issues. Moreover, a client who calls even after working hours will be impressed by the active and helpful live receptionist who picks the call, guaranteeing a better chance at reaching a broad clientele base.

You Save Up on Making Extra Expenditures

You will also cut costs significantly by using our call answering services to replace the need for additional employees and buying sophisticated call answering machines for your office. With the money you save by reducing costs, you can invest in making improvements in your office and provide a competitive edge against other immigration law offices operating in your area.

The Cost of Our Call Answering Services

By partnering with us, you get to benefit from all the services available and all other customizable details you would like with the answering services. Despite the price provided, we are open to including personalized plans for you, especially if you have a high caller volume, to ensure that you get value for your money.

Find a Reliable Attorney Answering Service

We understand how busy and overwhelming running a law immigration office may get, mainly because most clients will call in distress, asking you to immediately handle their legal matters. Therefore, it is vital to remain updated and in touch with your clients to provide excellent services. Including call answering services from the Best Call Center will ensure that your clients receive unique and professional customer care. Still, it will also help you grow your business at an impressive rate. To get started with us, call us today at 800-385-4656.