Customer service is a significant part of any business. No one wants to call your business and listen to an automated message. When you partner with an answering service, their agents will always be available to answer your calls and take your messages. This helps eliminate the issue of missed calls and gives your clients direct contact and feedback for their inquiries and concerns. 

An answering service comes as part of a virtual office, and it enables you to run your business from anywhere. Regardless of the type of business you operate, an answering service could help improve your professionalism and flexibility. At Best Call Center, we provide various services to meet your business needs. Additionally, our Kansas City Answering service agents are always available to cater to your callers’ needs to ensure the growth of your business.

Overview of Answering Service

An answering service is an individual or company that takes calls for your business. In addition to answering your calls, the answering service agents will forward the messages to you and engage in other forms of communication with your clients and customers. Having an answering service for your business is like having a receptionist. However, the answering service is always available to take the calls after hours and during holidays. If your company has a large flow of calls, you will benefit significantly from partnering with an answering service. 

Sectors that Could Benefit from an Answering Service

Phone answering services are associated with large businesses with an unmanageable volume of phone calls. Although this is true, almost all business sectors could significantly benefit from partnering with a Kansas City Answering Service. The answering service will improve customer service and relieve the office staff from attending to other business matters. If you are in the following business sectors, you should consider hiring an answering service:

Law Firms

When you run a law firm, you cannot spend a lot of time answering the calls. Answering service agents can take your calls when you are busy in court or after hours when your office receptionist is not working. Despite the popular belief that an answering service may not meet the high standards expected in the legal sector, there are advanced services that work to accommodate your firm’s framework. Most people who call your law firm are likely to need immediate help. Hiring an answering service ensures that a potential client has immediate human interaction.

Real Estate Agency

Renting and selling property involves constant calls between the property owner, the agent, and the buyers or renters. The initial interaction is a crucial part of running a real estate business. Therefore, you want your callers to always receive human contact. Although most real estate agencies work from nine to five, a phone answering service ensures that your calls are answered at all times. When the answering service agents take you up for the calls, you can meet with clients and fill out paperwork for the business.

Accountancy Firms

Depending on the seasonal rushes, your accountancy firm could be receiving a high volume of calls for inquiries. If you focus on taking the calls, you may never have time to deal with the real issues, which is not good for your business. When you partner with an answering service, you can pass the calls to agents. Like in the legal sector, accountancy and finance firms require a high standard of specialist and professional answering services. Also, there is an increased importance for data protection and confidentiality.


Running a retail business often involves a large call inflow. From inquiries about opening hours to calls regarding stock availability, you may tend to be overwhelmed. Outsourcing your calls to an answering service will provide an instant solution. When the answering service agents attend to your calls, you will not need to compromise your customer service with missed calls and automated messages. Additionally, you can use your time to attend to the customers at the store.

Medical Practices

From dentists to doctors or even vets, most medical practitioners have similar challenges in managing their calls. Clinics are very busy caring for their patients and performing medical procedures. Sitting around to pick up every call that comes through to the establishment will take away from the time you could spend taking care of your patients. A phone answering service will help you manage the call overflow in your reception. This ensures that your patients can speak to a real person and address their concerns.

Recruitment Firms

As a recruiter, you will need to communicate with potential candidates constantly. Unfortunately, candidates already in full-time employment may be unavailable to answer your calls. Telephone answering service agents work 24/7 and will be available for office callbacks from clients on weekends.

Corporate Businesses

Even when you own or run a large business with a team of dedicated receptionists, a telephone answering service could be a great supplement when the in-house receptionists are not in a position to answer your calls. Managing your calls from a Kansas City Answering Service provides the impartiality and professionalism required to present your business in the best light.

E-Commerce Companies

Dealing with inquiries related to delivery is one of the biggest channels for an e-commerce company. When you operate an online business that deals directly with clients, you cannot afford to jeopardize the instant level of customer interaction through the phone. Instead of dealing with missed calls and automated messages, you can outsource your calls to a telephone answering service. This helps ensure that the queries and complaints from your clients are attended to instantly.

When a customer complaint comes through, the telephone answering service agents will help reduce the waiting time and avoid frustrating the callers. Providing a prompt response and solution to your clients will enhance the company’s reputation while reducing the cost.

Factors to Consider When Partnering with an Answering Service 

Hiring an answering service could benefit your business significantly. However, partnering with the right answering service agent could make a difference in the success of your business. Before settling for an answering service, you will need to review different companies to determine what suits your business needs best. Some of the factors that you could consider when searching for an answering service include:

  • Hours of Operation

One of the most crucial requirements you need to have for the right answering service is ensuring that they work 24/7. When you think of partnering with an answering service, you want your calls to be answered after hours and on holidays when your in-house receptionist is unavailable. If you rely on the answering service to capture leads and take urgent calls, 24/7 availability is crucial.

  • Ensure Operators Represent your Business Professionally

Partnering with an answering service can break or do your business. One of the most important features you need to look out for when you search for an answering service is the professionalism of their agents. You must ensure that the agents taking your calls provide the kind of service you would if you answered the calls.

  • Ability to Personalize the Experience for your Callers

If you hope to maintain the continuity of calls between your business and your clients, you must ensure that the answering service agents provide a personalized experience for the callers. When you choose an answering service, they should be willing to learn your business and answer your calls according to y=to the script. Since all businesses are built on customer loyalty, personalized answering services will emphasize the importance of your business to your callers.

  • Know your Budget

The amount of money you spend on each aspect of your business is crucial in ensuring your growth. Telephone answering services range from $0 for a free trial to thousands of dollars. The amount you pay will depend on your needs and the size of your business. Different answering service companies have different pricing tiers. Some companies will require you to pay a flat rate for their services, while others charge you depending on the number of calls they answer for your business.

When you seek to hire an answering service, it is crucial to consider your budget. This will help you dictate the best pricing model for your business.

  • Emergency Dispatch System

Regardless of the type of business you run, you will most likely need to handle urgent calls. When you dispatch hot leads, you want to partner with a telephone answering service to work closely with your office receptionists to meet your customer service needs.

  • 3rd Party App Compatibility

One of the difficulties you could experience when finding the right answering service is the compatibility with your business. Depending on the significance of the integration, you want to partner with an answering service whose software is compatible with what you are using for your business.

Benefits of Hiring an Answering Service for your Business

How you respond to callers when they contact your business will affect how they move forward. Most callers do not want to listen to automated messages when they call for an inquiry. Having answering agents to take the calls and speak directly to your customers and clients could be significant for the growth of the business. Some of the benefits you could enjoy from hiring a call answering service include:

It Saves you Money

The issue of cost is a top priority for many businesses. Each time you hire an in-house receptionist, you will need to take time and resources to facilitate their training. Additionally, you will need to pay their salaries even when your business is seasonal. When you partner with a Kansas City Answering Service, you will receive professional and top-notch services at a lower cost. This is because most answering service providers will charge you for the number of calls they answer for your business.

It is Customizable

Most answering survives come with a customizable feature. In this case, you can explain your needs, and the agents will work to meet those needs. This will help ensure an optimal experience for your customers. Additionally, all businesses can select the number of calls to be handled and sell them to customers.

Use of High-tech Equipment

Answering service providers own some of the most State-of-the-art equipment and technology. This helps ensure that all your calls are effectively answered and transmitted to the relevant departments in your business. Additionally, these equipment are designed to function in unlikely events to ensure no interruptions in the service provision. 

It Helps Schedule Appointments

The business world is filled with challenges, but you must keep it successful and top of the market. A significant element in a business’s success lies handling and managing your customer service. In addition to taking and dispatching calls, answering service agents can book and schedule appointments for your clients. When you consider partnering with an answering service, you need to ensure that the company you choose can offer this additional service.

Makes your Business sound more Established

When you work with an in-house receptionist, you must train them to fit your business needs. However, you cannot control how they answer the phone or respond to the callers. If the receptionist has a bad day, they are unlikely to represent your business in the best light. If you hire a Kansas City Answering Service, you are assured that your clients will receive information based on the scripts you provide. In this case, your business will sound more established. 

Find a Competent Answering Service Provider Near Me

The response a customer or client receives when they call your business could encourage them to work with you or call the next business. Having unanswered phone calls could be detrimental to the growth of your business. Since most office staff are busy handling other business issues, partnering with a telephone answering service could be a wise decision.

A telephone answering service will do more than answer calls for your business. Depending on the service you agree upon, the answering service agents can help take your messages, dispatch important calls, and schedule appointments. When the answering service agents take you up on these roles, you can focus your attention on other important matters in the business.

At Best Call Center, we understand how spending time on the phone can take away the time needed to attend to your client's needs, and we can relieve you from this duty by answering your calls. If you are looking to boost your customer service by partnering with a telephone answering service, we invite you to contact our Kansas City Answering Service Agents today at 800-385-4656