Regardless of the industry you’re in or how digitalized your business is, a phone number is an important asset that can lead to incredible growth in your company. When choosing a business phone number, you’ll have to decide between an 800 number and a local number. With a local number, you will have a designated area code for your city or town. With a toll-free number, your exact location is not visible to the dialer, but it makes it easier for customers to do business with you because they can call you completely free of charge.

Here’s why toll-free numbers are better for your business:

They’re Easy to Remember

Unlike the 10-digit local numbers, your customers don’t have to engage any effort into remembering your toll-free number. It can be easily memorized and has a better inbound calling rate when displayed on your company’s websites or billboards. For example, a number like 800-385-4656 or 1-800-HELP-JUSTICE is easy to remember and ideal for getting more calls from prospects.

They Convey a Bigger Presence

An 800 number is better options for businesses that want to look more established and professional. It is also ideal if you aim to target a wider audience. With this number, your business will be perceived as larger than it is and you can easily present yourself as one big company, even if your employees are spread out in different states or countries.

Improved Customer Service

There are numerous ways through which a law firm can build trust with its clients. When client’s needs are taken care of with a friendly adviser, they’re likely to call back for more business. Providing your clients with a free, easy-to-remember number helps enrich the image of your firm as effective and reliable. It also shows that you’re willing to go the extra step to have open communication.

Easier to Port to New Carrier

One of the best things about a toll-free number is that you can take it with you wherever you go. Once you select the number of your choice, you can effortlessly change the service provider but still stick to the same toll-free number in case you relocate. This isn’t the case with local numbers since they are not maintained in a national database. With an 800 number, you won’t lose customers because you have relocated; they can still call you and continue using your services.

They’re Better Marketing Tools

In 2020, is there really a difference between local numbers and toll-free numbers when it comes to business marketing? It turns out there is and 800 numbers still outperform campaigns with local numbers. Getting prospective clients to call you for business leads is a great step. A toll-free number is an excellent marketing tool that can help your business achieve an influx of clients only with a little effort.

800 Numbers Are Easier to Find and Set-Up

Because there’s a national database that tracks the availability of your toll-free number, it is easier to tell if the toll-free number you’re looking for even exists. A carrier can search all available toll-free number combinations, making it easy for them to reserve a number for you upon request. Also, you can set up an 800 number in 5 minutes or less. You’re not required to provide additional paperwork or prove that you’re actually within a certain area as is the case when trying to set up local numbers.

Support your customers today by providing them with an 800 number to contact you. The Best Call Center’s answering service rates include new toll-free numbers for your business at no additional cost. Contact us today at 800-385-4656 to learn more.