Vermin, termites, ants, ticks, mosquitoes, rats, and other types of pests cause problems to households, businesses, and institutions. When customers reach out to an extermination company with pest problems, they feel it’s an emergency and expect a live receptionist to instantly answer the call. As a pest control expert, you probably have answers to all your customer problems. However, this doesn’t guarantee to capture new business leads and hold on to the existing ones if you don’t answer calls. If you don’t respond to customer calls, who do you think does? The answer is straightforward, your competitors.

Although picking up every customer call is paramount in ensuring quality customer service, if you are busy spraying mosquitoes or making voles vacate, it might not be ideal to answer a phone call. Hiring a full-time receptionist might also not be a great idea because it comes with huge costs. Fortunately, at the Best Call Center, we have your back. Our pest control answering service for contractors is ready to take your company to the next level by ensuring no customer call goes unanswered.

Overview of Pest Control Answering Services

If a homeowner walks in the kitchen and finds it infested with ants, it becomes an emergency because the room is unsanitary with pests. The same case applies to homeowners who want to spend time outdoors, but their lawn is infested with mosquitoes. They will look online for local pest control companies and begin calling each of the companies on the list. When making these calls, these customers expect to speak to a live receptionist who will answer their calls and offer to resolve their problems immediately. However, as a pest control expert, you can’t drop everything and wait for callers. You need to attend to other customers and let an answering service speak to these customers.

An answering service is a group of well trained and knowledgeable virtual receptionists hired by pest control contractors to respond to customer phone calls, take messages, and relay them to the customer or relevant pest control specialists. These virtual receptionists are well trained on matters of pest control. They know how to respond to a call inquiring about a pesticide, the price, and the services your extermination company provides.

Our virtual receptionists at the Best Call center understand the ins and outs of your business. Therefore, when speaking to your customers, we help them relax by explaining how your experts will handle their pest problem. This gives customers reassurance and trust in your pest control services, helping grow your company and enhance your reputation.

Types of Services and Features Provided by Our Pest Control Answering Service

In the pest control business, there are multiple things on your table that need your attention such that despite the need to help your customers, you cannot pick every call and address the specific needs of your callers. This would only be possible in a perfect world. Even if your dream is to be readily available for your clients around the clock, your busy schedule will deny you the opportunity to make this dream come true. It’s at this point that the answering services come in.

With these virtual receptionists by your side, you get to live in a perfect world where every caller in your business gets a live person to address their needs. Our answering service for contractors will handle your customers, freeing you and your employees to focus on the core business, pest control. Some of the services and features that we provide include:

  1. Professional 24 Hour Answering Service

When a homeowner comes across pests in the house, it becomes an emergency because they can’t live with pests in the same home. They will find a list of pest control specialists and call for help. For your business, this means that every incoming call is a business opportunity to acquire a new customer or retain the existing one. Remember that people can call during the day or night with pest problems, and to ensure that these business opportunities are not lost, you must be available around the clock to pick up the calls. However, because you can’t work 24 hours a day, this is where we step in. With our pest control answering service, we will ensure no call or opportunity is missed by answering calls any hour of the day.

The last thing you want to do as a pest control contractor is to stop your business because you want to spend time with your family or go on a vacation. Even if you stop yours, others will be in business and take all customers, even the existing ones. At the Best Call Center, we pride ourselves on being available 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Very few people nowadays bother to leave voicemails. The majority will call, and if the call goes to voicemail, they will hang up and call your competitor, which translates to a lost business opportunity. Our pest control virtual receptionists will ensure that you don’t find voicemails in the morning when you report to work, and this will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Even during business hours, 24-hour answering service will come in handy because you only have to take the most important calls, and our call operators will handle the rest. Your team of pest control specialists gets to focus on the needs of the customers, which is addressing pest problems while our live receptionists handle your administrative duties.

 A 24-hour answering service will give you peace of mind. You and your employees can sleep better, knowing that well-trained operators are handling all incoming calls and inquiries. With peace of mind and fewer things to worry about, you become more productive, resulting in your company’s fast growth.

  1. After Hour Answering Service 

If you are in the extermination business, you will understand that you will spend very few hours in the office during working hours. Most of the time, you will be out in the field, disinfecting, or providing other pest control solutions. Your schedule from 9 am to 5 pm will be full, and probably you won’t have time to rest. By the end of the normal business hours, you will be exhausted enough to the extent you can’t work after hours. Luckily, by enlisting Best Call Center after hour answering service, you don’t have to worry about leaving your office after working hours because you are afraid to miss calls.

Our live receptionists will take up your phone calls when you leave the office, eliminating the need to worry about missing customer calls and losing customers to your competitors. We don’t keep customers on hold so that we can transfer the caller to your line. Instead, we use a customized script to offer live coverage to customers. With this service, you will answer calls only when you are free to do so. We have live call answering services for evening, nights, holidays, and weekends all tailored to your business’s specific needs.

If you hire us for after hour answering services, you should expect:

  • Knowledgeable and well-trained live operators who understand the market
  • Increased staff availability to handle customer needs
  • After hour call answering service to ensure all callers are well handled and responded to
  • Polite and dedicated virtual receptionists with a passion for customer service
  • Consistent live call agents whenever you step out of office
  • Access to our call management system to enable you to measure our efficacy and level of customer satisfaction.

With our after hour answering services, you can take the burden of answering calls after hours from your employees and put it into your competitor’s shoulders, giving you an upper hand.

  1. Bilingual Answering Service

Most companies have conventional receptionists who only speak in English. In the current state, Spanish speakers in the U.S. have been on the rise over the years, having Spanish speaking receptionists will result in loss of business. The majority of these Spanish speaking populations are home and business owners who, one way or another, might require pest control service. If these people call your company but realize you don’t understand their language, they will probably think you don’t care about their population and will go ahead and call your competitors. Fortunately, you can address this Spanish speaking population’s needs if they are part of your client base by using a bilingual answering service from Best Call Center. We have bilingual virtual receptionists who are good in both English and Spanish.

Remember that you don’t need Spanish-speaking employees to serve the Spanish demographic if they are among your customers’ pool. Our bilingual virtual receptionists will answer calls and queries from all customers, whether they are Spanish speakers or not.

We sit down with your employees and develop two customized scripts, one in English and the other in Spanish. If your caller prefers speaking in Spanish, we will use the text written in Spanish. Because message conveyance is crucial during scriptwriting, we will partner with your team to ensure the script shows the Spanish demographic that you appreciate them as your clients and are ready to serve them to the best of their expectations.

By partnering with our bilingual answering service, you can capture the Spanish speaking market. You will tap into the population of customers who might have closed off to you because of the language barrier. Even bilingual customers will become more loyal to your business if you allow them to speak in their native Spanish when they call for pest control services.

It’s worth noting that although Spanish is becoming widespread in the United States, very few pest control companies have implemented bilingual customer support. Many of these Spanish speakers don’t expect you to speak their language, so when they find out you can speak native Spanish, they will be surprised but in a pleasant way, which can have a significant positive impact on your business. 

  1. Message Dispatching Service and Urgent Call Handling

As mentioned earlier, pests can cause an emergency in a home. And when these urgent calls from clients in need of solutions for their pest problems come in, the worst thing you can do is fail to answer the calls. Our 24-hour message dispatch service will ensure every call is responded to, and the right pest control expert is alerted about the situation. We understand that emergency dispatching is crucial in the pest control business, which is why our experienced and proficient call agents are available to answer calls efficiently and carefully.

We will partner with your team to develop a tailored script and the procedure for sending dispatch notifications to ensure the message received by potential clients contain the mission and vision of your business.

Note that when emergency calls are answered, you or your employees must be available if it is a matter that requires the knowledge of a specialist. If you are free to receive all these urgent calls, you will find it challenging to balance work and personal life, denying you a healthy life. Fortunately, with our message dispatch service, we can help you find a balance between your work and private life. Our call dispatch team will work with you to find a criterion for determining which calls are urgent and those that are not. All incoming calls will be screened to identify those that should be forwarded and those that can't wait until business hours. That way, you can find balance in your lifestyle, thus living a healthy life.

The pest control industry is flooded with specialists, and the best way to stand out is to be available around the clock for urgent calls. With our emergency dispatch service, you can make your company a reliable, efficient, and trustworthy business. If customers have good things to say about your firm, other people who read the reviews or get referrals will be happy to hire your company for pest control services, which will make you a leader in the market.

  1. On-Call Answering Service

When you and your employees go home after the regular business hours, your pest control company doesn’t stop. This means that while you are asleep, existing or prospective customers might try to contact you about their pest problems. It is for this reason that you must understand that customer service never sleeps. In case you or your employees are not available to answer calls, the caller will take the business opportunity elsewhere.

No matter how critical it is to pick customer calls, it is impossible to answer every incoming call. Remember, you need to eat, sleep, and spend time with your family. Regardless of how much you want to achieve as a business, you must take some time off. Luckily, with an on-call answering service, you can help your employees make a quality lifestyle while keeping your customers happy.

An on-call answering service can take your business to the next level by cutting expenses. Remember that finding an administrative expert is not a walk in the park, and even if you find the best, they are just human and will need to take some time off eventually.  You will need to hire a whole team to take shifts and ensure someone is available to answer phone calls around the clock. The cost of hiring and maintaining such a group is high and could eat away all your profits. Outsourcing the services of an on-call answering service will ensure that you have live receptionists to speak to your clients 24 hours a day at a low cost.

In the pest control business, an unanswered call is a missed opportunity. Regardless of your reputation in the market, an anxious customer will turn to your competitor for help. With an on-call answering service available around the clock, the business opportunities that are missed due to your availability will no longer be lost. Being open to answer customer inquiries or to give professional advice about pesticides and safe ways of exterminating pests gives a sense of belonging to your customers. They receive the message that you care about them, which makes them loyal to your company. Happy customers will recommend others with pest problems similar to theirs to your company, which will improve your reputation and give you the competitive advantage you need to take your business to the next level. As a company, you can rest easy knowing that Best Call Center’s answering services for contractors are covering your calls.

Benefits of a Pest Control Answering Service

There is no better way to concentrate on running your extermination company than partnering with virtual receptionists. They cover all phone calls and other administrative duties, allowing you to focus on what’s right for your business. Discussed below are some of the benefits of hiring a pest control virtual receptionists:

Professional Appearance

The image of your extermination company says a lot about the quality of service and level of customer service you provide. At the Best Call Center, we believe that the success of our clients is our success too. It is for this reason that we offer training to our operators about pest control exceeding even the standards set by the industry. The knowledge in extermination combined with the professional training our operators have will give you peace of mind knowing that professional call agents are handling your existing and potential clients.

Eliminates the Need for New Staff or Equipment 

The Best Call Center is remote or virtual, which means that when you hire our pest control answering service, you will not spend money on new equipment to enjoy our services. Outsourcing an answering service means you won’t invest in hiring new employees or pay for equipment maintenance. Doing so saves you time and money, which enables your company to grow.

Franchise Uniformity

The majority of pest control firms out there are franchises, which means they should be continuously represented across the board, coming from one point of contact. The Best Call Center delivers the uniformity you need. Suppose a caller needs help finding the local offices of your company or transferring calls from one franchise to another. In that case, our service delivery approach will ensure you achieve the kind of uniformity that franchises are famous for.

Establishing Levels of Service

An answering service will not work for every company. You need to find the right service level for your business for an answering service to work. The time for making this decision is when hiring. It’s best when shopping for a virtual receptionist you look for one that tailors their services to meet your company needs. Some of the things to put into account when determining service level include:

  1. Filtering of Specific Calls

If you want to answer specific calls from your customers and leave the rest, you will need an answering service with a call filtering feature in their system. That way, they can only forward essential calls, and virtual receptionists can cover the rest.

  1. After Hour Support

Many pest control companies can handle all customer calls during business hours. The only time they need help is after hours. If your extermination company only needs help during after hours, you will need to hire a virtual receptionist who can provide after-hour support.

  1. Call Overflow Management

During summer, many pest control contractors are in business as most people want their lawns sprayed so that they can enjoy warm weather without having to deal with mosquito bites. At such a time, you might experience a surge in calls. If the increase in callers is seasonal, you may need an answering service to help you with call overflow management.         

You will need to put the services above and the specific needs of your company to develop a tailored pest control answering plan.

Find the Right Answering Service Near Me

At the Best Call Center, we pride ourselves in providing the best answering service for pest control specialists nationwide. Our operators are highly trained and with the right equipment to provide quality customer service to your customers. Call us today at 800-385-4656 to schedule a free trial and learn how our partnership will take your company to the next level.