When a customer with an emergency glass repair needs calls your office line, the last thing that he/she wants to hear or listen to is automated voices or voicemail. Therefore, most glass repair companies nowadays are outsourcing live answering services to handle that crucial administrative work. Having an answering service in a glass repair company will save you much time, money, and labor to respond to your customers’ needs on various communication channels. Every customer call or text that you fail to respond promptly means a lost business opportunity in the glass repair industry. At Best Call Center, we understand there is no business that is alike in terms of services. Therefore, our answering agents operate on flexible approaches and custom technology as you wish to suit your glass repair company services and different customer needs. Since we are here to work with you for the long-term, we are open to adjusting our answering service approaches as your business continues to flourish for better customer engagement and satisfaction.

What is a Glass Repair Answering Service?

To attract more customers and provide better satisfactory services to your existing customers, you must outsource an answering service to handle your communication channels. An answering service or a call center is a type of communication service that can manage your company or business inbound and outbound communication needs with your prospective and existing clients. The communication services we will offer on behalf of your glass repair company include (but not limited to):

  • Answering customers phone calls
  • Responding to customers emails
  • Cold calling
  • Replying to customers text messages
  • Transferring calls
  • Appointment scheduling

When your customers call your office line at night or during holidays like Christmas or new year, you want a live person to respond to their questions and needs instead of leaving a voicemail. We respond to your customer needs knowledgeably, and if there is a query that requires your employee expertise, we create a report of the issue and escalate it to your office staff. You can be sure that whenever a customer calls your office line past work hours and finds your phone on voicemail, he/she will find another available alternative. At Best Call Center, we work round the clock to ensure that you don’t lose any potential business leads because your office is closed.

How a Glass Repair Answering Service Operates

How a glass repair answering service operates is pretty simple. After finding a reliable answering service, you need to discuss your needs with these experts and what you would expect to achieve. Depending on your customers' frequently asked questions (FAQs), we will develop a unique custom script that we will use to respond to your customers' needs as if we are members of your office team.

When your customers call your office line when the office staff is busy or when you are out of the office, the call is automatically forwarded to our virtual receptionist/answering agents. We respond to customer calls knowledgeably and creatively on your behalf using the custom script. Call forwarding is something possible with most phones, although some people might never be aware of it.

After activation of your office line call forwarding, all your incoming calls are automatically re-redirected to our eloquent answering agents for a prompt response to your customers’ needs. Sometimes, if you can handle your customer calls during the day, you can plan with your prospective service provider to redirect or forward your customers' incoming calls after work hours. Our answering agents will rely on the custom-made script to respond to your customers frequently asked questions on various communication channels.

Why You Need an Answering Service in a Glass Repair Company

An answering service is an essential administrative part of a glass repair business, whether small or big companies with several employees. Instead of hiring receptionists to attend to your customer needs on various communication channels, most glass repair companies are outsourcing answering services to save the company expenditure and office space.

Many glass repair companies lose a lot of potential business deals when contractors are on-site to meet with clients, hence leaving less workforce at the office to handle customer calls. Even if you have all your office staff present, sometimes it might be overwhelming to serve several walk-in customers who choose to come to the office/warehouse and respond to incoming customer calls at the same time. The quicker you adapt to this ever-changing glass repair market, the more you will attract more customers to your company. Below are the benefits you will achieve when you outsource the Best Call Center for your call answering service needs in your glass repair business:

We Offer After-Hour Support

We all need some time to rest after a long day at work. You cannot bother your employees with work issues after hours when relaxing or connecting with their families. For that, you need an answering service to talk to your customers who call your office line with emergency issues at night or during holidays.

Most customers call a glass repair company at night, and there is always an emergency glass repair issue. Although your contractors might not be able to respond to customers' emergency issues at night, at least they deserve someone to talk to and offer them a solution immediately and not an answering machine. Research shows that most potential customers who call past work hours and find automated responses or voicemail on your office phone line are most likely to find another available glass repair company to handle their emergency needs. All you need to do to win the interest of potential customers who call after hours is to discuss with your prospective answering service the types of emergency needs your customers often have after work hours.

If our answering agents are aware of the type of emergency needs your customers to have after work hours, they will respond to your customers' needs knowledgeably and creatively to satisfy their interests.

We Offer Bilingual Support

Because of our diverse societies with people who speak different languages, it’s important as a glass repair company to have bilingual customer service support. The language barrier can make you lose several potential leads and business opportunities if your staff only understand and speak English. There are a lot of customers who would be interested in your glass repair company services. However, if your team answers incoming calls and makes inquiries in English only, you will lose a broad demographic of customers speaking other languages like Spanish.

Having an answering service with agents or call operators who are well fluent in English and Spanish can bring great significance to your company. Our answering agents work hard around the clock to ensure your company stays competitive in this market full of glass repair companies/contractors.

When we conduct outbound services such as market research to help you improve your customer satisfaction and win more customers, our answering agents can be able to interact with more customers from diverse cultures. Being able to interact with people from diverse cultures can help you understand the kind of problem most people face when seeking glass repair services for proper adjustment of customer service to satisfy every customer's needs. Having bilingual customer service support enhances your company reputation and annual revenue.

We Provide Overflow Call Management

When there is an influx of customers on your communication channels with different glass repair needs, it might be very overwhelming to respond to all of their needs simultaneously. Remember, the quicker you respond to a customer's concern, the easier it will be to earn his/her interest in buying your services. Inpatient customers will not wait in line when there are numerous other options out there. Therefore, if you want to catch every business lead that pops in the form of text, email, or call, you must outsource a reliable answering service to handle an influx of customers’ needs at the same time adequately and satisfyingly.

If you had made a hard-hitting marketing campaign, you should expect an influx of customers on your communication channels, inquiring more about your services. The question is if they contact the office line because they earned interest in your glass repair services, will you be there to respond to their needs promptly?

You may win in your marketing campaign strategies, but if you cannot be ready to handle several customers at once, you will be losing in your customer service and satisfaction. Therefore, for easy and efficient management of your office call overflow, it’s crucial to partner with an answering service to handle all your incoming customer calls at the same time to avoid loss of any potential business opportunity.

An answering service will handle all your seasonal business situations skillfully and professionally to ensure every customer call is worthwhile towards your business growth. Suppose your glass repair company experiences an overflow of customer calls often. In that case, you should inform your prospective answering service provider in advance so that you can achieve the most from their services.

With us, you don’t have to worry about pay rates when the volume of incoming calls and text reduces because we charge our services per minute of communication with your prospective clients. Although phone calls are the backbone of any profitable business, it can be very overwhelming to handle an influx of customer calls after work hours without an answering service dedicated to that work only.

We Offer a 24-Hour Customer Support

When you realize your company staff wastes a lot of time answering customers' calls, emails, and texts, you need a 24-hour answering service provider to give your team ample time to focus on other important parts of customer service. Having our trained experts responding to your customer's concerns on incoming calls when your office staff is busy with other office tasks will improve your glass repair company’s productivity.

Instead of employing a receptionist or assigning an existing member of your staff the responsibility to handle customer inbound and outbound calls, it would be wise to outsource a professional answering service for the same work. 24-hour answering service support is almost similar to after hour answering service support. However, with 24-hour support, the answering agents work round the clock to make sure you don’t miss any potential business opportunity on incoming calls and text messages. With 24-hour answering service support, regardless of the hour or day, you will keep in touch with potential customers.

We Help You Schedule Appointments

Our answering services package comes with appointment scheduling services. We will help you schedule appointments with your prospective customers when you are on vacation or too busy with other life attachments. Giving your customers a way to schedule appointments 24/7 makes sense in a glass repair business. Having a 24/7 appointment scheduling service will relieve your employees a lot of workloads so that they can focus on other essential parts of customer service.

The software we use to schedule an appointment with your prospective clients is a hosted application that ensures you are all on the same page to avoid missed appointments or double-booking. Appointment scheduling services will give you one less thing to worry about, especially if you are a busy person, and there is an influx of clients with different glass repair needs.

For these appointment scheduling services to be effective, it is essential to remind your customers about the appointment schedule or changes to avoid inconveniences and a negative reputation for your company. For that, we use a type of software that automatically sends reminders to your clients for any appointment we schedule on your behalf through emails or text messages. Every reminder we send to your client about any appointment schedule may include the following useful information:

  • Directions to your office/warehouse
  • Answers to FAQs
  • Glass installation and repair services quotation

We Offer Email and Chat Support

Apart from receiving incoming and making outgoing customer calls, we are also aware that most potential customers are on the internet nowadays. The Internet has made it easy for companies and brands to reach a wide demographic of people through social media platforms and websites. When a customer has an emergency glass repair need, there are higher chances that he/she will start finding a reliable service provider via the internet where there are several glass repair companies to choose from.

When potential customers leave messages on your social media profile or website chat feature, the sooner you reply to their needs, the better because it takes just a click of a button to find another alternative glass repair company. Every email or text you receive is a potential business lead and an opportunity for more income. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to every customer trying to contact your glass repair company via email or chat applications and take advantage of those business opportunities.

Our Answering Agents are Naturally Fit and Well Trained for The Job

Not every person can work as a call answering agent. Answering agents in your prospective answering service provider must have vibrant personalities and are eloquent for easy communication with your potential customers. Answering agents represent your company image on every call. Therefore, you would never wish to settle for any mediocre service if you care about your company's reputation.

We provide our team of answering agents thorough training about your company's type of services and protocols before they start responding to your customers’ concerns on various communication channels during the onboarding process. Since our answering agents have been on this line of a profession for a significant period, they have acquired magnificent skills to respond to every customer's needs, satisfyingly similar to your office staff or better than them.

The services an answering service will provide to your glass repair company go beyond responding to your customers' calls, text messages, and emails. We also provide follow up services to satisfy a customer’s concerns after an initial call if it wasn’t satisfactory. Not every answering service out there can integrate with your company type of services and protocols. Therefore, you should take ample time when finding a reliable specialist who will be able to handle your specific company and customer needs. Also, for a comfortable long-term working relationship, you should find an answering service with creative, professional, and friendly agents.

How an Answering Service Will Help You Save Money in Your Glass Repair Company

The cost of hiring a call center to manage your inbound and outbound calls varies because every answering service offers different features in their packages. The standard pricing methods for most answering services are:

  • Pay per Call
  • Monthly fee
  • Tiered pricing
  • Pay per minute

Make sure you discuss payment plans with your prospective answering service before making any significant commitment to the partnership deal. Pay attention to any red flags which show unreliability in pricing because some companies are only interested in huge profits. If you notice your prospective answering service wants to rush the onboarding process, that could be a red flag to show, they are only interested in making profits rather than satisfying your customers’ needs. The benefit of working with the Best Call Center is that you will only pay for every minute our answering agent spends with your prospective customer. Per-minute call pricing is advantageous to your glass repair company if you want to save the most with the answering services because you don’t have to pay us if there are no customer calls.

Instead of employing a receptionist to handle overflow calls in your office, you will be obligated to pay a fixed salary monthly. It is better to work with an answering service. With a reliable answering service, you just pay for every minute our answering agent spends on calls with your prospective customers. Outsourcing an answering service in your glass repair company will not only improve your customer service, but it will also save you much space in your office. Because answering agents are not physically in your office, you will utilize your office space well to enhance other parts of customer service in your company. An answering service saves your company expenditure because you don’t have to buy your call answering equipment and other essential add-on services for the same purpose.

Since your office staff will be relieved of your office’s excess duties, you should expect some improved performance in your customer service and company productivity. After outsourcing an answering service, your employees will have ample time to take care of other walk-in customers satisfyingly without time wastage.

Since an answering service operates for 24 hours seven days a week, you will not lose any potential business lead after work hours when you and employees are asleep or during holidays. Being able to capture any lead who calls at night is crucial for the company’s growth because every lead means a business opportunity and more profits. If your office lacks adequate space and resources to accommodate extra employees to handle customer calls 24/7, partnering with an answering service is a perfect solution for all that to save more money.

If you notice your prospective service provider pricing is too low compared to other competitors out there, you should think twice before signing any commitment agreements. Low pricing could sometimes indicate the answering service provider’s unreliability because it shows they are interested in making more profit than delivering satisfying customer service. Nowadays, to stay competitive in the glass repair industry, you must outsource an answering service for your customer communication needs to build your brand and improve the company reputation.

Find a Glass Repair Answering Service Near Me

Partnering with a reliable answering service will go a long way in making your business flourish and successful in this competitive glass repair industry. At Best Call Center, we customize our answering services according to your specific customer needs and company protocols to ensure there aren’t any inconveniences in customer service. Contact us today at 800-385-4656 to know how we can improve your customer service to reach a broader market.