As a general contractor in the remodeling industry, you understand how vital your ability to respond to your customer calls is during emergencies. However, most of the time in the home improvement profession is spent at the job site, supply warehouse, or meeting clients. Many contractors assume a client’s needs begin and end at the job site. This is untrue because you overlook prospective clients and lose touch with the existing ones, which is not suitable for business.

Customers feel frustrated if they are forced to leave a voice message every time they call because you don't answer their calls. Poor customer service will strain relationships and taint your reputation. Thankfully, the Best Call Center has you covered. Our answering services for your remodeling company will ensure you don’t miss new opportunities and that your existing clients are happy. We will answer all incoming calls as you focus on giving the homes and premises of your customers a new and more appealing look. 

A Missed Call is a Missed Opportunity and Revenue

The commitment of the Best Call Center is to ensure that no business leads or opportunities are lost by answering all calls. We understand the varying needs and preferences when it comes to home improvement. For this reason, we are available to provide customized services to help your remodeling company gain a competitive edge and move to the next level. Our operators will ensure that your business gives customers a good first impression while you focus on what is right for your business, providing quality remodeling services.

Although it’s critical to keep your customers happy by answering all incoming calls, answering calls will not help your business grow. Therefore, it would be best if you hire remodeling company answering services so that they can take care of your customer needs while you focus on running the company. On top of responding to calls, we offer dispatch services, bilingual services, logistic solutions, and lead captures.

By associating or affiliating with us, we will become part of your company. You no longer have to worry about straining relationships with clients and suppliers because of unanswered calls. Our call agents will respond to callers politely and apply their knowledge in the remodeling industry to make the caller feel like they are speaking to one of your employees. Therefore, if you need people to handle your after hour calls, a surge in call volume, or when out of office, remodeling company answering services will provide the solution you need. We take messages, schedule appointments, offer cost estimates, and provide follow-up survey calls, which will help you stay at the top.

Live 24/7 Remodeling Company Answering Service

An existing or prospective client may call anytime, inquiring about your remodeling services. Remember that most of your customers are also working, which means most of them will not call during working hours. Instead, they will call after-hours or at night, which is outside your operating hours. Because most remodeling companies are small or start-ups, they lack adequate staff to handle calls after-hours, at night, during weekends and holidays.  Many customers say remodeling companies are challenging to deal with because no representative is available after-hours. However, Best Call Center can help your company by providing 24/7 remodeling company answering services. This means that whenever someone calls, whether a client or supplier, someone will be ready to respond to the call politely and give the caller a great experience.

Remember that the last thing you want is for a customer to call with a remodeling need, but no one can respond to the call. If someone needs a remodeling quote or has questions about your services, sending the caller to voicemail translates to a lost opportunity even if it’s on a holiday or dead of the night. Customers in this industry want to work with someone reliable and readily available to respond to their needs. Thankfully, with remodeling company virtual receptionists, you will be easily accessible by your callers, which will go a long way in building your reputation.

Our operators have the knowledge and skills to differentiate which calls are an emergency and those that are not. This way, we only dispatch urgent calls to you after-hours or during holidays and weekends, enabling you and your employees to enjoy personal time. Our operators handle the less critical calls and deliver them to you when you report to work through text message, email, or pager.

By allowing the Best Call Center to handle your customer service, you will have fewer interruptions, and maintain strong relationships with your customers and suppliers. Although there are other challenges that you may experience during service delivery that might cause disruption, phone calls won’t be among these problems.

How Does a Remodeling Company Answering Service Work?

Remodeling company answering service is simple. We will assign you a proprietary number to forward your calls. You can opt to forward calls after-hours, when out of office, or when there is a call overflow. If a customer calls your office and the call is forwarded to our call center, our personable and professional call agents will answer in the same answer phrase or using the same script as your company.

Usually, when a call is answered, the operator’s computer responding to the call will display all the account information of the client. That way, the operator can choose the script to use to respond to the caller. To ensure we adhere to your company protocols, we will team up with your staff to develop a tailored script that we rely on when speaking to clients.

Based on the caller’s needs, we will forward the message through email, text message, patching the call, and in case it’s an emergency, the call will be dispatched through our on-call services.

Instead of your employees scheduling appointments, our operators can access your schedule and make these appointments on your behalf. You will also provide us with FAQs, which we will use to respond to questions from customers.

Market dynamics keep changing in the current business world, hence the reason you need a flexible call center and one that can adapt quickly. At the Best Call Center, we don’t tie you to lengthy contracts and deadlines. We charge for every minute spent on the call, enabling you to save money and stay at the top.

What Does the Best Call Center do for Remodeling Companies?

The Best Call Center is adequately equipped with enough operators to answer all inbound calls. Even if many customers call at a go, we guarantee you that none of them will need to call more than once or twice before the call is answered. Our virtual receptionists are experienced and with adequate training to handle thousands of calls in a day. Below we have further highlighted what we can do for your company:

  1. Appointment Scheduling 

Scheduling of appointments is an integral part of your business because it determines your operational efficiency and income. The more customers you meet in a day, the more business leads you can create for your company. For this reason, making sure that you have a busy schedule, and none of these billable hours is lost paramount. In your business field, most of your time and that of the employees is spent on the job site or supplier warehouses, meaning it will not be easy to manage your schedule. You might miss a meeting or second book, which translates to a loss of billable hours.

Thankfully, with our services for scheduling appointments, we can rely on your online scheduling software to cancel or make appointments. In case you don’t have the software in your company, we have other programs for scheduling appointments that will streamline your appointment scheduling process. However, you have to consider the needs of your company and its customers when choosing a program. Once you have made your choice and it’s integrated with your company system, if you make an appointment at a specific time, you should enter it in the calendar, and ensure that the customer receives a reminder. That way, whenever changes are made on the calendar, you and your remodeling professionals receive real-time updates on the changes.

  1. Convenient Call Dispatching

We act as an extension of your remodeling company because our flexible team of operators can swiftly switch our messaging whenever there is a change in on-call staff, around the clock. We will rely on your pre-designed protocols to develop a call screening system that can help us assess calls to determine those that are urgent and those that are not. Once we have collected information the client wanted to pass, we will alert you through SMS text, pager, phone, or email.

  1. Email and Chat Support

Most clients looking for a remodeling company usually search through the internet for information on remodeling designs and services. When a client realizes that your company can provide the kind of home improvement they need, they will send an email or web message. Your employees don’t have enough time to read and respond to these web chats and emails, which means you will be losing business. Luckily, Best Call Center offers email and chat support around the clock. So, whenever a client tries to contact you via email or webchat, you can be notified. Our team could also assist these customers by responding to their messages.

Similarly, if you don’t have a chat feature on your website, we can work with you to include the feature. However, if we provide you with email and chat support services, you will be using your plan minutes because our call agents will be helping your customers.

  1. Bilingual Support

For many years, the United States has been growing in diversity, with many people not speaking English as their primary language. Your remodeling company is expected to address the remodeling needs of this diverse population too. If you lack bilingual support, it means you will lose a large population of non-English speakers who could be part of your customer base. The Best Call Center is well-equipped with operators who can speak English and Spanish fluently to ensure that the language barrier is not why you lose thousands of customers.

When a non-English speaker calls inquiring about your remodeling services, our bilingual operators will politely answer the phone call and use the caller’s language. A customer like that will feel that your business values them, which will lead to increased customers and improved reputation among non-English speakers.

  1. Lead Capture 

Every inbound call in your company is considered a lead, and capturing a lead translates to a business opportunity. In case you are not available to answer the calls or the caller is forwarded to voicemail, it means you will lose a lead to your competitors in the remodeling industry.

Remember that you have high chances of capturing or turning a lead into a business opportunity if you respond to the customers’ needs within half an hour. The Best Call Center will ensure the customer concerns are addressed within a short duration, if not immediately. Additionally, suppose you share with us the information that can help us identify a lead. In that case, we will capture this information to identify leads and capture them, which will ensure no business opportunity is lost.

Furthermore, if we identify leads in web chats, we will make outbound calls to capture these potential opportunities or customers. We can also cancel, make, or modify appointments for interested clients through your online calendar. You will receive the changes immediately so that you can adjust your schedule based on the circumstances.

  1. Message Taking and Delivery

We understand that you and your employees are not always available. Therefore, when you and your staff are not free or open to pick a call, our call agents will take a message so that you can call the client back whenever your schedule opens up. Regardless of your location, you can access these messages by SMS text, email, or online portal.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Companies and contractors have flooded the remodeling market with all of them, claiming to be the best in the industry. For this reason, it is usually difficult for customers, especially those who have never worked with a remodeling company before, to hire the right company. Such customers search for various local remodeling companies then decide the ones they will call.

They make sure that they hire the right company by asking various questions about your services like the cost of remodeling, duration, and what to expect. If these questions are answered confidently and correctly, the caller will trust you to provide the services.

At the Best Call Center, we will provide your callers with all the basic information they need about your company, like terms of the contracts, kind of remodeling services provided, your physical location, and fees. If yours is a franchise, we can connect the caller to the nearest remodeling professionals and schedule appointments based on the caller’s location.

Why does your Remodeling Company Needs to Outsource the Best Call Center?

A nationwide answering service like Best Call Center can put your company on the top by not only answering your calls but also performing other administrative duties. Our call agents will partner with your staff to develop unlimited customized scripts that will be used to respond to callers, meaning we will be virtually prepared for any situation. Your clients will interact with our virtual receptionists freely while relying on the script to the extent the caller doesn’t distinguish between your employees and our call agents.

Also, we can answer FAQs but follow the protocols that your company will provide. With a remodeling company, you can let our operators focus on managing relationships and providing quality customer service. At the same time, you work to deliver what your clients are expecting from remodeling projects.  There are many benefits or reasons for outsourcing answering services for remodeling companies. Below are some of these benefits:

Display Your Professional Image

In the remodeling or home improvement profession, displaying a professional image will help acquire and maintain clients. If a client has a lucrative remodeling project that requires it to be done, they will look for a company that looks more professional. If you rely on voicemail and employees to respond to calls, it might reduce productivity and lower efficacy, which is why you need an answering service. Our operators won’t allow calls to go to voicemail. Instead, we will apply our knowledge of the industry and training to answer the phone call politely and professionally. That way, the company will appear larger than it is, and customers will feel more valued.

Seamless Integration

With our remodeling company answering services, you will worry less about buying and installing new equipment or training employees on using the equipment. Furthermore, you will worry less about recruiting additional administrative staff or renting new office space for the equipment. We use our employees and state of the art tools and equipment to provide high-end answering services that will take your company to the next level.

We make use of the latest digital recording technology to record calls and relay them to your office. We have the most advanced technology and most talented virtual receptionists, which will be at your disposal at a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment, employing new receptionists. By using our staff and equipment, we help your company save money in the long run because you won’t have to pay salaries, training, health benefits or buy new equipment, to enjoy the benefits of a remodeling company answering service.

24/7 Availability 

Regardless of the time, day or year, our live operators will answer your calls. So, if you need after-hour, around the clock, overflow call management, or on-call services, we will be available to answer the calls and address various concerns by callers.

Although most of the remodeling work occurs during the standard operating hours, a project site can experience problems at any time of the day. If there is an emergency at the job site, you want your customers to stay at ease by having a live operator ready to speak to them and address their issue. By representing your company around the clock, we help you become more reliable and trustworthy among customers.

Talented Live Operators 

Small or start-up remodeling companies lack the resources to invest in new employees and equipment to improve customer service. The few lucky to have a few resources recruit unskilled or inadequately trained receptionists because of their low prices leading to poor customer service. However, by partnering with the Best Call Center, you are guaranteed that the most talented, highly-trained virtual receptionists will be answering your calls at an affordable rate. Before assigning our operators your company calls, we provide extensive training on the remodeling industry and provide continuing education programs to ensure they stay updated with the latest developments in the market.

These operators will professionally represent your business by communicating with clients with zeal and empathy. With the training these agents have on the industry, they will adhere to your company protocols to ensure the customer has an experience similar to or even better than the one they have when they speak to your actual employees.

Complete Reports 

Getting comprehensive reports on the calls we answer on behalf of your business is a good reason why you should consider Best Call Center’s remodeling company answering service. These reports contain the ID of the caller, date, and time of the call. They not only help you know what you are paying for, but they also help you follow up leads and ensure the needs of the caller are fully satisfied. Analyzing these reports will also give you an advantage over competitors.

Find a Remodeling Company Answering Service Near Me

Your remodeling company’s operations are unpredictable. However, this shouldn’t give you a reason not to respond to customer calls. You, your customers, and suppliers require a professional call answering service to ensure flawless customer services. Fortunately, the Best Call Center offers quality, affordable call answering services for contractors. Call us today at 800-385-4656 to schedule a free trial or learn how we can make your company succeed.