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Ditch the Voicemail.
Business Open, Always.

Reduce your reception and intake team while reducing your costs drastically. Our fully bilingual staff are always there to give your customers the personal attention.

Full Time Staff.
Part Time Cost.

Pick up every call, take on every lead, and focus on real estate. Don't let callers simply hang up on you, because each and every call can be your next customer.

No More Hangups.
Answer All Calls.

Never send another client to voicemail while your competitors answer. Implementing a 24/7/365 live call answering service means you're business is never closed.

Real Estate Call Statistics


of business is conducted over the phone


of callers will hang up without leaving a voicemail if the call isn't answered


of customers prefer a phone conversation to an email


of clients will end a business relationship due to poor phone etiquette


The Best Call Center is there when I am unable to answer calls with potential clients while I am in the middle of a showing. It is crucial for me to make sure that all my calls are answered and they have helped me make sure that I am not missing a call and potentially lose a new client to another agent.

Anna J.

We operate a national mass tort website and as you can imagine our phone lines need to be always at the ready because you never know when the next big call comes in. Our reception team needs to be alert, detailed, and professional when handling calls and going through our custom call scripts. This team has been exceptional in every way and the bilingual team is only an added bonus to the work they do for us.

Kerry S.

Very Professional and best of all, they speak Spanish too. I have been told by my clients that the staff is always friendly and helpful. Bye bye voicemail and text, hello live and inviting voices. I couldn't be happier with choosing The Best Call Center. I've been with them a year and will continue to grow my business with them for years to come.

Marie M.

BCC is like having a personal assistant at your fingertips. Having their amazingly nice agents answer calls when I'm in meetings and on weekends frees up so much of my time to focus on my clients one-on-one. The best part is I don't have to send callers to voicemail anymore and I get quick notifications via email and SMS on all calls. They really are the BEST! 

Michael L.

Personalized to Your Needs

A key aspect of our real estate live answering is that we’re able to integrate directly with your business. We can use client databases and web portals that you use on a daily basis. With this, we’re able to ensure that your customers get accurate and up-to-date information without interrupting your busy workday. Every feature of our real estate live answering service is 100% customizable; from how we answer your clients’ calls to how we deliver the information we collect to you. The customizable scripting allows our live operation to gather the vital information you’re looking for.

Whether you’re dealing with buyers, sellers, cash investors, mitigation inquiries, or loan modifications, we can work with you to come up with a script that fits your business. Want messages sent to you in the evening but held overnight? No problem. At The Best Call Center, our goal is to provide your real estate business with a live answering service that seamlessly meshes with your existing workflow. Instead of creating another process that needs to be constantly micromanaged, we handle calls for you, making your life easier. Our system can be designed to reflect or even improve your existing workflow.

Our Clients


At The Best Call Center, we are committed to offering law firms unparalleled value. Some of our legal answering services include:

Spanish is a primary language to over 38 million in the U.S and that is growing at an exponential rate. Legal businesses in the U.S. must be ready to accommodate and adapt to an increasingly diverse consumer base. Is your business prepared to assist non-English speaking clientele? Being unable to communicate with customers can be both incredibly embarrassing and incredibly frustrating. But with The Best Call Center, you get a team of bilingual virtual receptionists who have a fluent command of English and Spanish. We understand that the growth of your business is reliant on the number of people you communicate with. So, the more individuals you are able to communicate with, the faster your company will grow.

The ultimate benefit of our legal live answering service is the improved relationship you’ll be able to develop with your callers and clients. When your clients need assistance in the midst of a hectic day or after hours, we’ll be there to handle your calls. So, even when your callers can’t speak to you directly, they’ll have an assurance that you’re within reach and will get back to them. If there’s a power outage or your office experiences an emergency, our call center will be available. Whatever your situation is, we’re always there to bridge the gap and make sure you’re always connected.

The most significant component in lead capture is a rapid response. When a call is returned 30 minutes after it is placed, you are 5 times more likely to secure a new client. Every call into your company is an opportunity to secure new clients and as a result, boost your revenue. This is one of the main reasons why we at The Best Call Center make prompt service a priority. Our live operators work diligently to answer every call within 3 rings or less so as to ensure that your callers won’t get frustrated and call the competition. Also, messages will be conveyed to you in a prompt manner through email, phone, text, or pager, allowing you time to get back to your clients in the quickest time possible.

Realtors know that if they want to close sales, working after normal business hours is part of the job. But working nights and weekends can be cumbersome if they want to get vital information after hours. With The Best Call Center, however, you can get the information you need, when you need. You can view all the messages on your dashboard and we also send it to you in real time. So you get to show more houses to potential buyers and work deals when the details are fresh. And you can do this without letting a potential buyer from moving to another realty or another house. When the details matter, don’t leave your messages open to power outages, misfiling, or distortion.

When you are not available to take a call that we transfer to you, our agents can take a message and send it to you by text or email. Your clients, tenants, or vendors will have confidence in doing business with you when they are able to reach a live person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can be able to view reports of every call, every message taken and every other thing we’ve done in real time through your dashboard. Our goal is to ensure that you gain reliable accessibility to The Best Call Center 24/7. This means that we put you at the controls of your account. With the dashboard, you can see your usage at a glance, and can also retrieve all your messages and forward them to your staff if you need to. You can adjust your script, update your info, pay your bill, and more.

In the legal world, presenting a professional image is essential in giving you a competitive edge. First impressions matter and thereis no margin for error when it comes to customer support. Since we consider ourselves an extension of your office, our team will work with you to customize your account to your needs. When handling every call, we will follow your protocols and procedures, and embody your brand in a manner that clients will think they are speaking with a person sitting in your office. Callers will feel that you are committed to providing them with impeccable service. Our live operators do all the heavy lifting, allowing you to shift your attention to your business and get back to closing deals.

While most individuals looking to buy or sell a home will contact your office during normal business hours, there are times when they need to call you in the evening or on weekends. To ensure that you never miss a call or the chance to get new business, The Best Call Center offers after-hours phone answering service that’s on duty around the clock, 24/7/365. With us handling your calls, we keep your business open even when your office is closed. Our agents can give basic information about your business, patch calls to your team, or take and send the caller’s message in real time. No matter when your business line receives calls, The Best Call Center has got you covered.

The Best Call Center can seamlessly integrate with any type of online calendar management software to create a unified appointment scheduling system that works best for your business. Our virtual receptionists can schedule in-office appointments, property visits, open houses and more. If there are instances of appointment cancellations or modifications, we will immediately notify you or your staff so that you can make proper arrangements. And in an industry where appointments are made on the fly, proper schedule management can help eliminate miscommunication and no-shows, guaranteeing that you and your staff members will always know where to be and when to be there. Moreover, The Best Call Center provides lockbox information for all legal professionals who are scheduled to view a given property.

Real Estate Live Answering

When it comes to real estate, making use of a Live Answering Service is an asset and also an absolute must. What if a potential client wants to find out more about a property, but no one is picking your phone? You definitely don't want to miss business just because a prospective client could not get in touch with you. You need The Best Call Center to help you stay connected at all times. We understand how competitive the real estate environment is and if your business is going to grow and remain successful, you have to enhance customer service and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.