First impressions are important in business. How easy it is for customers to reach you, could make all the difference between attracting prospective customers, keeping existing ones, or losing them to your competitors. A call answering service makes it easier for customers to reach your business 24/7 while making sure that all your customers, both new and existing, are taken care of. Best Call Center offers call answering services for businesses in New York. Our services ensure that businesses offer prompt, efficient services around the clock.

Live Call Answering Services for Your New York Business

Put simply,  a call answering service Is a company that handles calls for businesses. They come in all shapes and sizes and their services vary based on the kind of service your business provides.

However, the primary goal of all call answering services is to guarantee that anyone who calls your business will engage and talk to a real person who has been trained to act as a representative of your business.

These services ensure that when a customer calls your business at any time of day, they will not be greeted with automated responses or worse, get no response. Your customers will most certainly call your competitors when you don't take their call when they need your services.

Word-of-mouth from satisfied customers is the most effective method of advertising. When you hire a call answering company to handle your calls, word will get around that your business is always available when customers need your services. This will assist you in gaining consumer loyalty. You won't have to worry about losing customers to your competitors.

Signs Your New York Business Needs a Call Answering Service

It’s a good thing when your business expands, but the number of calls you may start to receive can become overwhelming. When it gets difficult for you or your receptionist to keep pace with the calls, then it is the right time for you to enlist the services of a call answering service. Their services can aid your business as it grows, providing flexibility for both you and your staff and at the same time offer your customers exceptional customer service.

Below are signs that your business needs a call answering service:

  • You are Speaking to A lot of customers Every Day Over the Phone

As your business grows, the number of calls you receive will also increase. A call answering company will handle the overflow calls while answering all your customer’s calls.

  • You Want to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

If your firm loses electricity or communication lines for whatever reason but you still want to keep your business going, a call answering service may be helpful.

  • You Don't Have a Receptionist

When your company doesn't have an around-the-clock receptionist, an answering service is a good option. An answering service enables you to take calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week and allows your personnel to focus on the tasks for which you hired them.

  • You Oftenly Respond to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your time is valuable in your company. You should not have to spend your entire day responding to the same set of commonly asked questions. These frequently requested questions could be incorporated into the call answering service scripts to save your time and effort.

  • You Don't Have a Disaster Recovery Strategy in Place

If your company is based in a location where earthquakes, hurricanes, or natural disasters occur frequently, you should consider developing a disaster response strategy. It's critical to be equipped for these catastrophes if you want your firm to keep running smoothly in the worst-case situation. Even if your region's power lines are destroyed by a hurricane, a call answering service based in a secure distant region could have your business functioning as usual.

  • The Business Now Has Different Departments, and Calls Should be Routed More Efficiently

As a company expands, new units are created, and additional personnel are assigned to those areas. Customer calls for your personnel in various departments must be redirected to their work phones with ease, but this isn't always the case in developing firms. When calls are diverted to the incorrect department, your staff can get irritated by the call mismanagement. Staff and prospective customers will save time and money when you engage a virtual receptionist since all your calls will be routed more efficiently.

How an Answering Service Will Benefit Your New York Business

In any business, a missed call is a lost opportunity. Each customer deserves a firm that is prompt, competent, and dependable, which are among the characteristics of a trustworthy and reliable firm. Answering services help businesses avoid losing prospective customers to their competitors. Answering services are extremely valuable for the following reasons:

Every Call to Your Business will be Received

Your company's lifeblood is sales calls. What good is it to invest money in advertising or another area of your company if you don't make yourself available to your customers? Even though currently a lot of transactions and purchases are increasingly being carried out online, many people choose to use their phones. This is particularly true because customers prefer talking with a real person before purchasing their services. Even if you just make one sale each month, your call answering service may be capable of paying for itself.

Customers prefer engaging with a firm that is quick to respond, efficient, and dependable. There's no other way of demonstrating your company's dependability than to have 24-hour phone answering solutions in place. 24-hour call answering services ensure that your customers receive assistance anytime they require it. You will keep customers from ending their calls and calling rival businesses if you remain available to them on all occasions.

Lead Capturing for Your Business

It would've been ideal if all of your potential customers called your business during normal working hours. Customers can call your firm at any moment. Not only will a proficient call answering service handle every one of your callers, but it will also validate your prospects.

Capturing prospects and making them customers requires a unique prospect-centric strategy. The first step in capturing a solid business lead is to answer the phone promptly and professionally. Professional call representatives will obtain all of the details needed from your customer. customers may call to inquire about the services provided by your business.

And when they do, they will hear a cheerful voice as well as a warm greeting from the other side of the phone, which will enable you to make the best out of incoming calls and attract more customers for your business.

Your New York Business will be in Compliance with HIPAA

Your business's professionalism will be enhanced by using a phone answering service. You can rest assured that your firm's and customers' data will be safe with HIPAA-compliant call operator services. The well-trained call operators know how to manage business calls and deliver accurate details to customers. Skilled call agents are aware of the details they must obtain from each caller. They will help your customers by addressing every customer with courtesy and professionalism and answering customers’ questions.

Your business’s phone etiquette tells a lot about the business. According to how you answer callers, a customer can determine whether or not your business is trustworthy. Customers might conclude that a company is unprofessional and unreliable if the telephone rings and nobody answers. Customers can not comprehend you were occupied even though it was past regular business hours.

Trained call representatives will not leave your clients waiting if you use a reputable phone answering service. They will pick up the calls, making your consumers feel important.

You can Give Yourself a Break

Operating as a businessman or businesswoman is difficult. For instance, you may enjoy being available to your customers, but you may feel as if you never catch a break. However, if you employ a 24-hour answering service, you may assign the work of accepting calls to the call center, and you won't have to stress over your customers being unable to reach someone when they call. You may simply request the 24-hour answering provider to notify you of any callers that demand your immediate attention, while they handle any other calls.

You will Offer Your customers Personalized Services

Using a live call answering service allows you to deliver personalized service to your customers. Customers dislike leaving important messages on an answering machine. After being routed to voicemail, the majority of customers may end the call. Customers who require urgent services will prefer to speak with a live person rather than a machine once they contact your business.

They like to speak with someone who can respond to their questions. You can not lose customers to your competitors if you use expert call answering services. Most customers will believe they are speaking with your in-house personnel when they speak with experienced virtual receptionists.

Virtual receptionists are capable of doing all of the functions that your receptionists would. They are less expensive since virtual receptionists don't need a workstation and don't have to reach out to a larger array of employee welfare payments. As a result, employing expert call services will allow you to provide personalized services while also saving you money.

Allows You and Your Staff to Concentrate on Your primary Goal

The constant calls from customers needing your services could be the most distracting aspect of your business. Although an increase in callers indicates that you're open for business, these calls can divert your staffs' attention away from some of the most crucial tasks you hired them for.

An answering service will assist the firm in avoiding these disruptions by handling the business's customer service demands so that you can concentrate on serving your customers proficiently.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Call Answering Service for Your New York Business

The following are factors you should consider while selecting the best call answering service for your business:

Privacy and dependability

When picking a call answering service, make sure to inquire about the integrity of their communication lines and what processes they have in place in the event of a power failure or a mechanical issue. Things happen, therefore you want a firm that looks out for your best interests and can go to great lengths to guarantee that you continue to receive calls from your customers. You need a corporation that is proactive rather than reactive, one that has taken the appropriate security precautions to thwart wiretapping or data breaches.


Handling calls isn't everyone's ideal profession, so it's crucial to understand how a call answering service recruits and rewards its personnel, as well as how the organization handles a spike in the volume of calls. If the customers have to wait extended periods, when the receptionist is constantly switching and rarely appears to understand how to manage your calls, or if they're not courteous and professional over the phone, the services will be of no use to you. It could entail learning about the forms of training that callers receive, the company's workplace culture, as well as the skills that the organization seeks when hiring and keeping staff.

The Reputation of the Company

Has the call answering service received positive feedback, recommendations, and/or referrals from its customers? Has the business earned any honors or accreditation from industry organizations? These characteristics reveal a company's level of trustworthiness. When it comes to reputation, you should think about how many years the firm has been in existence and also who runs it, such as if it is a family-owned company, a subsidiary of a larger corporation, or a separate entity.

Their Standards of Compliance

Is the call answering service firm insured and complies with regional, state, as well as federal rules? If you're considering hiring a phone answering service, this is something to consider. Can the call answering service you hire be HIPAA compliant? You don't want your customers' details to be exposed or put at risk in any way.


When you require extra languages for the call answering service, it is a no-brainer that you must choose one that can give them. While Spanish may be simple to come by, if you require other languages that are special to your neighborhood or consumer base, you may need to invest time and research to discover a suitable answering service.

Services for the Advanced User

Many call answering services will simply take your calls, screen them, record messages, then transmit the essential ones to you. If you require extra, sophisticated services for your business such as appointment making, and customer support, you must seek a call answering service that provides these specialized services. Not all services do, because providing these services necessitates additional training for the organization and may even necessitate allocating a few calls solely to you.

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