When you’re running a business and trying to build your brand and increase your profits, there are many seemingly small and unimportant factors that you need to pay close attention to. One of them is your customer’s experience. In addition to the quality of your products and services, the way you interact with customers and clients could end up shaping the way they perceive your business.

So, even if you’re offering innovative products, competitive prices, and have a great marketing strategy, something as simple as a grumpy and rude receptionist can result in negative customer experience. In the current competitive market, these negative experiences could break your company’s image and cost your business a big amount of its profits.

Customer Experience is a Top Priority for Forward-Thinking Businesses

Customer service has progressively become one of the major brand differentiators that can make or break your business. Regardless of the services or products you’re offering, you’re certainly going to face some competition. If a customer or prospect is not satisfied with how they are handled, a quick internet search is all they need to discover a rival company. In fact, customer service is so important that 82% of people would rather stop doing business with a company due to bad customer experience. 73% of these cited rude staff as the primary point. Also, up to 53% of consumers will take their business to another company if they don’t feel appreciated. In another 2017 survey, 3 out of 5 Americans said they would be willing to try a new business because of their customer service.

Imagine being a customer looking to buy a product or hire a service. You’ve done your research and have settled on several businesses that offer high-quality products/services and seem to be trustworthy. You take the number on their website and then decide to call them to ask some questions. At that point, everything starts to go wrong. Maybe your call isn’t answered and you get tired after redialing several times without success. Or worse, a rude and grumpy receptionist answers your call. They’re clearly overworked, exhausted, and not in a good position to provide good customer service. Eventually, you hang up to find another company to provide the same services.

We’ve all had those bad experiences with companies, but when you’re the one in control, you must consider all the important details in order to streamline and optimize your business’ operations. Many things can make your staff feel stressed out, exhausted, and overworked. They are already tasked with receiving supplies, scheduling appointments, charging customers, and handling cancellations. Add in a phone that never stops ringing and you have a recipe for disaster.

Your receptionist is the first -and sometimes only- point of contact between your business and clients. Having a friendly, warm, helpful, and professional person ready to greet them is the perfect way to impress potential and current clients. It shows them how professional and dedicated your company is in treating customers right. When your clients realize that you value them and are ready to go the extra mile to make sure they are satisfied, your word-of-mouth reputation, customer retention, and profits will start to grow.

Professionalism and Service

Proving great service sounds great, but how can you achieve this without breaking the bank? Hiring new employees is always expensive if you consider the salary, benefits, office space, and equipment. The answer is simple; virtual receptionists. Outsourcing to a virtual answering service where each phone call is handled by a friendly, warm, and professional operator can increase customer satisfaction.

Our virtual receptionists at the Best Call Center are fully-trained professionals who provide 24/7 customer support for your company. We combine the industry’s top talents with friendly, caring, and experienced receptionists who represent your business in the best light. That kind of support and service can capture a new audience for your brand. And with 24/7 availability, you can be sure that someone will always be available to expertly and efficiently handle your callers’ needs.

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