Substance abuse is not only detrimental to the one addicted but also their friends and family members. The recovery journey starts when a victim decides that they want help with the addiction problem. Calling an addiction recovery center could be hard for an addict. Making this call requires humility and will power. In this delicate moment, the caller needs to hear an assuring and calm voice from the receiver.

At the Best Call Center answering service, we provide professional call answering services for addiction recovery and rehabilitation centers across the U.S. Our call agents have experience in handling addicts and caregivers seeking assistance for their loved ones. Our receptionists schedule confidential follow-ups with an addiction expert to ensure that every person receives the necessary assistance.

What to Expect From the Best Call Center

At Best Call Center, our agents have the right qualifications and experiences to enable you to provide the best support to your patients. We deal with individual addiction coaches, psychiatrists, large addiction recovery centers, small addiction recovery groups, and addiction management hotlines. You may also expect the following at our addiction recovery answering services:

  • A dedicated team that will support addiction victims on their way to recovery
  • Staff available on a 24/7 basis to receive phone calls for your entity
  • Professional agents and highly trained staff who can put callers at ease and give them the deserved help
  • Full access to customer satisfaction tracking tools and our call management systems to help you measure our effectiveness

Our call answering services are available nationwide. We are available 24/7 to answer every call and explain to clients about your addiction treatment programs. We ensure that you never miss a call whenever recovery assistance is required. Not all companies dealing with answering services have the knowledge and competency to handle addiction recovery clients.

At Best Call Center, we understand that people struggling with addiction are sensitive and need proper handling.  We combine the tactfulness of our competent call agents with a counselor’s compassion. You can only give the best care to recovering addicts when you employ an effective call answering service. We transfer calls or schedule detailed assessments of the victims to help you understand their treatment and medical history.

Importance of Using a Live Answering Service

As a business enterprise, it’s crucial to embrace all means to make your clients feel valued. When recovering from an addiction or going through rehabilitation, clients need to feel that they can always count on you. You may find it hard to balance between customer support, and you're in house clients. With our live answering services, we can handle all your phone calls and give you time to focus on your in-house clients.

Unlike a simple voicemail inbox or an automated messaging system, a live answering service gives your clients personalized attention. It makes your clients feel valued and gives them the chance to resolve their issues with a real person’s help. Some of the reasons why your business should use our live answering services are:

It’s Cost-Effective

It’s much cheaper to use a live call answering service than to hire an in-house receptionist. Paying an in-house person to answer the call requires you to put him or her on the payroll. One the other hand, automated and voicemail systems have fixed costs. However, you'll only pay for the minutes spent handling your clients' calls with a live answering service. A life all service will offer valuable insights to your clients by talking directly to them when they call. Most calls require effort and time irrespective of the answering system you use. Our live answering service ensures that all calls are handled and routed as efficiently.

Call Transfer to the Right Staff

At Best Call Center, our live answering service goes beyond handling customers’ phone calls. We ensure that all phone calls are routed to the right people or departments in your company.  It would be frustrating to keep tossing customers from one recipient to the other. Therefore, we endeavor to do everything right by ensuring our team works efficiently to make your clients happy.

Live Calls are Reliable Unlike Automated Services

Automated systems often disappoint clients. Automated systems don’t offer a personalized service. Most clients will hang the phone immediately when they realize they’ve been directed to an automated call answering service. Automated answering systems are only confined to the given pre-selected options. This makes it hard to use a dynamic answering system, and at times, it proves tricky for clients to express their real problems.

Your Clients are Valued

A live answering service makes clients feel valued and important. It also informs your clients that they can still make a personal connection with your company. On the other hand, automated systems make a client feel like they are just a client without a connection to your company. The problem is even worse if a client had interacted with a live person upon calling your competitor.

Services Offered at the Best Call Center

At Best Call Center, we try our best to do everything right. We serve many rehabilitation centers in the entire United States. We know what it means to run a rehabilitation center. Therefore, we give our best by ensuring that professionalism comes first. Most of our clients are happy with the quality call answering services we provide. When our agents answer your clients’ phone calls, your clients will think they are speaking to your employees. We provide various leading services, such as:

  • 24-hour answering services
  • Bilingual answering services
  • After-hours answering service
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Virtual receptionists
  • Message dispatching service
  • Emergency call answering service
  • Call patch service

24-Hour Live Answering Services

The greatest advantage of using an answering service is how it expands your company business hours. Whether you deal with local clients or clients from across the world who require support at any time, 24-hour answering service means their calls will be answered. At Best Call Center, we provide all-time professional call answering services for rehabilitation centers nationwide. We have highly qualified phone call agents in handling the addicts. We also support rehabilitation centers to offer exceptional services to their clients.

A 24-hour phone answering service will ensure that your rehabilitation center is accessible, even after-hours. It will also save you money and time you would spend on in-house staff.  It’s much cheaper to have a phone answering service than hiring in-house staff. At Best Call Center, we will route your emergency calls and direct them to your staff as required. We will give you time to rest after your day's work without worrying about your clients’ missed calls.

By collaborating with our 24-hour answering services, you will be relieved from your clients' overwhelming phone calls. Expect the best when you move all your phone traffic to us. Your staff will also have enough time to focus on other duties to take your addiction recovery center to higher levels. We reduce interruptions to your team, enabling them to work more efficiently.

You will give your clients the freedom to reach your rehabilitation center any time with 24-hour answering services. 24-hour answering services enhance the extension of operations in your rehabilitation center. Through these services, your clients can access the necessary attention any time at night or day. Therefore, it's essential to keep your phone lines on always, on weekends, daytime, night, or during holidays.

Bilingual Live Call Answering Services

It's advantageous to collaborate with a bilingual answering service. It goes as far as expanding your business market and enabling you to reach as many clients as possible. Bilingual phone answering service is a must-have for any rehabilitation center in the current competitive globe. 

At Best Call Center, we pride in taking care of both your Spanish-speaking and English-speaking clients. With the growing population of the Spanish-speaking population in the United States, our bilingual answering service ensures they do not feel left out. With bilingual call answering service, your customers will have the freedom to decide on the language they understand. 

Rehabilitation centers require a highly specialized level of call handling to accommodate all your clients. To obtain specific information from your clients, we use custom scripting. The state-of-art technology we use helps to communicate with bilingual clients with a lot of ease. You can always count on our highly trained phone call answering agents. Top-notch qualifications place our agents in a better position to support your clients.

Receiving calls and sending accurate messages with caring and proper tone depends on the bilingual answering service you choose. In the United States, we rate among the best bilingual phone answering services. Our professional phone call agents will respond to all your clients’ calls using your center name and custom greetings. We will make it easy for Spanish and English clients to make appointments to discuss their addiction problems.

Scheduling Appointments

When running a rehabilitation center, an answering service can help you make bookings and schedule appointments without tying up your full-time employees. All you need to do is prepare to handle a full calendar that your answering service booked for you. At Best Call Center, we will keep your appointment calendar full and provide a reminder call service to your clients. Therefore, consider the Best Call Center if you need an appointment service available 24/7.

To know when your appointment is and avoid missing your clients' appointments, Best Call Center has an online portal that enables you to see all your real-time appointments. If you require breaks in-between the appointments made, our operators are available to effect any change. We will be glad to receive your opinion on the number of appointments you would like to handle per day. We will also allow you to choose early appointments. You can postpone your appointments to the next day or handle as many appointments as you can on the same day.

To begin your appointment schedule, we only need you to notify us about your specifications and requirements. Our operators will do their best to fix all your calendar slots. We have you at heart; you do not need to worry even if you have different appointment calendars.

You should never allow your clients' phone calls to go to voicemail. It could be frustrating for your clients if they learned that they could only make an appointment during working hours. Allow your clients to make appointments whenever they want. In this case, the Best Call Center may be of help to offer reminder call service and appointment scheduling.

Answering Services During After Hours

Most addicts need access to addiction advice at all hours. Often, after-hours phone calls are common in rehabilitation centers. Ensuring that all client calls at these hours are handled and answered professionally is key. The calls can also increase depending on the severity of needs. After-hour answering services will serve as an extension of your addiction center hours. You will be able to offer continuous services to your clients. At Best Call Center, we will receive all phone calls from all over the United States. Your customers will be able to access your rehabilitation center even after work hours.

Life won’t be any easier without having support. Find an answering service provider that can ensure your clients have an experience they can count on and lighten your burden. By knowing that they can call your rehabilitation center any time, your customers will have a lot of confidence in you. At Best Call Center, we will receive your phone calls when you're out of the office. If your busy season is around the corner, our professional answering service is your best solution. This is because burnout is a real problem, and a live call answering service will help you free some time.

If you’re in the rehabilitation center business, it’s important to be ready for service phone calls 24/7. Having an after-hours answering service can be a big solution for your business. You will be able to stand out from your competitors if you have a person to handle all your customers' inquiries, even at odd hours. This will be of great help to some of your clients who might not reach you during your normal working hours.

Exceptional Virtual Receptionists

It gives clients a good impression when their calls are answered professionally and quickly. It also paints a great image to your rehabilitation center that your clients will love. With Best Call Center Virtual Receptionists, we will relieve your staff by taking care of all the phone calls. Finding a virtual receptionist with ISO 9001 can bring professionalism to your business and can ensure that high standards are met. Our live virtual receptionist will route the calls to the right person in your center or take any message.

It can be beneficial to your time when you use a virtual receptionist if you don't have an on-site receptionist. You can have your calls taken on your behalf, instead of being tied to your smartphone or desk. To stay updated on what is happening throughout the day, you can receive notices via messages. The virtual receptionist will dispatch messages to the right departments and people within your rehabilitation center.

Using a virtual receptionist is cheaper than hiring a full-time receptionist to receive your addictive center’s calls. You don’t have to use money that you can use to expand or improve your center further. Our virtual receptionists can receive many calls coming into your rehabilitation center at a time.

We give every client the maximum attention he or she needs. The chances of having missed calls or sending your customers to voicemail are next to none. With a virtual receptionist, the costs such as paid sick days, and vacations that come with employing a full-time receptionist will be a thing of the past. Regardless of your addiction recovery center’s size, you can make use of our virtual receptionist and reap its benefits.

Most companies find it an issue to answer all their phone calls without fail even during normal working hours. This is because their employees go to the bathroom and lunch breaks. Our virtual receptionist will address these problems since we are always available when you need us. You will never worry about a receptionist going on vacation or break. Your phone calls will always be received during operation hours and after work hours.

Message Dispatching Services

At Best Call Center, we are always available to handle your customers’ messages, both routine and urgent. Our experienced virtual receptionists will categorize all the messages in their order of priority. They will then transfer urgent messages to your staff directly. Clarity is the highlight of our message dispatch service. Our call agents are professional, and they can be relied on since they are always available to handle incoming messages and calls on time.

If your customers have emergencies, we will be there to listen to them and send the feedback to you regarding their needs. We are experienced in supporting rehabilitation centers in the United States. We will ensure that the messages are in line with your centers’ principles.

Emergency Live Call Answering Services

At Best Call Center, we are responsible for answering all emergency calls in the United States. We provide low-cost emergency call answering services. We are also responsible for emergency text messaging service. You'll pay for what you receive since we price our calls by the minutes.

Emergencies do occur, and they can occur at any time. Our live call agents will relieve you and your employees of the burden at any time. We will still ensure your customers speak with the right person on the line. Furthermore, our services are always available even in areas facing natural disasters such as floods and storms. We have agents in many parts of the U.S. We will be operational with our live agents from safer areas even during times of crisis.

Professional Call Patching

There are several ways of handling your customers’ calls. However, for you to improve your customer care level and save money, call-patching services are the only option. At Best Call Center, we understand this and the value it may have to your rehabilitation center. Call patching service is better than and different from automated systems that use menu options and recordings to transfer calls.

Our highly trained live receptionists handle call-patching services. These professional receptionists will answer all calls from your clients and help them reach the right department or person. Our call-patching agent will also try to obtain more information about your client's needs, instead of just asking what extension the client is seeking.

There are several advantages to offering call-patching services to your clients. First, you may not need an in-house receptionist to handle your clients’ calls because you’ll have an outsourced call-patching service. Secondly, there is no need to take your employees from their work to answer clients’ calls. Our live receptionist will handle all the clients’ calls, giving your employees time to attend their work, increasing efficiency.

Call-patching services will also make your rehabilitation center easily accessible. Your clients will know that they will talk to the right person any time they call you, rather than having endless recordings and menu options. Having agents handling your calls is an opportunity to give stellar customer service, instead of computer systems. Personalized service prompts people to speak highly of your center, increases client retention, and builds good relationships.

Find the Best Call Center Services Near Me

Rehabilitation and addiction recovery centers are always busy. An ideal way of enhancing your clients' service delivery is by ensuring that you pick up all calls. You can make it easier by working with a professional call answering service. At the Best Call Center, we offer quality call answering services for rehabilitation centers countrywide. If you're wondering how to balance your busy schedule and many phone calls, we can assist. Contact us at 800-385-4656 and speak to one of our experienced call operators.