As a roofing company, there are several things that you need to handle other than offering roofing services to your clients. This includes talking to homeowners, communicating with new clients, or inspecting previous projects. These services do not give you a chance to answer every call from customers and prospect leads. On the other hand, you don’t want to lose business and money by missing calls.

Hiring a call answering service ensures that all your calls are handled when occupied, out of office, or even asleep. At the Best Call Center, we allow roofers to focus on the tasks at hand as we manage inbound and outbound calls diligently and professionally in any part of the United States. 

Reasons Why Roofers Need Call Answering Services

As a roofing contractor, you should have a valid reasons when choosing a call answering service provider. That's why it is advisable to weigh between the advantages and disadvantages of hiring this kind of service and make an informed decision. Here are a few reasons why you need call answering services as a roofing contractor.

Call Answering Services Helps You Focus on Your Job

The main task of a roofing contractor is to handle all the roofing needs of their clients. This does not mean that receiving calls is a less important task, but it does not weigh much in the growth of a roofing company. In that case, hiring a call answering service would help the contractor and his or her employees focus on delivering roofing services to their clients and ensuring that the communication needs are handled accordingly.

Call Answering Services Offer Better Communication Services at Affordable Rates

Most call answering service providers have heavily invested in their communication technology more than an individual would do. Therefore, you will not have to bother investing in communication technology since the call answering service provider of your choice will guarantee them at an affordable price. This will cut down your expenses and help you focus on building your company on other aspects. 

Call Answering Services Guarantee Quality Customer Service

With the experience and personnel employed by call answering service providers, you will be guaranteed quality customer service more than you could afford. Deciding to rely on a call answering service is the surest way in ensuring that your customers receive quality customer service. These companies abide by a strict code of ethics and monitor their employees to detail unbiased service delivery. In doing this, they guarantee quality and consistent delivery of service.

Call Answering Services Extend Your Service Hours

As a roofing contractor, you can lose potential customers if you cannot handle their calls during holidays or off-work hours. However, since a call answering service operates 24/7 and during holidays, you can continue serving your clients, especially those who need emergency roofing services. Suppose you do not offer certain services during holidays or odd hours. In that case, a simple message such as "I'm sorry, the office is closed today, but it will reopen tomorrow" or taking a message can go a long way in retaining potential clients. 

Call Answering Services Eliminate the Need for Hiring, Training, and Performance Monitoring

When hiring staff for your roofing contracting company, you will need more than considering their wages and training them to handle calls related to your services. This would incur a lot of time and expenses, which you would be pleased to cut down. However, while you rely on a call answering service, you eliminate all added responsibilities to your secretary or receptionist and focus on building a competitive edge for your company.

Call Answering Services Create the Illusion of Size

A call answering service would give the illusion of a bigger business compared to its actual size. This would be a good idea for a start-up roofing business that would like to impact the market significantly. Call answering services will help you maintain the illusion of a big-sized company based on its professional handling.

Call Answering Services Helps You Receive your Messages Everywhere

Since call answering services can comprehensively store all your messages, you will never accidentally lose or delete essential messages while having several backlogged messages. The service provider will probably give you a catalog of the messages wherever you are. It also helps you coordinate every member of your team based on the calls received by the answering service.

Call Answering Services Increase Productivity of Your Staff

Despite having an understaffed company, you can still increase your productivity when you do not have to deal with calls from your current and former clients. Therefore, your limited staff can focus on other tasks that would increase your company's productivity. This will benefit your company in the end and give a competitive edge against other roofing companies.

Call Answering Call Services Help You Retain Valuable Customers

Customers usually call when it is convenient for them. Therefore, when you answer phone calls during business hours, you have at least sixteen hours a day when your customer calls go unanswered. Studies have shown that 67% of customers do not call their intended service provider again once their calls are not answered at first instance.

As much as you intend to focus on generating new sales, building up value for your existing customer base would be a more suitable venture especially when you are working with a top call answering service.

Call Answering Services Guarantee a Personal Touch in Your Business

Most companies have utilized call answering service for years. It reflects badly on you and makes your roofing company look disorganized and might turn customers off before you have a chance to communicate with them. In that case, hiring a call answering service means that your potential clients will communicate with actual human beings, ensuring a personal touch. 

Services Provided by a Roofing Contractor Call Answering Service

You should establish the services provided by a call answering service to determine whether it is a suitable option. Most call answering services offer different kinds of services based on the needs of their clients. Regardless of the company that you choose, here are the five things an answering service can do for you.

Taking Clients’ and Prospects’ Messages

Call answering services help in taking messages. This is the foundation of the work that they can handle for your company, and it is one of the first things that most people think about these companies. Most call answering services have adopted top-notch technology that can put messages in a computer database or file server that makes them accessible.

Giving Out Information Clients Seek

Not all clients that contact your office intend to leave a message. Some of them would expect some information about your delivery of services and other relevant details related to your company. Call answering services would be the best option for such services since they have professionals who can give clear information about your services and make follow-ups to the clients later on.

Taking Appointments

Traditionally, receptionists have been considered as the best employees needed for taking appointments. However, call answering service providers have revolutionized this belief by creating an advanced method to take clients' appointments. Interestingly, call answering service providers should not necessarily be located in your offices to take appointments. These companies can remotely take an appointment and schedule it according to your availability. 

Screening and Routing Calls

Call answering service providers can screen and route calls besides taking messages, appointments, and orders. Therefore, with a call answering service as your virtual receptionist, you do not need to fill this position in your office. This will save money to a significant extent, which provides an opportunity to grow.

Escalating Emergencies

Sometimes a client might have an emergency roofing need, which cannot wait the next day. However, since call answering services are available 24/7, all emergency services from your clients can be promptly handled since you can be contacted. This not only helps in prompt delivery of services but also increases the confidence that clients have on your company.

Chat Support Services

Most companies have adopted online platforms such as websites to reach out to potential clients. One of the best communication means on websites is the char support service. A modern call answering service should offer a chat support service if you have launched a roofing contracting service website. Some of the chat support services that you enjoy include:

  • Online chat and live operators
  • Responding to a visitor who starts a chat
  • Customer inquiries and grievance resolution chat
  • Order processing queries
  • Billing support

Email Support Services

If you utilize email services in your company, a call answering service can provide outsourcing email support. Email support services can save precious time and help you concentrate on the growth of your company. A well-organized company will ensure that the email support service is customized to your company's needs and the extent of your workload.

How to Effectively Select a Call Answering Service Provider for Your Roofing Business

When it comes to choosing a call answering center, you could face challenges because of the number of companies at your disposal and the kind of expectations that you have. You need a company that can offer services customized to your needs and helps your roofing company grow per your expectations. Learn what you need to consider while selecting a call answering service for your roofing company below:

Understand the Kind of Available Services

Most call answering centers or service providers categorize their services as inbound and outbound calling services. Outbound services are for companies or establishments that require assistance to reach out to their customers, while inbound services offer technical support for the company's software and programs. Look for a company based in the United States to ensure that it is familiar with your customers' needs. You need agents that provide helpful support to your clients. Therefore, you should be cautious about the services that they offer. 

Choose Between Shared or Dedicated Agents

Most call centers offer both shared and dedicated agents. Dedicated agents are usually assigned to your company and give your company the full attention and time. This might be a suitable option for your company since it is specific to the precise needs and ensures consistency in its delivery.

Shared agents might be suitable for a company with general needs. These agents usually handle several clients and do not necessarily answer all calls 100%. Their services are cheaper compared to the dedicated option and do not need specific attention to your business.

There is also a semi-dedicated model that is a blend of shared and dedicated attention to their clients. In this case, an agent would handle two or three clients at a time, meaning that they cannot solely focus on your firm. They are usually affordable than the dedicated agents and would guarantee quality service delivery as well.

Check the Level of Artificial Intelligence Used by Your Preferred Company

Artificial Intelligence has been a blessing and a curse to the call answering service providers. When it comes to the benefits that come with AI, they can capture a massive amount of data and use predictive analytics to check which customer would likely come back after contacting you. On the other hand, there is no personal touch regarding the use of AI compared to the use of human beings. Therefore, when selecting a call answering service, you need to check how it blends its use of AI and human beings to keep up with the trends and maintain quality services.

Ensure that the Company is Well-Versed with Security Measures

With the increased level of online insecurity, you should be careful with the call answering service provider that you choose. Most companies have adopted the use of cloud storage, which is cheaper and faster than in-person installations. A good call center should strike a balance between cloud-storage and in-person installations to ensure optimal security of all information from your company. Cloud-based storage would be suitable to handle several agents working for your company while the in-person installation would be suitable for a small scale company.

Seek Reference from Other Contractors

Speak with current contractors dependent on call centers and asking them how they are faring on and whether they recommend them to work with you. One of the things you need to check is a clear track in the construction industry and whether it would handle your competitors accordingly. Check if the company is good at its job, especially when it comes to hiring, training, and supporting agents dedicated to your company.

Understand How the Call Answering Service will Integrate into Your Company

You can start integrating your business and the call center of your choice once you have come into an agreement. This process varies widely based on the services that the call center offers and the kind of service that you deliver. Therefore, it is noteworthy to understand the extent of integration that the call answering service provider of your choice will guarantee and check whether it will be suitable for your roofing company.

Learn More from Peers

It is easier to learn about a call answering service by connecting and networking and learn about the system used to compass their companies in the right direction. You can check some of the call center conferences happening all over the United States or within your location to help you determine the best company that meets your needs.

Look for a Flexible Company

Outsourced services such as call answering service work for companies when needed. Therefore, when your company has shifted its needs, your preferred call answering service should quickly assign agents to meet those expectations. This should be done without the need to pay over time.

Know the Company's Call Volume Limit

Most call answering service providers have a particular volume limit that they can handle. Therefore, you should choose a company that can handle all your company's call volume based on the number of calls that you receive within a specific period. If you are running a start-up roofing company, you need to find a firm that would handle lower volumes of calls and maintain the same quality with many calls.

Be Careful with the Location of the Company

Most people believe that all outsourced services are similar to off-shoring. This should not be your belief when it comes to choosing a company that is strategically located. There are three main options when it comes to partnering with a call answering service provider. This includes:

  • An internal or a company working within your company
  • External or a company hosted by your preferred call answering service provider
  • Virtual or depending on agents based on their homes

If you want to choose a call center that is strategically located for your company’s needs, ensure that its management focuses on involving you more rather than handling things all by themselves.

Check Whether Their Agents Are Friendly and Compassionate

Customer satisfaction is based on how they are handled. If an agent cannot maintain friendliness in his or her service delivery, you would be in for a mess if you decided to rely on their services. High call metrics can easily frustrate an agent and can affect his or her ability to maintain friendliness and compassion while handling your clients. You can easily determine whether the agents about to choose are compassionate and friendly based on the reviews given by different people who have interacted with them. 

Check Whether the Service Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

You want to make a list of your expectations and present them to the service providers at your disposal before the interview process. Consider shortlisting companies that can fulfill your requirements. Some of the special needs you should include are online chatting and calls, answering emails, and dedicated agents. 

Understand How the Call Answering Service Will Communicate with Your Company

You must maintain honest and open communication with your call answering service to maintain a healthy relationship. You should also make your expectations known. Your service provider representatives should provide clear information about the number of meetings scheduled to update you on the progress of their service delivery. They should also remain open in discussing how to achieve your ultimate company's goal without putting a lot of financial burden on you.

Understand How the Call Answering Service Provider can Make Your Company Competitive

You should have a clear understanding of how your competitors work when handling their communication needs to outsource a call answering service provider that can provide a competitive edge. For instance, if your competitors provide 24/7 call center coverage, you need to find a company that can offer the same and better service to ensure that you compete against other roofing companies within your location.

Confirm Whether the Call Answering Service Will Cut Down Your Operating Costs

Every company intends to balance between providing excellent service and completing tasks within deadlines. However, training your staff to answer your clients' phone calls professionally might be costly and time-consuming. A reliable call answering service can cut down your expenses by seamlessly executing several company responsibilities such as customer support, appointment-setting, dispatching, and sales. This will cut down your expenses as you maintain excellent service delivery to your clients.

Find a Roofing Call Answering Service Near Me

As a roofing contractor, you should consider outsourcing some services such as answering calls to relieve you of the burden and focus on scaling your business. The Best Call Center is a reputable call answering service provider that can help your roofing company save time and money. Our specialized and courteous agents will help your company achieve your communication goals at a flat affordable rate. Call us at 800-385-4656 today, and speak with our qualified sales professionals, and discuss our services that best fit your business.