A landscaping business can encompass different work plans involving sending employees to various working sites while keeping the communication line open to prospective clients. Most landscaping services are run under a small business plan, meaning that you may start with limited resources and labor before increasing your client base and expanding operations to include more of the services you offer. As a result, you may struggle to alternate between performing tasks on the ground and attending to callers if you have limited staff. Moreover, you may also be actively involved in the landscaping services while also holding responsibility for customer care services. Eventually, these duties may take a toll on you and your business, reducing your services' efficiency.

However, your situation does not have to get to the point of no return, thanks to call answering services provided by the Best Call Center. Over the years, we have perfected our craft, ensuring that we offer what you are looking for in your specific industry to ensure that your clients are well received and attended to upon making calls. Moreover, you will enjoy our nationwide coverage that allows you to access our services in any state. Therefore, you get an excellent opportunity to work with us for a long time, including when you expand your landscaping services throughout the country. With our professional live answering agents, your clients will receive professional and friendly greetings and access to the required information in no time, paving the way for positive reviews and referrals.

Call Answering Services Available For Your Landscaping Business

Providing landscaping services involves a lot of activities that often have to run concurrently. As a result, you may forget setting important dates or getting back to clients who made inquiries as you focus on the job at hand to mow lawns, trim flower bushes, or create fresh flower beds for a more appealing yard. We understand the highly demanding nature of any landscaping task, which is why we have set out various services to take a significant load off your back. In doing so, we aim at ensuring that you proceed with your activities worry-free, as we handle all inbound calls from your clients and suppliers, among others.

With our service options, you will be confident enough to expand your business in no time, as your clientele will inevitably increase. We work hard to ensure that all our live receptionists create a great first impression by greeting your callers warmly, followed by polite requests to assist the customer on the line. Some of the critical call answering services you can expect from us include:

  1. Responding to all Inbound Calls Promptly

One of the biggest turn-offs to any caller is having to leave a voicemail for you to get to later. The experience may be awkward to undertake for the caller, mainly because it involves speaking to a machine with no live response. Additionally, missed calls could give off a wrong impression to potential clients, as they often assume that you are too busy to attend to them, or that your systems are not well set to accommodate callers at any given time. Consequently, when a client goes unattended because of a missed call or a requirement to leave a voicemail, he/she is likely to lose interest in obtaining your services and move to another landscaping company. Sometimes, such an occurrence may significantly hurt your business, especially if the client also leaves a poor review indicating inadequate communication systems in your industry.

Our call answering services ensure that you dodge all these consequences that take a toll on your business by ensuring that you always have a live receptionist on standby to receive your clients' calls. Our training provides that the live answering receptionist takes a set period before answering the phone to uphold phone etiquette, before picking the call and conversing with the customer. With such small details in consideration, the level of professionalism is upheld, and your customer will be satisfied by the way he/she is attended to. After picking the call, the live receptionist will then proceed to assist the caller with whatever he/she needs, depending on the specifications that the client states.

Having your clients' calls picked by a live receptionist instead of voicemail or waiting for someone to get back to them is always advantageous, as it adds a personal touch that lets them know they are valued. Thus, we emphasize the importance of live responses for all inbound calls to ensure that your business projects a professional and hands-on image to all prospective and returning clients.

  1. Answering Services After Working Hours

In the landscaping business, clients may need to set an appointment to have their property serviced, especially when planning for an outdoor event in their home. Hotels and country clubs may also need landscaping services even on days when you decide to leave the workplace early. It is also common for clients to request landscaping services on holidays and weekends, mainly because they are the only days off to oversee home landscaping. Therefore, you have to remain alert and have your business line on standby to ensure that any client who may call is attended to expeditiously. However, this often means that you have to consider employing more staff to handle calls after working hours and on weekends, leading to additional business expenditure.

In most cases, such additions may cost more because the employee at your office may receive very few calls, but will still need a full-time payment. Your clients also need to have confidence in your services and be assured of receiving help regardless of their calling time, especially if your business has expanded to different states with different timelines. Considering all these factors, you need a reliable call answering service that picks calls regardless even after you have closed for the day, to ensure that you do not lose out on taking on a client.

You can enjoy your time off when you leave it to us to answer your calls for twenty-four hours and seven days a week, including when you take days off. We will be happy to take specific instructions that you provide us to ensure that we know who to patch calls to after-hours and what advice to give your clients when you are unreachable. For example, you may instruct our live receptionists to ask clients who call on off days to set appointments with them, to be reviewed when you resume work. Moreover, you can also leave a template message for the live answering agents to give to any prospective client, especially when none of your employees will be available at that calling period.

The live answering receptionists are an excellent addition to your landscaping business in terms of your customer care services, mainly because your clients will appreciate having a live interaction regardless of calling during unconventional days or times. Ultimately, such small observations will set you way ahead of your competitors, thanks to the efforts to ensure that your callers always have someone taking care of their needs.

  1. Call Routing and Transfer Services

In connection with having a full-time call answering team, we also understand the importance of having a chance to attend to your customers personally in some instances. Therefore, we also provide call transfer services when callers request to speak to you or any of your employees exclusively. It would be highly inconvenient for a caller not to get you on the line at the requested time because he/she may need immediate help or advice with something. For example, if your client complains that something got lost at his/her home on the day that one of your employees went out to provide landscaping services, a failure to reach the specific employee may paint your business in a bad light. Alternatively, a caller may request to speak to a particular individual to receive additional information on the payments expected, including an itemized bill.

Therefore, we are ready to provide the call transfer and routing services that ensure your callers get in touch with the specific person in question. We include the information you provide us to ensure that each employee only handles calls that fall within their work scope to avoid confusion and delayed services to the callers. For example, if you have a specific team of drivers who transport landscapers and their tools to a client's premises, we can contact them directly in a case where a client calls to report that some tools we left in their residences. Such call transfer and routing services ensure that a specific situation is dealt with expeditiously, especially if it only requires a particular team to handle it. The service also allows you to take some time off handling calls when you are involved in on-site work. We imagine it would be very stressful to receive a call when balancing on a ladder to trim a leafy fence. Therefore, you can enjoy peace of mind as you deliver your services to clients knowing that any caller on the line will be transferred to other employees available to attend to them.

  1. Appointment Scheduling Using a Cloud-Based System

Whether you are starting in the landscaping business or have handled it for some time, you will inevitably deal with the challenges of keeping track of all set appointments. You may also notice a pattern in the number of tasks you receive at a specified period in the landscaping field. For example, you may see more clients setting appointments for service provisions in autumn and winter, mainly because of the need to rid their property of dried up leaves and snow. You and your employees may feel the pressure to set and keep all appointments in check because of your clients’ additional requests. Moreover, a slip up may also arise from receiving calls on sight, as mentioned earlier, because you will have to juggle between speaking to your client and performing the landscaping task.

Landscaping may also involve extreme tasks to alter the entire outlook of a piece of land, meaning that you will require additional help from small tractor leasing companies, among other service providers, by setting meetings to discuss hiring rates. Thanks to the cloud appointment setting system, our live receptionists will capture all your callers' necessary information to ensure that you receive timely reminders for all your meetings and landscaping appointments. Once we speak with a caller, we will convey the information to you using your preferred means of communication. You may choose between receiving calls, email alerts, or short messages on your line with the appointment schedule in top priority.

Afterward, you can approve the proposed appointment dates or request us to communicate any changes with the clients, if need be. With the service in play, you do not need to worry about missing any urgent appointments, as you will be ready to take on the day's work with minimal inconveniences or clashing of events. In return, your clients will appreciate your punctuality in service delivery and will make you a permanent option in landscaping services.

  1. Taking Down Messages

Not all calls require immediate responses or your attention, especially if they are queries or comments left by clients, job applicants, or advertising companies. However, it is vital to remain aware of the messages left by such callers because it could pave the way for additional business prospects or positive reviews. In some cases, landscapers have missed out on very beneficial partnerships or other business opportunities for disregarding messages left by other companies seeking to incorporate their products in your business as an advertising tool, or from callers looking for employment in your landscaping firm. Therefore, we cannot underestimate the value of reviewing messages, even though they may appear spam.

With our live answering agents' help, we will take down any messages that need your attention and bring it to your attention in an excellent time to ensure that you remain informed of all external parties affected by your business. For example, it is always a kind gesture to get back to a client who calls to leave a useful review, as it lets them know that you appreciate their feedback and look forward to working with them continuously. Once the live receptionist speaks with such a caller, we ensure that he/she is received warmly and is thanked for taking the time to provide meaningful feedback on your services. In other instances, our call answering operators may also connect you to firms interested in partnering with you from the messages they takedown. We also ensure that we have your specifications in mind, especially those involving dismissing persistent advertisers for products you do not need in your business. Therefore, we will route-specific numbers and use a kind and professional tone to decline the services they offer on your behalf.

Like our other services, taking down messages improves your business image to prospective clients, as it involves live agents. They take their time to listen to the callers and convey their requests to the appropriate parties. A personalized touch that includes live receptionists attending to such callers is always a plus because of the positive effect it has on your clients.

  1. Bilingual Answering Services

It is difficult for most business owners to come to terms with how many clients they lose because of language barriers experienced between them and their callers. For any landscaping business owner looking to expand his/her business and take operations to the next level, you need to accommodate all clients, regardless of their location and language. With such inclusivity in mind, you will reach more clients at a shorter period, because they will have an easier time communicating with you and placing their requests. Moreover, most business operators often undermine the importance of business referrals by informal methods like word of mouth. However, references play a significant role in business expansion, especially when they are coupled with positive reviews and praises from clients you have worked with within the past. By including bilingual services, your customers feel well accommodated and catered to, because they are free to communicate without feeling the need to formulate their words in a specific way.

While you may be aware of all the benefits of bilingual services to your business, you may struggle to include more employees in your workplace to handle English and Spanish calls. Moreover, you would have to be responsible for the employee's salary and benefits, which are often more expensive than a monolingual receptionist. Thus, you will feel the financial burden of making the additional employment slots available, despite a bilingual employee’s advantage.

We understand the challenges of facing these situations, and that is why we offer bilingual services at affordable rates to eradicate the need for making extra payments for additional staff. Our live receptionists undergo intense training to ensure that they have exceptional language command in Spanish and English, to handle callers who speak other languages comfortably. On your side, you will profit from the call answering services of such a live answering agent because he/she can handle all requests in your office, especially if you have a low call volume. As a result, you do not have to stress about paying for call answering services using two different standby agents, as a bilingual receptionist will take care of all clients. Eventually, you will notice the difference in your clientele traffic because each customer will be confident receiving professional call conversations without undue regard to their preferred spoken language.

We also include an extra benefit with the bilingual services by translating any messages left by callers who speak Spanish. By providing translation for the notes left, you will obtain all the necessary information you need to get back to the caller without struggling with looking for a translator outside your workplace.

Benefits of Making Call Answering Services a Part of Your Landscaping Business

Once you transfer your customer care services to us, you will enjoy several benefits that let you work more efficiently and stress-free from the confidence you put in us to handle all your callers respectfully and professionally. Our partners enjoy the following benefits:

Services at Pocket-Friendly Prices

After signing agreements to receive our call answering services, you get to enjoy all of the live answering benefits that come with our packages, depending on your preferences and specifications. Therefore, you will save on extra expenses you would have otherwise handled, including employing additional working staff to answer calls and purchasing sophisticated phone answering devices for your office.

You Will Attract New Clients Quickly

Our always-active communication line ensures that your clients can obtain information and set appointments, even when you are outside your office to keep your business running. With the positive experience that your callers will enjoy interacting with live receptionists, your business will flourish and attract new clients based on the positive reviews you receive.

Undivided Attention as You Perform Tasks

Sometimes, you will take on work that requires your entire team, meaning that no one will be available to pick business calls. On such days, you will benefit from the efficient call answering services we offer, as your clients and partners will have someone to speak to, despite your busy schedules. Moreover, you and your team will apply the necessary focus, as there will be no need to check your phones regularly in case of new calls.

Find a Call Answering Service Near Me

The difference between consistent growth and stagnation in your landscaping business comes down to how you treat your clients, suppliers, and potential partners. With a call being the basis of most agreements and appointments, it is essential to ensure that you have efficient call answering services. At the Best Call Center, we strive to support your business operations by keeping your phone lines active all day. Our professional live receptionists' nationwide services will maintain the ideal business reputation necessary to keep your landscaping business growing. Give us a call today at 800-385-4656 to get started.