You never get a second chance to make an excellent first impression. When a new or potential client calls your business, their first impression depends on how they are received. If the call goes to an answering machine or an indifferent receptionist answers it, the client is likely to consider your business unresponsive and insensitive. Therefore, you should ensure that clients get a professional greeting that matches your organization's professionalism when clients call your office. A professional call answering service is an efficient and cost-effective way of creating a consistent, professional appearance. If you need a reliable call answering service in Columbus, you can count on Best Call Center.

Why Your Business Needs A Call Answering Service

You may not be sure whether a call answering service can benefit your business, especially a small business. Perhaps you feel that you can manage with an in-house receptionist. Even if you operate a small business, you could greatly benefit from a Columbus answering service:

Save Money On Your In-house Staff

A professional call answering service is a great way to save money on your in-house staff. When you take the burden of answering calls off their shoulders, our staff will focus on other crucial tasks like sales, customer care, and content creation. You will also keep other staff-related costs down. These costs include employee benefits like payroll taxes and bonuses. You will also save money on salaries, customer service costs, and training costs.

Answering phone calls while still performing other work duties could take a toll on your employees, leading to high staff turnovers. Your employees will enjoy more job satisfaction when they don’t overwork and answer all phone calls.

When customers call your business, they want their questions answered as soon as possible. When your staff takes some time off, for example, a lunch break, a client's call could go unanswered. However, with a call answering service, no phone call will be missed. Never missing out on a client’s phone call will earn you more clients, which will translate to more revenue for your business.

Increased Employee Productivity

Every business owner who has to manage many things simultaneously can agree that phone calls can be disruptive and distracting. You do not want your employees to be distracted, often leaving other tasks to handle phone calls. If an in-house staff has to answer phone calls, they have to leave your in-house clients to answer the phone. Your in-house customers might feel abandoned, which will affect your customer service rating.

With the help of a professional call answering service, it is possible to filter customers and only forward the very crucial calls to the relevant employees. In addition, the professional answering agents will answer most questions that callers may have regarding your business. In turn, your employees will concentrate on their work without disruption of their workflow.

24-Hour Availability

Even if you wanted to, you can’t keep your office open on a 24-hour basis, and neither can you keep your in-house staff in the office beyond work hours. Instead of forming an in-house phone answering team that cannot work 24/7, it is better to work with a professional answering service. Failing to hire an answering service would put you at a disadvantage with bigger companies with a full-time answering service. By hiring an answering service, you will be fully accessible and stay on top of your business, even beyond office hours. This means that your customers can always reach you, even on weekends, holidays, and at night. You will save you and your clients the immense stress that results from missed phone calls.

No matter what time clients call your office, they will receive a professional response. Call answering companies train their agents to be professional, competent, and responsive. This training ensures that your customers receive the best customer support possible. The agents are empathetic and career-minded; they have a knack for handling all clients' queries and sorting them in order or priority.

An answering service presents your business as a far more established and reputable company in the eyes of callers. It helps build strong, lasting customer relationships and maintains loyalty. If you need to close your office for any reason (weather, emergency, and power outage), the call answering service keeps working. Your company will still be open for business even when the unexpected happens.

Exceptional Professionalism To Your Clients

If you run a professional practice, you don’t want someone answering your phones casually. With a Columbus call answering service tailored for your business and complete with a virtual receptionist, you will have full control over how all incoming calls are handled. In addition, you can customize the call answering script to ensure that it reflects the level of professionalism you desire.

There are numerous live answering services for businesses in Columbus. However, you can never be sure that these agents will provide exceptional professionalism. When choosing an answering service, it is essential to ensure that you work with a well-established company. If you search the internet, you will come across horror stories regarding call answering agents. However, this does not mean that all live answering services are unprofessional and unreliable. If you invest in an answering service, you want to ensure that the agents understand what your business does. In addition, you want to ensure that you don’t encounter undertrained or underqualified answering agents. You wouldn’t want the person answering your calls to make your company look bad.

Professional answering service makes your company sound more established. Even if your company is in a growing phase, your business will sound larger and more reputable when you have an answering service.

A Personalized Customer Service

If you want a Columbus answering service customized just for you, you can count on us. Professional answering companies create a customized script with the help of a business owner to give their services a personalized touch. You have control over how you would love the call agent to pitch in the sales for you. Professional virtual receptionists take time to gather information regarding their clients’ businesses. By taking time to understand your business, the receptionist can handle any situation without pressure or difficulties. Your customers won’t have to wait on hold because the professional answering agents answer calls within three rings.

Professional answering agents are keen to follow all the instructions you give them. Call answering services are worth outsourcing.

Unmatched Flexibility And Freedom

When you have a professional answering service working for you, you can take some time off work without worrying about missing any calls from your clients. You can have the crucial calls transferred to you as you work remotely. You don’t need to stay at your office on weekends to attend to phone calls. An answering service will handle all calls on your behalf, so you have a work-life balance and enhance efficiency in what you do. You can be out of the office whenever you desire and still receive essential calls. An answering service will drastically release the risk of burnout.

A significant percentage of workers telecommute at some point in their careers. Remote work has become more popular as more workers participate in remote teams. Many companies are taking advantage of the low costs that come with work-at-home employees. One of the main challenges of telecommuting is communication. If different employees are located in different parts of the country, one phone system cannot work for them. With a professional answering service, communication is not a problem. Callers can call a universal customer number and get in touch with any team member, no matter where the members are working from.

Even if every employee in your organization is virtual, the call agent can transfer the callers to the department or the individual they wish to reach. The callers will not realize that your employees work remotely. They will assume that all your staff works together. The call agent will route the calls to where they should go; everyone will pick up the calls they are responsible for.

Messages And Call Dispatch Services

With a professional answering service, you will never miss any message from your client. You can retrieve and access your messages in multiple ways. For example, the call agent can send you a voicemail transcription or direct a voicemail to your email. You can access your messages in a convenient format that suits your nest. You can scan through your messages, enabling you to differentiate between cold pitchers and leads interested in your products and services.

Imagine how much time a professional call dispatch service could save you? For example, if you run a florist business, you can have all requests for delivery, weddings, and other purposes go to different voicemails. Call dispatch service saves you time, allowing you to focus on calls that you want to prioritize at a given time. You don’t have to wade through hundreds of calls to find what you want. With the help of a virtual receptionist and an automated menu, you can organize your calls in a way that you like.

Even with call dispatch services, your callers will not realize that their calls are being transferred. Instead, all your staff will sound like they are in the same building, helping create a cohesive image for your business even if you work with freelancers and remote workers.

No Waiting Time For Callers

Callers trying to reach a live person in an organization often have to wait, with the average time on hold ranging between 10 and 20 minutes. With a professional answering service, your customers won’t have to wait whenever they call your company. They will be connected with the person they want to reach, and if the person is not available, they can leave a message for someone in your team to call them back. By reducing the waiting time for your clients, you reduce their frustrations. Many customers do not complete a transaction if they are subject to poor customer service. Prompt call answering services are critical for your company, earning you more clients.

Never Miss A Call Again

Missing a call could be disastrous, especially if you are trying to secure new leads. You wouldn’t want to miss a call since this could translate to a missed sale. With a professional Columbus answering service, you don’t have to worry. A virtual receptionist will capture every information about your callers; the callers can easily leave a message.

Your clients will never have to deal with answering machines, unanswered calls, or long wait times. On the other hand, you never have to be concerned about missed opportunities. With an answering service, all your incoming calls will be answered. Your callers will receive a professional and personalized greeting. Answering services make it easy to forward calls, enabling you to answer them quickly.

Why Choose Best Call Center

As one of the leading Columbus call answering centers, the Best Call Center can manage your company's calls 24/7. Any business could greatly benefit from our call answering services, such as a property management company, law firm, government agency, medical office, real estate company, and hospitality establishments. We provide a wide range of services and can conveniently handle large call volumes while your in-house employees focus on other tasks.

Some of the factors that set us apart from other call answering service providers in Columbus are:

  • We uphold the highest standards in customer service. All our agents are professionals, always leaving a good impression on your clients
  • We will handle all your calls 24 hours a day, even after work hours when your employees have gone home
  • All our agents are highly trained in serving as virtual receptionists, screening calls, taking orders, and setting appointments.
  • We provide a bilingual call answering service to accommodate a wide range of clients. All our services are affordable, with no hidden fees.
  • We use proprietary software allowing our clients to enjoy unlimited call scripting as we provide full assistance to their customers.

Find A Reliable Columbus Answering Service Near Me

The demands of today's fast-paced world could take a toll on your business performance. You need a reliable answering service to keep you ahead of the competition, ensuring that you don’t miss an opportunity to interact with potential and existing clients. For many years, Best Call Center has served clients in Columbus with a live answering service. You can also benefit from our services. Contact us at 800-385-4656 and speak to one of our agents.