As a business owner, you know that one of the most challenging parts of your job is keeping track of all incoming calls and messages. You can't be at your desk 24/7, and even with a full-time employee taking care of calls, there's always something that falls through the cracks. You don't need to buy expensive technology either. We at Best Call Center can handle your call reception and call center needs with affordable, flexible Memphis answering services. All you need is the desire to make your business outstanding and we will ll take care of the rest. We offer call answering services for different companies of any size, so we are ready to help you regardless of the type of business.

Forms Of Answering Services Available

Many organizations, large and small, physical and virtual, might benefit from an answering service. Unfortunately, there's not just one form of answering service or a single way in which a provider can manage your voicemail messages, calls, customers, and so on. Answering services are adaptable and can handle a wide range of tasks, but choosing the exemplary answering service can be challenging with so many options.

By understanding the various answering services, you can quickly determine how Memphis answering services can add value to your business.

Interactive Voice Response Systems

These are the "autoresponders" or "robots" that give a list of essential self-service and transferring options, like "press '3' to verify the status of prescriptions" or "press '8' to talk with a veterinarian."

Benefits of Using Interactive Voice Response Systems

Because the interactive element of interactive voice response systems (IVR) and some other automatic solutions are relatively simple, they are flexible and scalable.

Challenges of Using IVRs

  • Some IVR try to handle the complete customer relations from start to finish then conduct an operation that perhaps the caller might have performed personally, or (more frequently, it appears) respond with "apologies, I didn't understand that."
  • In the corporate world of phone conversation, interactive voice response systems (IVR) and other automatic solutions eliminate or conceal the human aspect. Most automatic answering systems don't recognize context or mood. As a result, they can't handle requests or questions that their developers have not programmed them to respond to.

Automated answering services can be ideal in the following areas:

  • Facilities that are open 24/7
  • Organizations with a higher volume of calls than a staff of human representatives can handle
  • Businesses whose clients want rapid, essential assistance regularly

Note that it is better to use an automated system to supplement, not replace, a personal answering service employee in either of these scenarios. This will be crucial, especially if you want to give your customers the option of leaving a message and receiving a call later.

Call Centers

Call centers are the classic answering service, which is less personal than virtual receptionists but still provides a live response. Call centers are big organizations that focus on over-the-phone sales, customer service, and marketing.

Importance of Call Centers

Call centers are large and fast. Therefore, businesses that have to handle a large number of low-complexity phone calls simultaneously—as rapidly as possible—use them.

Challenges of Call Centers

  • Call center agents usually operate from written scripts in contrast with virtual receptionists who give individualized customer service. You will realize that you didn't reach somebody at the actual company whenever your call gets redirected to a call center.
  • Call center staff are significantly more than virtual receptionist groups (imagine 200 employees vs. 20) and receive less rigorous training for every customer.
  • Finally, unlike virtual receptionists, most call centers rely on outbound instead of inbound calls as their primary source of revenue. They are more effective as call centers than as answering services.

Call centers can thus be suitable for:

  • Huge Business-to-customer businesses
  • Companies with tens of thousands of clients
  • Companies in high-sales sectors such as automotive insurance, retail, and telecommunications
  • Businesses that spend a lot of time on the phone, whether qualifying leads, processing orders, or assisting customers

Online Answering Services

Internet answering services, also known as online answering services, are ideal for e-commerce or web-only firms that do most of the work online. These answering services might include functionalities like live web chat, online message access, order processing, and web inquiry response.

Although a web-only firm can use live answering services, they frequently lack some of the capabilities mentioned above, which are essential in e-commerce. With some companies, online answering services and live answering services are interchangeable. Still, if you're seeking some of the features listed above, Internet/online answering services are the way to go.

Virtual Receptionists / Live Answering Services

Virtual receptionists handle phone calls for company clients from a distance (virtually). You can distinguish them because they do not work on-site. The responses they give to customers are according to the guidelines set by the contracting company.

Benefits of Virtual Receptionists

A virtual receptionist is identical to a real-life receptionist to a caller using a company's phone number. They answer and transfer phone calls, schedule new appointments, collect caller information, take messages, and respond to basic FAQs similar to traditional receptionists.

Memphis virtual receptionists receive education on the importance of phone calls for business owners and have the commitment to making genuine, lasting connections, which is more than just answering calls for them.


With several options for customizing virtual receptionist efficiency, your company should spend some time upfront defining your preferences, catchphrases, and workflow. The virtual receptionist service should make these initial actions as simple as possible. This may be more time-consuming than the typical call center onboarding process, but this is an opportunity to invest in long-term workflow performance and customer satisfaction.

Virtual receptionists are an excellent option for:

  • Business-to-business enterprises for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Businesses in great industries such as financial and legal services, healthcare, and real estate
  • Companies that receive phone calls at odd hours and irregular intervals
  • Businesses aiming to set themselves apart in terms of client service

Understanding the Operation of Answering Services

Depending on the specific type of answering service you choose and the reason for your use, your answering service may:

  • Redirect your callers to you or any other employee in your organization
  • Take notes on the messages
  • Sell to prospective customers
  • Resolve customer complaints
  • Gather customer comments or personal information

Despite their variances, there are a few things that all answering service alternatives have in common. First, when you hire an answering service, you're paying another person to represent your company on the phone, interact with customers in your stead, and handle their needs.

A competent answering service (generally one from the virtual receptionist classification) would typically send you a text message, an email, or an app notification with the customer's note or voicemail after answering the phone for you. An operator receives callers flawlessly and readily welcomes them, and handles their requests quickly, courteously, and professionally.

When done correctly, the caller will feel they speak with a receptionist in your physical office.

Other Points to Note

You don't have to obtain a new phone number for your business—many answering services will permit you to give your current phone number or transfer it straight to them.

Certain answering services will supply you with a second, professional phone number if you're currently using your phone number. You may then make this number public and use it to receive calls on your phone, maintaining your privacy and providing you with two phone lines from a single device.

Most answering services allow you to outsource calls whenever you need to (for example, when you're occupied or away from the office) and keep the ones you'd instead answer yourself. You could also set and alter your availability status with more advanced answering services, providing you with more freedom and personalization.

Examples of Organizations the Use Answering Services

Businesses of all sizes and types use answering services—perhaps more frequently than most people know.

  • Entrepreneurs utilize answering services to relieve themselves of the burden of receiving calls and displaying their companies as professionally as possible.
  • Midsize, internet-based enterprises use answering services to safeguard their privacy and construct online front offices.
  • Law firms and other specialized service firms use answering services to handle calls from existing and prospective clients.
  • Dentists and doctors' offices hire answering services whenever in-house customer service representatives are overworked to set patient appointments.
  • Construction and real estate organizations use virtual answering services to avoid missing calls when team members are away from the office.
  • Large national and global organizations use answering services as devoted sales or customer support divisions.

Benefits of Memphis Answering Services to Your Business

Given customers' importance to personal relationships and how exceptional customer service is a significant differentiator, a competent answering service may provide a lot concerning caller satisfaction and engagement.

Why manage all calls yourself while a pro can do that for you and guarantee that your callers get the most outstanding possible experience each time? Furthermore, answering services are particularly beneficial to small and expanding enterprises. Here are some of the reasons for this:

Answering Services Attend to Your Calls When You are Occupied

Your time is precious. Allowing incoming calls to obstruct your and your team's work is not a good idea. An answering service can converse with prospects, settle customer concerns and inquiries, and collect vital information whenever you're engaged.

Answering Services Receives Your Calls Once Your Business Closes

You may not receive all calls during regular business hours. Rather than letting possible sales prospects go into voicemail or making yourself or your staff available beyond their schedule, take advantage of the flexibility that answering services offer.

Answering Services Saves You Money

You do not have to employ a full-time receptionist to provide good customer service. For example, an answering service can provide the same function for a fraction of the expense of recruiting and training a single—or multiple—employee.

Using an Answering Service Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Human interactions boost customer loyalty. Numerous reports support this notion. For example, Invoca discovered that 80% of customers are highly likely to be repeat customers following an excellent phone encounter.

How to Choose Memphis Answering Services

Answering services can be an asset to a business. However, this does not mean that all answering services you see around you could be fit to meet your needs. It is thus essential that you look into the following aspects as guidelines in choosing your answering service company.

Agents Who Have Received Proper Training

Even if your firm is unique, your agents must be ready for your callers’ typical concerns and requests. Not all answering services will satisfy your requirements, primarily if you operate a sophisticated or specialized business. Call center agents, for example, lack sufficient expertise in your sector or consumer niche.

Competence in Technology

Prepare to put in the time to set up and test everything properly. There are numerous possible flaws, including call forwarding issues, poor-quality phone devices, wrongly placed automated systems, unsuccessful transfers, and more. You can avoid these issues with the help of a good answering service.

Agents Who Are Conversant In Your Language (and Stick With It)

You want agents who can communicate in a consistent company tone, speaking in industry jargon and a consistent voice with your brand. We're all humans and make mistakes; however, how an operator recovers from a blunder. Remember to pay close attention to their competence, technical abilities, and industry expertise.

Sensible Pricing Design

It might not be worth employing someone to handle your phone if you're not receiving sufficient calls. The expenses may outweigh the advantages. An answering service might make your callers happy and aid you to convert sales, but they can't make calls that are not already coming in!

Find a Memphis Answering Service Near Me

A highly skilled answering service provider like Best Call Center will improve your brand reputation, customer satisfaction and reduce turnover by presenting your company's best side to existing and new customers. Furthermore, these top answering service operators establish genuine, deep connections with each caller, ensuring that your company appears customer-centric and attentive.

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