Working in an OB-GYN office involves occasionally engaging in some of the most high-pressure medical scenarios, including a patient going into labor and dealing with a severe medical emergency. As a result of the busy and unpredictable atmosphere, you and your employees may miss calls during the day as you attend to the patients at hand, leading to a disconnect between your office and other patients waiting on the line. Sometimes, you will not get to hear from some of the callers again, especially if they required urgent responses that went undelivered. It is necessary to include a call answering service in your daily clinic operations to help manage all inbound calls for more efficient communication.

At the Best Call Center, we will give you access to some of the best trained live receptionists to handle all your calls professionally. Moreover, obtaining services from us will provide access to a range of advantages for your OB-GYN clinic. We aim to satisfy all your caller's needs by providing effective responses. Our call answering services are available across the country, bringing us closer to you. Moreover, we will support your OB-GYN practice effortlessly even when you have several clinics running in different states.

Services Available for Your OB-GYN Clinic

We understand the high intensity of your workplace as a medical professional, as you often have to deal with sporadic situations in good time for your patient's sake. Our services are tailored to your needs in mind to help your clinic or consultation office operate effortlessly, even when you are not around to handle your patient's calls and messages. You can also include additional specifications before working with you to ensure that you receive the best service modifications to fit your personal preferences.

Overall, our call answering services will help improve the work environment in your clinic by alleviating the constant calls and return-call workload that you and your medical staff handle at the moment, to help you focus more on your patients. The services we provide include:

  1. Immediate Responses for Inbound Calls

As a medical consulting expert in Gynaecology and Obstetric care, your clinic or office is bound to receive numerous calls per day from patients seeking advice on several medical conditions they could be facing. On top of that, some callers will also need immediate responses, especially if they could be in danger from a medical emergency.

For example, if a patient begins early labor, your services will be immediately needed to help the caller safely get to your clinic or an agreed medical facility for the delivery process to begin. Alternatively, other medical emergencies may arise from a dislodged IUD device that could injure the patient's uterine walls if not attended to promptly. In each of these scenarios, missing a patient's call could lead to delays that cause adverse effects, especially if there is a high-risk complication coupled with the patient's condition.

Therefore, your clinic should ensure that no call goes unanswered, as a patient may need help urgently from you. Even when a patient calls to make a brief inquiry, missing calls may lead to the creation of a wrong first impression, especially if the caller had decided to try out your OB-GYN services from a referral. Consequently, you may receive poor reviews from a small detail of missing a patient's call.

With the help of our call answering services, you can receive inbound calls without the worry or stress of having one of your staff always on standby in case of a phone call. Our direct responses to your callers will ensure that each patient's requests or inquiries are responded to on time for satisfactory services. Moreover, you will get to access any caller in distress and send help quickly, as we direct any emergency calls to your attention as soon as our live answering agents receive them.

  1. Medical Emergency Call Transfers

Suppose you are not in your clinic or office when patients in emergency calls, it would be detrimental to your practice for you to miss the calls. The situation becomes even more complicated if the caller is a patient who has relied on your OB-GYN services over the years because there is an expectation that you will be available throughout for your patients. Subsequently, it is not enough to leave a call answering machine in your office when you go out even for a short time because anything can happen while you are away.

Moreover, callers reaching out to professional offices or clinics generally tend to decline to leave their messages of request or inquiry on voicemail, especially because some of the information they intend to convey is confidential. Thus, the calling patient may prefer a call forwarding or transfer to ensure that he/she speaks to you directly.

The live answering receptionists handling calls in your OB-GYN medical establishment are keen to connect you with your patient as soon as possible through the efficient call transfer system we include in our service packages. Before forwarding the call, the live call answering agent will pick the call and determine whether the patient's matter can be handled by direct response from the agent.

For example, if a caller is inquiring about your opening and closing hours, we will give the person the information directly without involving you in it. Hence, the call answering before forwarding emergency calls to your line will help with screening. The additional call screening we conduct ensures that you only receive calls in your line from patients seeking exclusive medical advice or an immediate response to emergencies. The medical emergency transfers filter out other calls from your logs, meaning that each call you receive will indicate a pending situation that needs your attention.

We can also provide a quick message to prepare you for the forwarded call you are about to receive. The small brief will contain the relevant information to let you know what the caller needs, even as you prepare to listen to yourself and decide on the best line of action.

  1. Customer Support Answering Services

Sometimes, your OB-GYN clinic or office may receive a call from a distressed patient who needs guidance on what to do as she awaits a medical response team to arrive where the person is. Such a caller needs to interact with a calm and professional answering agent on the line, who will ensure that she remains calm even as an emergency team is dispatched to his/her location.

Alternatively, a patient may call under normal circumstances to find out more information about your areas of specialization and whether your clinic offers specific medical services. Callers inquiring about whether your medical clinic accepts medical insurance coverage or whether you offer a payment plan for your medical services are also expected. It is essential to ensure that such callers receive all the support and information they need on time, to help them decide on the next step.

In each scenario, our live agents uphold the high standards set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to protect a patient's confidential medical information. Therefore, our live receptionists will handle all medical support calls professionally while taking care not to engage the patient into matters that you, as the doctor, should handle exclusively. To avoid compromising on the HIPAA privacy specifications, we will direct a patient seeking particular medical support without engaging the person in further questioning as we dispatch the calls to your end.

  1. Call Response Services 24/7

Working in the medical field requires you to have your patients in mind, including when you are not at your workplace. Consequently, most OB-GYNs have to leave their lines open for any direct calls, even after working hours to ensure that each caller's needs are met promptly. If you run a small clinic with limited staff, such an arrangement may strain your personal life, mainly because your phone will always be ringing, leaving you little to no time for yourself and your family. Interestingly, most calls you receive may be official inquiries that could have waited until the next day or working hours resume.

Therefore, some medical professionals opt to switch their phones off after leaving work for the day as an alternative to subjecting themselves to the constant calls that do not require immediate responses. However, in doing so, you may miss calls from patients in vital health crises from complicated miscarriages or active labor that requires prompt delivery. Hence, you will need to find a balance between receiving all calls even after closing the clinic or office to avoid missing important calls from your patients.

While you may decide to settle on including extended working shifts for your front desk operators, the option is often costly and may also require your direct involvement. For example, you will need to train your new employee taking on the night shift on how to answer calls, screen the emergency callers, and how to identify the medical profession on call for the night.

Additionally, you will have to include the employee in your salary expenditures, which must also cover his/her medical expenses as work remuneration. The person's security also becomes your responsibility as your employee, as he/she remains in the office after hours to handle calls and other operations.

Avoiding all the extra expenditure will go a long way in saving on costs while providing your patients with reliable twenty-four-hour call answering services. Our trained live receptionists will handle all your patient's requests at any time of the day or night while maintaining a friendly and welcoming tone. With such a lively atmosphere on the phone, even when making late-night calls, your patients will enjoy the interactions and feel valued from speaking with a live virtual receptionist instead of having to leave messages in an automated system. The addition of personal touch will take your clinic a long way, as your callers will feel more valued compared to similar clinics that shut down all means of communication after working hours.

Lastly, you can count on our twenty-four-hour call answering services even during holidays and weekends where you and your team may decide to take a small break from work. With your help, we can work with schedules to let our virtual receptionists know who to call in case of emergencies. The organization of duties will come in handy, mainly when running a more prominent OB-GYN clinic where two or more doctors are available for on-call responses. After establishing a suitable schedule with all your clinic staff, you can enjoy your time off for the holidays without worry. Our team will handle your patients' calls round the clock and screen urgent callers for direct call transfers.

  1. Call Responses Using Scripts

Most medical professionals find it crucial for their call answering service providers to use scripts when dealing with patients on the phone. It helps the virtual receptionists deal with the matter at hand efficiently, without worrying about having inadequate information to address the patient on the line. At the Best Call Center, our goal is to represent your OB-GYN clinic in the best way by ensuring that the call answering agent handling your patients' inbound calls understands the caller's predicament and is quick to provide accurate remedies, just as you would.

The immediate response system works best when our live agents use detailed scripts when handling each caller as a reference point for possible scenarios. We have crafted comprehensive script texts for our agents that are always available for review and editing to fit your needs. Once you are satisfied with the information in the call answering scripts, you will be confident that we will provide all your callers. For example, when a patient who begins going into labor calls your clinic, you may need the live receptionist to ask whether that is the patient's first time carrying a full-term pregnancy. After the caller responds, the script will provide the subsequent information necessary to communicate to the patient even as she prepares to meet you at the clinic for delivery.

Apart from providing scripts to our answering agents, we find it necessary to train them on how to sound authentic and engaging with the callers, even when following the text guides. The skill is essential because it provides your callers with a brilliant calling experience. The live answering agent does not hesitate to help the caller out by following the script. On the other hand, the agent will maintain a natural tone that does not make the text distinct in responding to the caller.

  1. Setting Appointments in a Cloud-Based System

Your medical practice as an OB-GYN also includes attending to patients who need to undergo consultation appointments for diagnoses, checkups, or medical treatments. You must utilize an efficient system when setting each meeting with your patients to avoid a situation where two or more sessions collide. Missing an appointment from poor planning may also affect your practice, mainly because your patient may view your systems as unreliable and inefficient.

Subsequently, a patient should walk into your clinic or office confident that you, as the medical doctor in charge, will see her on time because of the reliable appointment setting. While your front desk secretary may work hard to ensure that each call is picked, the full workflow may reduce the person's efficiency, leading to minor errors that cause serious appointment clashes. The secretary may also delay informing you of upcoming events, meaning that you may be unprepared for your patient's clinic visit because of the improper timing in making preparations.

We step in to help your clinic or medical office staff by reducing the numerous operations that they have to undertake, including setting appointments manually. With our teamwork in play, we will provide a cloud-based system as an alternative for setting important dates and sending your reminders for each upcoming event manually, to help you make all necessary preparations on time. The automated appointment-setting system stores all the details of our live receptionist's input after speaking to a caller, and later issues messages or other types of alerts when an appointment approaches.

Our live receptionists can partner with your secretary and send all the vital information to the secretary's work computer to help him/her remain in the loop and give you personal reminders of upcoming events.

  1. Bilingual Call Answering Services

When a patient calls your clinic or consultation office, the chances are that he/she may be a native Spanish speaking caller who responds better when using Spanish over English. Thus, there is a need to include bilingual services to your call answering team to ensure that each patient is attended to adequately, in a language that he/she understands best. Moreover, operating an OB-GYN clinic where most callers are likely to speak English or Spanish calls for responsibility on your side to ensure that both languages are available for the callers. Often, poor reviews and loss of clients arise from the lack of accommodating features like bilingual call answering operators for your patients that often leads to frustrated communication.

 Therefore, we recommend including the service when choosing a call answering service provider to help expand your clientele base and provide an inclusive atmosphere for all your patients. With the help of our fluent bilingual live receptionists, you are sure of professional and reliable services to any caller seeking medical attention to do with reproductive health without limiting the caller to English.

With bilingual call answering services, your patients will benefit from efficient treatment or medical advice, thanks to the accurate messages and inquiries channeled your way. Since the information forwarded to you is collected from a live answering agent fluent in English and Spanish, you will be assured of receiving reliable information. We are also happy to translate the patient's requests before sending them to you for more natural communication, especially if you prefer using one language over another.

Advantages of Services from The Best Call Center

Upon including our call answering services in your daily clinic operations, you will notice an improvement in business and client relationships, thanks to the efficiency applied by our live receptionists when attending to your parents. The benefits of partnering with a call answering service for your OB-GYN clinic practice may come gradually, but you will enjoy them for a long time. Some advantages of using our services include:

You Improve on Work Efficiency

Since we offer call screening before forwarding any callers to your end, you will avoid constant distractions from ringing phones, unless a medical emergency arises. This way, you get to focus on attending to your patients in the clinic as we handle inquiries and other non-urgent matters professionally on your behalf.

You Attract More Clients

Clients who get to experience the reliable call answering system that attends to them at any time, including on holidays and late nights are likely to recommend your clinic to others. In return, your client base will expand, thanks to the positive reviews your clinic or consultation office will receive.

You Attend to Patients Promptly

Since your main objective is to provide your patients with the best OB-GYN services by preventing risks caused by delays, our emergency call transfers will help you provide adequate medical attention. The efficiency will also help you extend your support and care to the most vulnerable patients to reduce the risk of complications and possible death from patients in distress.

Our Service Rates

The Best Call Center provides affordable rates for all our call answering services that are highly competitive to suit your needs.

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