As an eye doctor, your schedule could be overwhelmed to the extent you cannot handle phone calls from patients looking to book appointments or make inquiries. As an optician, optometrist, or ophthalmologist, you are bound to face numerous eye emergency cases that demand your attention throughout the day.

While it’s your job to attend to eye-problem patients visiting your clinic, it is essential not to neglect patients who make calls seeking medical help. Your employees may also be overwhelmed by attending to patients present in the clinic and receiving several calls from other patients. Consequently, the patients in the clinic may feel neglected, even though the front desk operator may be doing his/her best to uphold excellent services.

Managing your clinic by seeking call answering services, eradicates these challenges at your eye clinic. With our answering services, you could reach and serve more patients promptly. Moreover, your employees can give uninterrupted attention and care to your eye patients because of the minimum phone call distractions.

Partnering with the Best Call Center assures you of better call management and excellent customer support services. Our skilled personnel is ready to handle all inbound calls, guaranteeing your efficiency in communication round the clock. With a nationwide service delivery, we are happy to partner with any Eye Doctor clinic in the country to ensure that you provide your patients with the best call experience.

How Call Answering Services Work to Help Your Business

Since numerous engagements may divert your attention from maintaining consistent communication with your patients, we provide a range of services that ensure your clients enjoy treatment uninterrupted. Depending on the nature of your business structure and practice hours, we customize our services to ensure that they meet the expectations for your workplace standards. Our main goal is to put your needs first, which encompasses maintaining a positive and professional image to your clients and any new patients who contact your clinic to access specialized eye care services. The following are some of the services you receive from us:

  1. Distress Calls Customer Support

One of the common occurrences in medical clinics is when a patient calls during an emergency, especially after sustaining a severe eye injury. In such scenarios, the patient often speaks while in panic, which prevents a smooth recording of all necessary information regarding the situation.

Moreover, the person receiving the call may not be conversant with calming the patient down and may become flustered during the phone call. Consequently, there will be inefficiency in providing the caller with the advice required to contain the condition before visiting the clinic, leading to adverse effects or complications. Some patients could leave poor reviews after treatment regarding the poor communication skills exhibited when answering their emergency calls.

Our call answering services involve the appointment of highly trained answering agents who have undergone thorough training to handle medical emergency response calls. Therefore, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that composed live answering receptionists handle your patients’ calls. Virtual receptionists can calm the caller down to document any crucial information to submit to you after the call.

Additionally, our call answering agents know the tone and wording to use when speaking to your clients. Using a calm and friendly tone, call agents ensure that they do not undermine the patient's plight, even as they try to calm them down. Such a skill is necessary for an eye clinic as it ensures the patient feels respected and prioritized.

Besides handling emergency calls adequately, our agents help you with answering frequently asked questions and providing necessary information like your clinic's physical address to any caller who needs to visit your clinic for consultation. Receiving calls from patients seeking even the most basic information on your behalf provides a personal touch to your business. Also, we help create a caring and professional image for your eye clinic.

  1. Call Answering Services Guided by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Requirements

Apart from providing your patients with the necessary support and care they seek, we are also keen to uphold the HIPAA regulations on maintaining the confidentiality of your patient's medical records. Some eye clinics often deal with disciplinary procedures and court hearings for breaching their patients' legal requirements to withhold confidential medical information.

Consequently, such clinics risk closure or license suspension that may put them out of business for a significant period. It is essential for the person handling inbound calls to understand the various regulations under the HIPAA statute, among other provisions, to prevent giving out your patients' information to predatory or unauthorized third parties.

We take time to educate all our live receptionists on such regulations to ensure that no such incidents occur when handling your patients’ calls. For example, our answering agents will respectfully decline from availing information about a scheduled appointment with your patient to a third party who does not provide any identification on his/her relationship with your client. Even if the third party claims to be close to the patient, our answering agents will take an extra step in informing you of the inquiries to help resolve the matter.

We also adhere to strict regulations that prevent our agents from questioning your clients on their medical history during a call, mainly because we are not privy to the doctor-patient confidentiality system. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about compromising your standards of patients' privacy when we take over call management in your clinic because we work at your discretion.

  1. Call Answering Conversations Following a Script

As much as scripted calls may appear inauthentic and unprofessional to some, it is crucial to follow several guidelines when handling each call to ensure that the topic at hand is upheld and dealt with adequately. In most cases, the lack of a script is the leading cause of overstepping and asking patients invasive questions that violate regulations set in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Moreover, when a call answering agent lacks scripted content as per your guidelines, he/she may fail to provide your clients with accurate information on a specific matter, especially if the caller was seeking information on eye care services. Therefore, we have included scripted discussions with your clients based on accurate information related to your files of practice.

The use of scripts is highly beneficial for your clinic operation, especially when you provide us Express instructions on different scenarios and how to handle them. For example, you may require us to ask a caller inquiring about how their day is, whether they have visited your clinic before and whether they use medical insurance coverage. Since it may be easy to trail off the conversation as the client is speaking, the use of a script ensures that our live receptionists stick to the subjects of interest that ensure all necessary information is collected from the caller.

In other situations, scripted calls also come in handy when our agents are working to calm a patient down. When an emergency call comes in, our answering agents will follow the provided instructions on how to help a patient slow down and relax, for a more precise and more coherent conversation. The scripted call ensures that our agents maintain their professional mode of operation, as it guides them through handling patients in distress without getting impulsive.

  1. Immediate Responses to All Inbound Callers

As an eye doctor running a clinic or any other medical establishment, you understand the necessity of reaching your patients on time, because you never know the severity of a patient's eye condition. Therefore, missing a call could have devastating consequences for you and your client, especially when the caller needs immediate medical attention.

Numerous cases involving mild eye conditions that got worse because of delayed medical attention often point to miscommunication between the patient and the eye specialist, whereby missed calls increase the delay. Alternatively, you may miss a call from a critical contracted supplier who provides clinical supplies like cleaning solutions, frames, lenses, and other office equipment, causing delayed service delivery.

While missing client calls may not be deliberate, it often leaves a negative reputation for your eye clinic, mainly because the client may feel like a lower priority than other work operations. Despite innocent and understandable reasons for missing the call, such as your front desk operator taking a quick restroom break or helping outpatients in the waiting area, it is difficult to recover from the loss of an unattended caller.

Applying our services in your clinic will save you a great deal of turmoil and effort you may otherwise have to use to ensure that all phone calls are handled adequately. With our live agents at work, you can forget about running your answer machine every time you arrive at your workplace or having to call and apologize for missed calls.

Additionally, maintaining an open line for your patients and other potential clients is beneficial for your practice, as you respond to emergencies promptly. In most situations, such prompt responses set you apart from other eye doctors because you will display an impressive dedication.

In case you have a high call volume, especially during working hours, we are also happy to provide additional call overflow answering services to help your employees on the ground out. For example, suppose your front desk receptionist can only handle too many calls at once. In that case, you can incorporate our services to take on additional calls coming in at the same time, meaning that we will apply teamwork with your employees on the ground. 

  1. Bilingual Live Receptionists for Call Answering Services

Any clinic aiming to expand the accessibility of services to its clients needs to include bilingual call answering services to reach any foreign language speaking patient. Many client reviews often reveal the dissatisfaction that callers feel after engaging with a receptionist, secretary, or a medical assistant in a clinic amid difficulties caused by language barriers.

It is also common for an answering receptionist in your clinic to collect inaccurate information as he/she tries to translate what a patient communicates in Spanish, using the limited knowledge available in the situation. The matter is even worse when it is left up to the patient to translate what he/she is calling for, especially in cases where immediate attention is required. A caller in such a position is probably dealing with pain or anxiety during the call. Adding the translation to the requirements for adequate communication may be detrimental to his/her circumstances.

We believe in creating a professional environment that is user friendly and accommodating of all patients and clients who are more fluent in a different language. With our call answering services, you will benefit from our Spanish speaking live receptionists who are also fluent in English to balance the need for a bilingual call response team. With Spanish as the second most commonly used language in the country after English, it is vital to ensure that your eye clinic, hospital, or medical center does not lack such personnel to address all clients adequately.

Our bilingual call answering team of live agents can also offer translation of all messages or inquiries made by your patients, especially when the person responsible for answering or addressing such specific matters does not fully understand Spanish. This way, your patients will not have to endure the uncertainty of language distortion that leads to a wrong diagnosis or advice dispatch before they come in for an appointment.

  1. Call Answering Services For Twenty Four Hours

The medical profession is one of the most rewarding, yet demanding fields because of the constant need to attend to patients in need, even after official working hours. Since human activities are always in play, the risk of a patient sustaining injuries, infections, or even damage to eyewear results in constant calls from your clients at any time. Subsequently, suppose you do not have a twenty-four-hour call-response mechanism in place. In that case, you will miss the opportunity to take up medical emergencies, leading to complications or fatalities for the affected patients.

One of the options you may settle for is creating job positions in your clinic for additional personnel to take on-call answering in shifts, to cater to callers who reach out after hours. While this is a valid choice, we recognize the other expenses and commitment you have to make to provide twenty-four-hour answering service to your clients.

For example, you will be responsible for the employee who takes extra shifts to answer calls financially by paying salaries, medical benefits, and allowances. You will also be responsible for the employee's safety when he/she is in the course of work. Therefore, this means that if the employee gets hurt or faces a security threat when covering his/her shift at night, you will be a party to ensuring that the person receives adequate compensation.

With our answering services, you can avoid the risk of having additional personnel in the clinic or medical center after hours. In doing so, you will enjoy creating an open call answering features for your patients while removing the need to spend more on creating additional shifts for your employees, on top of managing their safety and well being as they work through the night.

We take on such responsibilities by ensuring your phone lines always have an active answering agent to speak with any client, regardless of the time by formulating accommodating schedules and shifts for all our live receptionists. Such a system ensures that we do not compromise on our consistency, as you will always have someone on standby to pick your calls.

Another benefit of our services is that you can also access all year services, to help keep in touch with your patients even on holidays and leave days. Depending on your specifications, we can advise the callers accordingly by offering to take down a message for you to analyze after the days off.

Alternatively, you may opt to have calls forwarded to your line during off days, depending on the severity of a patient's condition. Hence, the customization of all year and all-day services will provide you and your employees' peace of mind in knowing that your patients are in good hands and that you will receive any vital information if need be.

Lastly, we believe in offering live answering services regardless of the time we receive a call, as it sets you apart from the everyday use of automated voicemail machines. Your patients will feel valued and respected with our live agents after having a live interaction with an agent, regardless of uncertain call times. 

  1. Cloud-Based Appointment Scheduling

Once you leave it to us to handle all inbound calls to your eye clinic, we also take over several other tasks within your specifications to schedule appointments with patients on your behalf. Around fifty percent of callers will be new to your services and seek to create an appointment for a check-up or diagnostic session. In that case, we ensure that we follow up with each caller and obtain details on when he/she is available to come into your clinic for the appointment.

Thanks to our cloud-based system, you and your employees appointed to handle upcoming meetings and treatment sessions will always be up to date with scheduled events to avoid last-minute rushes. Moreover, we will inform you well in advance in case of a cancellation or a request from a patient to push an appointment forward, if the client needs prompt medical attention. All these details are available to check through the cloud server to keep track of top priority patients. They are scheduled to undergo eye surgery or any other significant medical procedures.

Benefits of Getting Started With Us

While there are numerous call answering service providers across the country, we provide exceptional services that personalize your business needs in creating welcoming and conducive call answering services. We propose prioritizing your eye clinic or hospital’s needs by ensuring that our live receptionists offer the best services after undergoing comprehensive training to satisfy your requirements. Additional benefits of partnering with us include:

You Enjoy a Significant Workload Reduction in Your Eye Clinic

Part of your medical clinic's job includes reaching your patients on the phone to offer them home-based remedies, set appointments, and obtain additional information on their exact locations to dispatch emergency response teams. On the other hand, you will also have your patients in the clinic waiting for treatment and medical prescription services, amidst all the incoming calls.

With our help, you focus on your patients at hand while we attend to your callers professionally and helpfully. Under such delegation, your eye clinic medical personnel will enjoy reduced pressure from juggling between calls and service provisions to patients.

Your Clients Will Appreciate Your Reliability

Taking the extra step to ensure that your patients are well catered to regardless of different calling times will earn you their trust. Additionally, thanks to their positive experiences, you can be sure of additional referrals for your services that are sure to boost your eye clinic business practice.

You Employ Timely Medical Response

With our call answering services, you don’t worry about failing to attend to emergencies on time from missed calls or messages forwarded to you when it is too late. Our live receptionists will work hard to ensure that no call goes unattended to ensure that each person receives the required medical benefits or information concerning eye conditions.

You Enjoy Our Services at Affordable Rates

After signing agreements to use our answering services for your eye clinic establishment, we will work with you on a contractual basis to ensure that all your needs are met. If you would like to try out different billing systems and rates, we are open to formulating custom rates.

Find a Call Answering Service Provider

Nothing’s more satisfying than having a satisfied client and counts on you to answer their calls any time, despite your busy life as an eye doctor. With call answering services from the Best Call Center, you will notice a significant improvement in your work performance and customer satisfaction. We work hard to provide professional call answering services that ensure your patients' experience with you remains remarkable. To work with us, give us a call at 800-385-4656 today.