People who have ever sold or bought a property know that the real estate business does not only take place during the normal working hours. Most realtors are at their busiest during the evenings and on weekends, especially when it comes to communicating with potential and current clients. Between client meetings, showings, and family commitments, agents are not able to answer calls all the time. This is where a real estate answering service offering 24/7 coverage comes in. If you’re looking to partner with a call center for your real estate business, this article explains how to choose the best features for your needs.

Real Estate Answering Service With Proficiency 

It’s important to ensure there’s a live person to answer your phone at all times. With The Best Call Center’s Real Estate Answering Service, you’ll no longer have to worry about losing prospective clients when you’re unable to answer the phone.  You can trust professional live operators to take care of all your clients in a manner that not only instills confidence in your clients but also helps maintain your business’s reputation. The Best Call Center’s real estate answering service provides numerous options, including:

  • Transferring live phones calls directly to you or a designated member of your team
  • Answering all questions raised by clients and investors
  • Setting appointments

Quick response from a real person

If you’re going to trust an answering service to be an extension of your real estate business, you ought to choose one that will instigate confidence in your clients. With The Best Call Center’s 24/7 live answering service, you can rest assured that your calls are answered promptly and handled with a high level of professionalism. This helps you maintain a loyal client base and grow your reputation. Clients appreciate responsive communication from you, even over experience, expertise, and professionalism. Actually, surveys show that a realtor’s most sought-after attribute among 47 percent of clients is responsiveness. This is why choosing with a highly proficient and customizable real estate answering service is so important.

At The Best Call Center, we go beyond filling in for you when you’re not available to answer the phone call; we also provide high-quality customer service to your clients based on your call handling protocol. Our goal is to make sure that all your real estate clients feel cared for and completely confident throughout their professional relationship with your business.

List of Features

Does the answering company offer the feature that you’re looking for? At this point, you might just need someone to answer your calls only at night or when your receptionist is on leave. Conversely, you might want them to follow up issues with mortgage lenders and clients as well as perform important data entry. But if you just need a basic message taking service, consider choosing a company that offers a full array of services, just in case you might want to expand later. This way, it will be much easier to upgrade your service instead of moving to another firm and starting the process from scratch.

Customized Services

With The Best Call Center’s Live Real Estate Answering Service, you enjoy all the benefits of a highly trained and dedicated receptionist. Our agents are well equipped with industry training in real estate realty so they understand how the industry works and can respond to any question posed by a client with accurate, expert-level information. Also, you’re allowed to choose how you want your answering service to operate. Some of the tasks that can be performed by our agents include:

  • Providing property information
  • Forwarding live phone calls to you when you’re available
  • Accepting and forwarding messages based on your specifications
  • Maintaining active communication with new leads and current clients

What’s more, you can determine exactly you want the answering to work for you and adjust your instructions anytime. When choosing an answering service for your real estate business, you need to think about the experience you want to give your clients, especially considering the realities of the industry you operate in.

Choosing The Best Call Center’s 24/7 real estate answering service will allow your clients to your clients enjoy nothing short of exceptionally professional experience from the industry’s best agents. We also offer bilingual service guaranteed to give you a competitive edge. You can change the call forwarding requirements or update your script any time you want to on our user-friendly dashboard. With the right real estate answering service, you can impress your clients and grow your business without compromising your work/life balance.

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