With the extreme busy seasons that comes with an accounting business, you can be overwhelmed when there is loads of work to do, and huge volumes of calls from clients to answer. Therefore, it will be easier to manage your calls by seeking help from a call answering service company.

On the same note, professional and personalized handling of client' calls boosts your ratings in the client world, ensuring new clients are referred to try out your services. Investing in a good call answering company will help you manage your clients' calls and provide suitable services in an easy and more organized way.

Best Call Center is a nationwide call answering company that offers call answering services that are customizable to fit your business needs. We are flexible to your requirements, being available 24/7 and 365 days per year. As an accountant, we help you concentrate on your numbers and day-to-day activities, as our trained virtue receptionists handle your clients' calls for you as an in-house receptionist would. Contact us to enjoy a call answering plan that's right for you.

Accountant Call Answering Services

Like the name suggests, call answering services are services offered to help you answer clients' calls when occupied with work or simply not available. Call answering services entails escalating urgent calls, receiving and sending messages, and answering questions that clients may have. Call answering service providers offer virtual receptionists- these are professionally trained personnel trained in your specific business area, who can answer your calls and messages and guide your customers as per your instructions.

They do the work like an in-house receptionist would, but at a much more budget-friendly cost. You only have to pay for the number of calls catered for by the service, unlike an in-house receptionist who has to be paid whether he/she received calls or not. By using a virtual receptionist instead of an in-house receptionist, you ensure you receive help only during busy days or when you need it, in this way, saving you that dime. Once you sign up with a calling service, you will be guided in choosing a package that suits your business type or fits the goals you would like to be met. It will be customized to fit as an extension of your accounting services, such that unless made aware, your customers will never know we are not part of your office.

As an accountant, most of your clients often need urgent advice and guidance on their financial status. Missing their calls makes the clients feel frustrated, and they lose trust in your services, in turn giving you a low rating and reducing your appeal to other clientele. Good customer services will equal more customers wanting you to serve them; hence your profits will escalate. At Best Call Center, we understand the importance of quality phone conversations to help accountants ensure their clientele are served appropriately. Our virtual receptionists are well trained and friendly; hence, they will ensure that your clients’ needs are met. Our flexibility in hours and days makes us reliable, ensuring that you never miss any calls and that your calls are well screened according to your preference. Reach out to us to learn more about the services we have to offer.

Benefits of Call Answering Services for Accountants

The accounting sector is sensitive as clients trust you with their financial details and expect accurate advice in a good time, from you in return. When they call, and their needs cannot be attended to immediately, they will be skeptical about your customer care services. Delay in answering clients' calls or missing their calls is a ticket to losing them to your competitors.

Call answering services help you keep up with the hectic seasons of accounting, such as holiday seasons, tax payment seasons, and fee payment seasons. Ensuring you keep your current clients and attract new ones. Here are some ways in which call answering services help you leverage your accounting services business.

  1. These Services Lift the Pressure of Having to Receive Calls on Busy Days

As an accountant, there are those hectic days where everyone is calling in, looking to have you advise them on financial matters. There is no timing when your loyal customer will need you or when a new customer will need your services. Missing this opportunity because you were in a business meeting, catering for another client, your phone went off, or merely because you are on vacation would be frustrating. Having a call answering service ensures you never miss any clients' calls, giving you more time to find solutions.

  1. Help Accountants Keep Track of Calls and Messages for Reference

With all the clients' accountants handle, tracing when a certain call was made can be as hard as looking for a needle in a haystack. You will be forced to go rummaging through loads of calls to find what you are seeking. You can refer to your past calls easily if you have your calls and messages organized in order of time or subject matter. Call answering services offer options for call screening that will save you time and frustration.

  1. Time-Saving

When it comes to financial matters, clients want detailed information given to them when they call their accountant. Getting down to details over the phone can take up a lot of your time, especially when you have several clients calling in a day. Having call answering services helps you out by taking care of incoming calls; this way, you only have to answer urgent calls. Saved time from answering calls could be what you need to scale that business to bring more profits, or time for you to rest and rejuvenate.

  1. Works as a Space for Advertising Your Services

You can have them customize a message about what other services you can offer, to inform the client on hold waiting to be diverted to you. Call answering services can serve as your space to advertise what other services you can offer your clients. You can have clients listen to an outline of the services you have to offer while on hold. It will ensure that your clients know they can reach out to you when they require certain financial advice or an audit.

  1. Call Screening

It helps you screen your calls and messages in order as you will require. Helping you keep updated on how your business has been going. Which months do you serve the most clients? Which needs do most clients have? In turn, helping you plan out how you can improve your services and give better care to customers.

  1. It Gives Your Business an Authentic and Professional Touch

Whether you are new to the accounting business and looking to make your services appeal to new clients or are already established in the industry. You are looking to enhance your clients' experience, call answering services is the answer for you. It will help you give a feel of style and refinement to your customer service. Your clients will feel more taken care of since their calls will be promptly answered, and they will be sure to note your professionalism in customer handling. It will help you give you a good first impression to new clients for accountants new to the business. Impressed clients will want you to serve them more in the future, and they will also refer other people to you, ensuring your business attracts more clients.

  1. Notifies You of Potential Leads

Not all customers that call are potential clients. It will help you filter the potential clients so that you can lure them into your business. Since call answering services have virtual receptionists trained with a bit about your business area, they will be able to analyze conversations with customers, alerting you when potential leads. It ensures you only deal with your clients or potential clients.

  1. Cost-Effective

It helps reduce costs and maximize benefits since you only pay for the received calls or the services offered. Call answering services are budget-friendly because they help you save expenses that go with having an in-house receptionist. A virtual receptionist is paid following the number of calls or services they have offered you. If there were no calls made on that day, you would incur no expenses. Furthermore, virtual receptionists are quite flexible, answering calls 24/7 and past your working hours as per your requirements.

  1. Better Customer Care

Having a live person answer the clients' calls makes them feel well looked after than them being received by an automated call answering service. Automated call answering services can be inconveniencing to clients who have different needs from those automated recordings could answer. Having a live receptionist is more suitable to fit the wide array of clients accountants have. As opposed to automated call answering services, trained live receptionists will know how to handle different clients’ needs, and answer their questions. They will help your service feel personalized and cater to individual clientele needs more efficiently.

How an Accountant Call Answering Service Works

The first step for you to take is to sign up for our services at the Best Call Center. We have a user-friendly system, with ample guidelines to take you through the sign-up process. Firstly you are required to select your local number or business toll-free number. If you would like two numbers, a small additional fee is charged. After acquiring your toll-free business number, you can submit your order to us.

A link will be then sent to you for activation; it will direct you to our online set-up wizard, and your account will be set up. You will then be required to provide guidelines that you would like us to follow while answering your clients' calls and messages. At this point, you will have successfully gone through the sign-up process, and you will have an active account at Best Call Center. Your new number will then be published, and you are good to go! To customize our call services to fit your business and your clients' needs, we will require you to provide details about the services that you provide. We will also require you to set goals with us of what you expect from us so that we can serve you appropriately.

At Best Call Center, we intend to follow your guidelines to the tooth, so that as we serve your clients, they will feel like we are part of your accounting services business. Our goal is to be a useful link between you and your clients: allowing communication to flow smoothly while at the same time saving you time to focus on your daily tasks. Our staff will guide you in creating a script that you would like our virtual receptionist to use when answering your clients' calls. Some questions to guide you in the customization process will be:

  • Would you like your clients to know that a call answering service is answering their calls, or should our receptionists portray themselves as in-house receptionists?
  • How should we handle calls made past your office working hours?
  • Which types of calls will we be answering? These could be appointment calls, financial advice calls, or business calls.
  • What are some of the questions your clients may ask, and which responses are suitable?
  • Which calls should we escalate?
  • What calls will be deemed urgent, or what factors can we consider to decide if a client's situation is an emergency?
  • Which personalized greeting should your clients be greeted with?
  • Which clients' problems can be solved by sending an SMS or email and which messages should be sent to who?
  • How should clients who request to speak to their accountant directly be handled?
  • How can your phone records be sorted: would you prefer them screened in terms of date and time or terms of the subject matter?
  • Who do you want to speak with?

By giving your responses to these questions, you will have fully customized our services to suit your business's nature. Clients will never know a call answering service is answering your calls on their behalf. No calls will be missed or delayed; thus, the customers will be left with a good impression of your business.

We also understand that the business sector keeps changing, and therefore, you will need to keep changing your packages to fit in with your business changes. By this, we have ensured that we have short term plans to improve our flexibility. Whether you need our services on certain weeks of some months or certain months in a year, we are ready to work with you.

Services Provided at Best Call Center

At Best Call Center, we are all about helping accountants provide quality customer care for their clients, helping them grow their business, whether small or large. We offer several options for service options for you to choose from. You can choose one service or a whole package depending on your business needs. Some services that we offer are:

  1. Call Patching

Call patching allows call answering services to connect you with your client, and then drop off from the line and let you take charge as if you were the one who received the call. When a client calls, our virtual receptionist will call you or any other personnel that may be of help. If someone answers the call, our virtual receptionist will patch the clients' call to you or your staff.

As an accountant, you want certain calls to reach you, but you cannot keep up with answering incoming calls. All patching comes in. Once you provide us with guidelines on which calls you would like us to patch, we will prioritize your calls. Call patching helps you have your clients catered to by allocating them to your helpers in the business, therefore taking the load of doing everything off your back. By having your calls screened, you can also avoid people who may have intentions of harassing you. You will only have to speak to clients or potential clients, in this way, improving your security.

  1. Call Forwarding

We offer rollover call forwarding, transfer call forwarding as well as total screening. Roll-forwarding is whereby we will answer your calls after around four rings. Transfer call forwarding and total screening will have us answer your calls after the first ring. You can also opt for full-time call answering services, whereby we will answer all your clients' calls, and there will be zero transfers. The way your calls will be answered, and when they are answered will depend on the guidelines you will give us. You can choose to turn off call forwarding at night or weekends, and we will obtain detailed information from your clients then deliver the messages to you later on.

  1. Receiving Messages

The advantage of having a call answering service manage your calls is that you do not have to attend to every client. Some clients' needs can be met by simply sending them a well-structured message or text. Our virtual receptionists are professionals and will send your clients messages according to their needs as guided by you in your customized script of responses. This service will ensure only the essential calls will be forwarded to you. Messages clients might give to be delivered to you are accurately recorded and then forwarded to you.

  1. Appointment Scheduling

As an accountant, you are quite busy, especially during certain seasons, such as school reopening or tax-paying periods. Clients are looking to be attended to fast before they make financial decisions. It can be so inconveniencing if you unknowingly schedule two appointments simultaneously, then two clients show up, and you have no idea who to serve and who to send home and meet on another day.

Having your call answering service provider to also schedule your clients' appointments for you can save you from embarrassing situations by streamlining your business needs. Our services at Best Call Center are a full package. Talk to us today. We will reduce scheduling errors; we fit client meetings, appointments, and important tasks into your digital calendar. You can plan and allocate your time appropriately and boost your company's productivity.

  1. Bilingual Staff

There is nothing that beats a good conversation with someone who speaks and understands your language. Customers will feel even more represented if a virtual receptionist greets them or communicates to them in their language. Being a nationwide operating company, Best Call Center understands the importance of diversity. The United States is home to people speaking various languages, who may not be conversant in English. The bilingual virtual receptionists at Best Call Center will ensure you do not lose prospective clients due to language barriers. We will help you expand your client base and reach your non-English speaking customers. Reach out to us and be informed of which languages our bilingual virtue receptionists are conversant with.

  1. Detailed Reports Analytics

As we mentioned earlier, it can be stressful having to go through loads of call logs to find the call log you want to check on. You could also require detailed information about the calls you've made in a certain period, the volume of the calls, length of the calls, and location of the calls. These call reports can be provided to you at Best Call Center at an affordable fee. Knowing the general trend of your clients' calls can help you improve your clients' customer care services and assist in overall planning and budgeting.

  1. 24/7 - 365 Service Availability

We at Best Call Center believe each call matters and could mean a new business opportunity for you. Therefore, our call answering services are available, whether day or night, as well as working days and non-working days such as public holidays or weekends. We ensure you will never miss an important call.

  1. Receive Notifications Via SMS and Email

Once our virtual receptionists answer your calls, they will send you your messages via email or SMS, whichever you prefer. Your messages will be sent to you promptly so that you can respond to your clients fast.

Pricing and Costs Made Simple

After signing up with Best Call Center, your account will be promptly activated. Prices are charged as per the services you use, honestly with no hidden costs.

Find a Call Answering Service Near Me

At Best Call Center, we are all about business improvement through quality customer support through advanced technology. Therefore, we will provide you with flexible call answering services and friendly staff giving you a competitive edge. We are dedicated to helping you save your time, win more clients, and keep the ones you already have. Contact us at 800-385-4656 and bid goodbye to missed calls!