Whether you’re a startup business or an established international company, The Best Call Center’s agents can help you at every stage of business development. Gone are the days when there were geographical limitations on the decision to choose an outsource provider. The Best Call Center is a US-based live answering service packed with pro-level features you need. We work hard to become an extension of your office. We do more than answering your calls; we can respond to customer service questions, dispatch urgent requests, answer texts and emails, speak Spanish, schedule appointments, and more. We are here to save you time, save you money, and make running your business a breeze.

Customers search the internet for the products and services they need at all hours. It can expensive to staff your business with receptionists who work around the clock. With The Best Call Center, you get 24-hour live answering service so your customers are supported at all times. People have varied reasons for shopping at odd hours. Maybe they’re busy and are not able to call you during regular business hours or they’re in another time zone. Maybe they have an urgent need for the products or services you sell.

In today’s world of business, customers simply won’t leave a voicemail. In fact, 85% of people hang up on voicemail and customers won’t wait for you to show up to work in the morning and get back to them. They will instead move on to your next competitor. So, by the time you arrive at the office, the caller will have become someone else’s customer. Customers expect 24-hour service where they get to speak to a live person that can understand their needs. And if you are the first person to a lead, you have a 200% chance of closing a deal. With a team of The Best Call Center’s live operators answering all of your calls in an upbeat and professional tone, your clients are set to become customers for life.

The Best Call Center can help you deliver customer satisfaction 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including during your regular business hours, weekends, holidays, after hours, and just about any time when you can’t answer or handle calls. Whatever type of business you have, you will always be open. Go on a holiday, rest easy after hours, and enjoy your sleep. No more missed calls. What’s more, you get this at no additional cost.

For many businesses, the calendar is the core of operations. Great appointment taking and scheduling services can make the difference between sitting idle with no income generation and making efficient use of your time. With The Best Call Center’s live answering service, one of the main feature included with your account is appointment scheduling. A well-scheduled day makes the best use of time, which, in a business is one of the most valuable resources. Your customers and clients can book time with you through your website, over the phone, or any online platform when you have a reliable appointment scheduling service. Your clients can call in anytime and book time with you even outside of your normal business hours. This makes it easy for clients and customers to choose the time most convenient for them.

We help you manage the appointment scheduling process in an efficient and user-friendly manner. When you give us the scheduling software you are using, we will work to fill in the slots on your calendar. And if you need a break from appointments, it easy to block off time instantly and enjoy that much-needed vacation. If you’re not using any software, we offer a full-featured appointment scheduling app that will work best for your business. Your calendar will sync in real time so you are able to quickly view your appointments while on the go, and your team can also access the online appointment schedule at the same time.

Our live operators can schedule and reschedule your appointments using the same pool of minutes you use for call handling, messages, and other services. No extra charge! We don’t just schedule your appointments. We also place appointment reminders via email, SMS, or phone call, and book follow-up appointments. No more double-booking or missed appointments. Get 24/7 scheduling support for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house receptionists.

The success of your business depends on your ability to be responsive to all customers and clients in a friendly and professional manner. With an increasingly diverse consumer base, businesses need bilingual virtual receptionists to support the needs of Spanish-speaking callers. According to the Pew Research Center, Spanish is primary languages to more than 37 million individuals in the U.S. Reports by the Department of Commerce indicate that Hispanics will represent 31 percent of the country’s population by 2060. With this numbers in mind, you are cut off from a huge potential market for your products or services when you neglect Spanish language customer service.

At The Best Call Center, we make it easy for you to accommodate customers who prefer to do business in Spanish. You can get bilingual virtual receptions at no extra charge. Even though many of the Spanish-speaking callers may have some grasp of English, having bilingual answering service shows that your company values their business and cares enough to make them feel comfortable. As a result, customer retention and goodwill increase, and satisfied callers will be more likely to refer you to other people. Having full-time bilingual customer service makes good business sense, especially given the fact that you get it all at no additional charge.

No call should be considered routine, especially when there’s an urgent request from a current or potential customer. Slow service and ill-equipped call patching can have you losing customers to your next competitor. You might be missing many crucial calls when your office phone just won’t stop ringing. Also, when clients call during the after-hours, they want to talk to a live person who understands their needs.

The Best Call Center offers a complete set of call patching services designed to ensure your customers get satisfying experiences every time. We work with you to determine how calls should be handled and then deliver results. We always try to answer calls within 3 rings, take the callers details and a message, and then send the message to you via email, text, or fax. But there are times when certain types of calls need to be immediately transferred to you or a specified member of your team. We partner with you to determine which call merit special attention. The protocols can be changed at any time as you wish.

When patching a call, our virtual receptionists will courteously put the caller on hold, try to get in touch with you on a separate line, and if you are available, the call will be transferred to you. We regularly connect and route urgent calls for bail bonds professional, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, and other professionals during all hours of the day. While most other answering companies will offer you call patching with hidden fees, we don’t believe in charging our customers for transferring their calls. We keep our pricing simple and honest.

With The Best Call Center, you save time and also save money because we bill by the minute. The billing stops once you are connected and our live operator hangs up. You’re not charged for any long distance per minute fees, you are not charged for the transferred and how long it lasts, and you are not charged for anything other than the actual time that our agents are handling the call for you. It’s that simple.

The Best Call Center’s message taking and delivery service is the best alternative to having customers leave voicemail messages. While some callers will be willing to leave a message on your voicemail, 7 out of 10 will not. Your callers want to speak to a real person and giving them the option to do so no matter when they call can increase the chances of capturing all of your leads. If you are looking for a simple message taking service, The Best Call Center is an affordable live operator solution for your business.

While taking messages is not the most exciting task you will take care of all day, it still is very essential. In between answering the phone and meeting with clients and suppliers, you and your staff are most likely struggling to complete other tasks before closing time. But when you allow The Best Call Center to take care of your message taking needs, you will be able to free up some of your time so you can handle those tasks you’ve been putting off. While you can’t add hours to the day, you will feel like you did when you use our message taking service.

The Best Call Center allows you to choose which messages are delivered to you and how that’s done. Whether you want secure encrypted emails, regular emails, fax, pager, text messaging, or over the phone, our live operators make sure that your messages are delivered to you promptly and securely.

Throughout the workday, thoughts can get cluttered as tasks are constantly picked up, completed, and others dropped. Our new and improved live answering dashboard organizes your answering service information into a single, user-friendly homepage. The dashboard is loaded with new tools that keep things in one place, making it easy to observe your account and make adjustments. You have around-the-clock control over your account and can check your messages and minutes, manage existing contacts for your office, view reports, and manage your on-call schedules from anywhere- either on your on your tablet/mobile device or desktop.

Our team is always ready to help if you need help configuring your portal. Furthermore, you don’t have to be an online guru to use the dashboard because its features are user-friendly. All you need to do is to follow the simple instructions and you will be all set. You can log in to your account from anywhere, at any time. The key features of our new customer dashboard include:

Messages: You can view all the messages we take for you, sort and make notes on the messages, or export them into an easy-to-read file.

Reports and analytics: Get detailed reports and analytics that show caller ID, time, date, and how the call was handled. You can even export the reports based on billable time, frequent callers, call by region, call by month and date and month, and much more.

Billing: The dashboard allows you to track call durations for each call and also track your billable minutes.

On-call schedule: Create an on-call schedule that your team can easily access and update the information easily and on the fly. You can even have multiple schedules with multiple employees. It’s that convenient.

Mobile-friendly: Our new and improved dashboard looks great and works great on all smartphones. You can make changes to your account on your phone, from anywhere.

It’s only with The Best Call Center that you can get started with a live answering service in less than 15 minutes. Why should you wait 5 business days to have your account activated? Don’t accept anything less than instant. Our system makes it easy so there’s no waiting for hours to get started. To begin with, you choose your own number and then you submit your order. You will receive an activation link via email. You will be required to confirm your script and protocol on how you would like our call center agents to handle your calls. Once you’ve completed that, your account will be active and you will be up and running in no time. From that point, our agents will be available to answer your calls.

You can use the phone number you’ve chosen or can forward your existing number. Forward your calls to us anytime, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year, including after-hours, on holidays, and during the weekends. Now that you are live, you can easily access your account on our dashboard, view your call reports in real-time, update your call script, update account information, change forwarding numbers, and much more.

As an added value to all the services you get when you outsource to The Best Call Center, you get detailed reports and analytics that keep track of all your calls. These reports display the number of calls received, the length and nature of the call, how calls were handled, caller ID, time, date, and other telltale call metrics. The information is broken down in a manner that’s easy to understand and you can access the reports whenever and wherever you want.

What’s more, the story that the data collected has to tell can be translated into useful business information that you can use to make well-versed decisions. The historical data gives you a view of how your business is doing and can also help you predict how your company will perform in the future depending on previous performance. Using the reports and analytics to improve your business’ performance can give you a competitive edge as you work to develop your company to higher heights. It’s easy to export reports that that detail calls by region, calls by billable time, calls by date and time, and much more!

At The Best Call Center, we are committed to empowering our customers to better manage their on-call schedules. So, whether you’re a thriving small business, a growing legal practice, or an established service business, chances are you are always looking for an easier, efficient way to take care of your on-call requirements. When you choose a live answering, you want to ensure that the on-call schedules complement your business needs. The live operators at The Best Call Center understand that every company is different and this is reflected in how we work with your team.

Our on-call platform allows you to make changes on the fly, leaving more room for collaboration and less room for error. You can come up with your own schedule, reducing the chances of missing or duplicate details. You can get emails, text messaging or calls without any extra charge. With this, you get to use the new methods of handling on-call changes and servicing your callers, customers, and patients around the clock.

The Best Call Center helps companies communicate with their customers, capture leads, support customers better, and stay personal as they grow. Our friendly live operators are at the heart of customer service and deliver services guaranteed to create an outstanding virtual office experience. Hundreds of businesses are already using our services. Are you? Get started with us today and feel The Best Call Center difference. Contact us at 800-385-4656 or fill out our online contact form.